Los Primos Menu, Prices and Locations

In August 1999, Primos Mexican Food & Cantina opened its first restaurant in Sunny San Diego and expanded to 20 locations throughout Southern California.Primos Mexican Food & Cantina is a fast casual restaurant chain that specializes in serving fresh Authentic Mexican favorites! High quality fresh food and world-class customer service all wrapped up into a clean and inviting environment is our commitment! Serving our customers is our #1 priority at Primos Mexican Food & Cantina! At Primos, when you’re here, you’re family!

Los Primos Menu

Plain Pancakes$3.00
Pancakes With Eggsany style.$4.00
Pancakes With Banana$4.75
Pancake With Blueberry$4.75
Pancake With Pineapple$4.75
Plain French Toast$3.00
French Toast With Eggsany style.$4.00
Egg Sandwiches
Sandwich Con Huevoegg sandwich.$3.00
Avocado Omelette$5.50
4 Egg Whites With Vegetables$5.50
3 Rancher Eggsin red sauce with tortillas and beans.$5.50
4 Egg Whites Any Style$4.00
Vegetables Omelette$4.00
Mushroom Omelette$4.00
Spinach Omelette$4.00
Western Omelette$4.00
Scrambled Eggs With Onions, Peppers And Tomatoes$4.00
Eggs Any Style Breakfastchoice of style.$3.00
Bacon Omelette$3.50
Salchicha Omelette$3.50
Hamon Omelette$3.50
Cheese Omelette$3.50
Mangu Con Longaniza, Queso, Salami Y Huevoswith sausage, cheese, salami and eggs.$9.00
Mangu Con Huevos Y Longanizawith eggs and sausage.$6.50
Mangu Con Huevos Y Salamiwith eggs and salami.$6.00
Mangu Con Queso Y Huevoswith cheese and eggs.$6.50
Mangu Con Longaniza Y Quesowith dominican sausage and cheese.$7.00
Mangu Con Longaniza Y Salamiwith dominican sausage and salami.$7.00
Mangu Con Queso, Salami Y Huevoswith cheese, salami and egg.$7.00
Mangu Con Salami Y Quesowith salami and cheese.$6.50
Mangu Con Quesowith cheese.$6.50
Mangu Con Salamiwith salami.$6.50
Mangu Con Huevoswith egg.$5.50
Mango Con Longanizawith dominican sausage.$7.00
Combo 1: Pollo Entero Al Carbonewhole rotisserie chicken.$16.95
Combo 2: 1 Lb. Pernilone pound of roast pork.$16.95
Combo 3: Masitas De Cerdofried pork meat.$18.95
Combo 4: Chicharron De Pollo Con Huesofried chicken chunks.$17.95
Combo 5: 3 Chuletas Fritasthree fried pork chops.$19.95
Almejas Rellenas De Camaronesstuffed clam with shrimp.$17.00
Almejas Rellenas De Masa De Cangrejostuffed clam with crab meat.$17.00
Almejas A La Parilla (Dozen)grilled shrimp.$14.50
Almejas A La Vapor (Dozen)steamed clams.$15.00
Almejas Naturales (Dozen)natural clams.$13.50
Ceviche De Pulpooctopus ceviche.$15.00
Ceviche De Camarones Appertivoshrimp ceviche.$13.00
Cocktail De Camarones Appertivoshrimp cocktail.$13.50
Calamares Fritosfried calamari rings.$7.50
7 Piece Alas De Pollo$7.50
Nachos De Pollo Appertivo$6.50
Nachos De Res Appertivobeef nachos.$6.50
Deditos De Quesomozzarella sticks.$6.00
Nachos De Queso Appertivocheese nachos.$5.50
Guacamole And Chips Appertivo$5.50
Especial De Sopas
Asopao De Mariscoseafood soupy rice. served fridays until 4:00pm only.$5.00 - $8.00
Sancochospanish soup.$7.50 - $3.75
