Macado’s Menu, Prices and Locations

The first Macado’s restaurant was opened in 1978 by Richard Macher in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. It soon became popular for its eclectic ambiance of cartoon, antique, and local nostalgic decor, as well as its wide array of hearty yet modestly-priced sandwiches, subs, and entrees.

Popular with the college crowd, the restaurant opened additional locations near Virginia Tech, Radford University, and Roanoke College. Locations were added at the