Sopa De Mondongobeef tripe soup.$3.75 - $7.50
Sopa De Resbeef soup.$3.75 - $7.50
Sopa De Pollochicken soup$3.25 - $6.50
Ensalada De Mariscoseafood salad.$23.00
Ensalada De Pulpooctopus salad.$15.00 - $20.00
Ensalada De Camarones Cesarshrimp caesar salad.$15.00
Ensalada De Camaronesshrimp salad.$13.00
Ensalada Maza De Cangrejocrabmeat salad.$13.00
Ensalada Pechuga A La Parrillla Cesarcaesar salad with grilled chicken breast.$14.00
Ensalada Pechuga A La Parrillagrilled chicken breast salad.$13.00
Ensalada De Pollo Cesarchicken caesar salad.$9.00
Ensalada De Pollo Al Hornorotisserie chicken salad.$8.00
Ensalada Cesarplain caesar salad.$7.00
Ensalada Mediterraneanmediterranean salad.$7.50
Ensalada Mixtamix salad.$4.50
Ensalada Verdegreen salad.$3.50
Ensalada De Aguacateavocado salad (plain).$3.50
Ensalada Rusarussian potato salad.$3.50
Paellamixed seafood rice.$40.00 - $23.00
Arroz Con Pechuga Y Vegetalesrice with chicken breast and vegetables.$15.00
Arroz Con Camaronesrice with shrimps.$14.00
Arroz Con Cangrejorice with whole crab.$13.00
Arroz Con Pechugarice with chicken breast.$12.00
Arroz Con Pollo Al Hornorice with oven chicken.$9.00
Arroz Con Longanizarice with dominican sausage.$9.00
Arroz Con Chorizorice with sausage.$8.50
Arroz Con Cerdorice with pork.$7.00
Arroz Con Rezrice with beef.$7.00
Arroz Con Pavorice with turkey.$7.00
Arroz Con Vegetablesrice with vegetables.$8.50
Chofan De Camaronesshrimp.$13.50
Chofan De Pechugachicken breast.$13.00
Chofan De Cerdopork,$13.00
Chofan De Resbeef.$13.00
Chofan De Pollo Al Hornooven chicken.$9.00
Chofan De Longanizadominican sausage.$9.00
Chofan De Chorizosausage.$9.00
Cerdopork in choice of broth.$9.00
Resbeef in choice of broth.$9.00
Pavoturkey in choice of broth.$9.00
Mofongo Con Marsicos En Salsawith seafood in sauce.$20.00
Monfongo Con Masa De Cangrejo En Salsawith crabmeat in sauce.$20.00
Mofongo Con Pulpo En Salsawith octopus in sauce.$20.00
Camarofongo En Salsawith shrimps in sauce.$16.00
Relleno De Camaronesstuffed with shrimp.$15.75
Mofongo De Yucacassava mofongo.$7.00
Mofongo De Pernilstuffed with pork meat.$7.00
Mofongo De Pollostuffed with chicken.$7.00
Mofongo De Quesostuffed with cheese.$7.00
Mofongo (No Carne)no meat.$5.50
Carne Molida Quesadillaground beef.$6.00
Pollo Quesadillaschicken.$6.00
Vegetales Quesadillavegetables.$6.00
Queso Quesadilla$6.00
Guacamole & Chips$5.50
Camarones Enchiladasshrimp.$13.00
Bistec Enchiladassteak.$11.00
Carne Molida Enchiladasground beef.$8.00
Pollo Enchiladaschicken.$8.00
Queso Enchiladaschicken.$8.00
Vegetales Enchiladasvegetables.$8.00
Pollo Burritochicken.$6.00
Bistec Burritosteak.$7.00
Carne Molida Burritoground beef.$6.00
Vegetales Burritovegetables.$6.00
Camarones Burritoshrimp.$10.00
Camarones Fajitashrimp.$12.00
Pechuga Fajitachicken breast.$12.00
Bistec Fajitassteak.$11.00
Vegetales Fajitavegetables.$9.00
Camerones Nachosshrimp.$10.00
Pollo Nachoschicken.$6.50
Carne Molida Nachosground beef.$6.50
Vegetales Nachosvegetables.$6.50
Queso Nachoscheese.$5.50
Carne Molida Tacosground beef.$5.00
Pollo Tacoschicken.$5.00
Vegetales Tacosvegetables.$5.00
Taco Ensaladataco salad.$6.50
Bistec Con Queso Sandwichbeef steak with cheese.$6.50
Pechuga A La Parrilla Con Queso Sandwichgrilled chicken with cheese.$6.00
Pechuga Fritas Con Queso Sandwichfried chicken breast with cheese.$6.00
Pechuga A La Parrilla Sandwichgrilled chicken breast.$6.00
Bistec Encebolado Sandwichonion steak.$5.50
Pechuga Frita Sandwichfried chicken breast.$5.50
Pechuga Empanizada Sandwichbreaded chicken breast.$5.50
Pollo Con Queso Sandwichchicken with cheese.$5.00
Pollo Sandwichchicken.$4.50
Cubano Sandwichcuban sandwich.$4.50
Pernil Sandwichroast pork.$3.75
Pavo Sandwichturkey.$3.50
Atun Sandwichtuna$3.50
Chimi De Bistec Sandwichsteak chimi. includes french fries and coleslaw.$6.00
Chimi De Pechuga Sandwichchicken chimi. includes french fries and coleslaw.$6.00
Cheeseburger Deluxeserved with french fries.$5.25 - $6.50
Hamburger Deluxeserved with french fries.$4.25 - $6.00
Plain Cheeseburger$3.50
Plain Hamburger$3.00
Pasta Con Pulpooctopus.$15.00
Pasta Con Camaronesshrimp.$14.00
Pasta Con Pechugagrilled chicken breast.$14.00
Pasta Con Vegetalesvegetables.$10.00
Pasta Solaplain pasta.$7.50
Pollo Con Huesochicken only. mondays, fridays and sundays.$9.00
Cangrejo A La Parrillagrilled crab.$12.00
Cangrejo En Salsa Rojacrab in red sauce.$12.00
Masa De Cangrejo Al Ajillocrab meat in garlic sauce.$18.00
Masa De Cangrejo En Salsa Rojacrab meat in red sauce.$16.00
Pulpo Con Camarones En Ensaladaoctopus with shrimp. served in salad.$25.00
Pulpo En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$16.00
Pulpo Al Ajilloin garlic sauce.$18.00
Pulpo Ensalada$20.00 - $15.00
Pulpo Ceviche$20.00 - $15.00
Pulpo Ceviche Con Jalapenos$15.00
Camarones Con Pechugawith chicken breast.$17.00
Camarones Relleno De Masa Cangrejostuffed with crab meat.$16.00
Camarones Empanizado Con Baconbreaded with bacon.$13.50
Camarones Salteado Con Vegetalessauteed shrimp with vegetables.$15.00
Camarones A La Parrillagrilled.$14.00
Camarones Ceviche$14.00
Camarones Ceviche Con Jalapeno$14.00
Camarones En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$14.00
Camarones Cocktail$13.50
Camarones Empanizadobreaded.$13.50
Camarones Al Ajilloin garlic sauce.$13.50
Camarones Fritofried.$13.50
Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia Rellena De Camoronesstuffed with shrimp.$15.00
Tilapia Rellena De Masa De Cangrejostuffed with crab meat.$15.00
Tilapia Fillet A La Parilla$9.50
Tilapia Fillet En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$9.50
Tilapia Fillet Fritofried.$9.00
Tilapia Fillet Empanizado$9.00
Salmon Con Camarones A La Parrillasalmon with grilled shrimp.$20.00
Salmon Salteadosauteed salmon.$15.00
Salmon En Salsa Rojasalmon in red sauce.$15.00
Salmon A La Parrillagrilled salmon.$14.00
Salmon Al Ajillosalmon in garlic sauce.$14.00
Pargo Rojo
Pargo Rojo A La Parrillagrilled.
Pargo Rojo Fritofried
Pargo Rojo Al Ajilloin garlic sauce.
Pargo Rojo Al Vaporsteamed.
Pargo Rojo Al Escabechepickled
Fillette De Pargopargo fish fillet$13.00
Pescado En Rueda
Pescado En Rueda A La Parrillagrilled.$9.50
Pescado En Rueda En Salsa Roja$9.50
Pescado En Rueda En Ajilloin garlic sauce.$9.50
Pescado De Rueda Fritofried.$9.00
Pescado De Rueda Empanizadobreaded.$9.00
Filete De Pescado
Filete De Pescado Al Vapor Con Vegetalessteamed with vegetables.$14.00
Filete De Pescado Al Ajilloin garlic sauce.$13.00
Filete De Pescado A La Parrillagrilled.$12.00
Filete De Pescado En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$12.00
Filete De Pescado Empanizadobreaded.$12.00
Filete De Pescado Frito$12.00
Filete De Pescado Al Escabechepickled with onions and peppers.$13.00
Cola De Langosta
Cola De Langosta Rellena De Camaronesstuffed with shrimp.$45.00
Cola De Langosta Rellenda De Cangrejostuffed with crab meat.$45.00
Cola De Langosta En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$35.00
Cola De Langosta A La Parrillagrilled.$35.00
Combinacion De Marisco A La Parrillagrilled seafood combination.$23.00
Combinacion De Marisco En Salsa De Ajilloseafood combination in garlic sauce.$23.00
Combinacion De Marisco En Salsa De Tomateseafood combination in tomato sauce.$23.00
Langosta Rellena De Mariscoseafood stuffed lobster.$50.00
Langosta Relleno De Camaronesstuffed with shrimp.$45.00
Langosta Rellena De Masa De Cangrejostuffed with crab meat.$45.00
Langosta A La Parrillagrilled.$35.00
Langosta En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$30.00
Pechuga Con Camarones Salteadoswith sauteed shrimp.$18.00
Pechuga Con Camarones A La Parrillawith grilled shrimp.$18.00
Pechuga Rellena Con Camaronesstuffed with shrimp.$17.00
Pechuga Rellena Con Vegetalesstuffed with vegetables.$15.00
Pechuga Salteada Con Vegetalessauteed with vegetables.$15.00
Pechuga Parmigiana A La Parrillagrilled parmigiana.$15.00
Pechuga Parmigiana Empanizadabreaded parmigiana.$14.00
Pechuga A La Francesafrench style.$14.00
Pechuga Al Ajilloin garlic sauce.$13.00
Pechuga En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$13.00
Pechuga Al Limonin lemon sauce.$13.00
Pechuga Empanizadabreaded.$12.00
Pechuga A La Parrillagrilled.$12.00
Pechuga Al Sartenfrying pan style.$12.00
Pechuguinachicken fingers.$10.50
Pechuguina En Salsa Blancachicken cutlet in white sauce.$13.00
Pechuga Rellena A La Cordon Bluecordon blue.$15.00
Pechuga Guinea$15.00
1/2 Pollo A La Parrillahalf grilled chicken.$11.00
Chicharron De Pollo Sin Huesoboneless chicken chunk.$10.50
Alas De Pollochicken wings.$9.50
1/2 Pollo A La BBQhalf bbq chicken.$9.00
1/2 Pollo Al Ajillohalf chicken in garlic sauce.$9.00
1/2 Pollo Al Carbonhalf rotisserie chicken.$8.75
1/2 Pollo Al Hornohalf baked chicken.$8.75
1/2 Pollo Fritohalf fried chicken.$8.75
Chicharron De Pollo Con Huesochicken chunks (with bone-in).$8.75
Conejorabbit meat.$15.00
2 Chuletas En Salsa Rojatwo pork chops in red sauce.$12.00
2 Chuletas A La Parillatwo grilled pork chops.$11.00
2 Chuletas Encebolladatwo onion grilled pork chops.$10.50
2 Chuletas Fritatwo fried pork chops.$10.50
2 Chuletas Empanizadatwo breaded pork chops.$10.50
Masita De Cerdo Fritafried pork meat.$10.50
Costillas BBQbbq spare ribs.$9.00
Costillas Asadagrilled spare ribs.$8.75
Chicharron De Cerdopork chunks.$8.75
1 Chuleta Caulquier Estiloone pork chop any style.$8.50
Higado Salteadosauteed.$10.00
Hidago En Salsa Rojain red sauce.$10.00
Bistec De Higado Al Sartenfrying pan style.$9.50
T-Bone A La Parillagrilled t-bone with choice of sauce.$23.00 - $28.00
Filet Mignon14 oz. served with choice of sauce.$20.00
Sirloin18 oz. steak served with choice of sauce.$19.00
Churrasco14 oz. skirt steak. served with choice of sauce.$16.00
Bistec Con Camarones Salteadosteak with sauteed shrimp.$18.00
Bistec A La Parrillasteak with grilled shrimp.$18.00
Bistec A Caballo Con 2 Huevoshorse steak with two eggs.$12.00
Bistec Salteadosauteed steak.$11.00
Bistec En Salsa Rojasteak in red sauce.$11.00
Masita De Res Fritafried beef.$10.50
Bistec A La Parrillagrilled steak.$10.50
Bistec Encebolladoonion steak$10.00
Bistec Empanizadobreaded steak.$10.00
Carne Guisadabeef stew.$9.00
A La Carte
Pechuga A La Cartechicken breast.$13.00
Cangrejo Entero A La Cartewhole crab.$12.00
Filete De Pescado A La Cartefish fillet.$12.00
Pescado De Rueda A La Carteround fish.$9.00
Cola De Langosta A La Cartelobster tail.$35.00
Langosta A La Cartelobster tail.$30.00
7 Potencia A La Carteseven power soup.$16.00
Camarones A La Carteshrimp.$13.50
Side Orders
Papas Majada Con Quesomashed potatoes with choice of cheese.$5.50
Longanizadominican sausage.$5.00
Queso Tropicaltropical cheese$4.00
Yuca Fritafried cassava.$3.50
2 Huevostwo eggs. eggs selection: scrambled eggs, eggs sunny side up, eggs over easy, eggs over medium, eggs over hard.$2.00
Tostonesgreen plantain.$3.50
Madurossweet plantain.$3.50
Papas Fritasfrench fries.$3.50
Vegetales Al Vaporsteamed vegetables choice: garlic, no garlic.$4.50
Hot Chocolate$1.50
Café Cappuccino$2.50
Café Expresso$2.50
Sodaselection: coco rico, coca cola, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, ginger ale, seltzer water.$1.25
Cafe Regular$1.00
Teachoice: lipton, chamomille, green, apple cinnamon.$1.00
Snappleselection: lemon tea snapple, diet lemon tea snapple, peach snapple, mango madness snapple, orange snapple, apple snapple, kiwi strawberry snapple.$1.50
Country Club Sodaselection: orange country club, merengue country club, frambuesa country club.$1.50
Cola Champan$1.50
Shirley Dimpled$3.50
Jugo De Fresastrawberry juice.$3.50
Jugo De Naranjaorange juice.$3.75
Morir Sonadomilk and orange juice.$3.50
Jugo De Manzanaapple juice.$3.00
Jugo De Limonlemonade.$3.00
Jugo De Avenaoatmeal juice.$3.00
Jugo De Zanahoriacarrot juice.$3.50
Jugo De Pinapineapple juice.$3.00
Jugo De Parchapassion fruit juice.$3.00
Jugo De Tamarindotamarind juice.$3.00
Jugo De Mangomango juice.$3.00
Jugo De Mameymamey juice.$3.00
Jugo De Papayapapaya juice.$3.00
Jugo De Guanabanasoursop juice.$3.00
Batidas $3.50
Fresa Batidastrawberry.
Guineo Batidobanana.
Guanabana Batidosoursop.
Mango Batido
Mamey Batido
Papaya Batido
Parcha Batidopassion fruit.
Tamarindo Batidatamarind.

Visit Los Primos here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Los Primos.

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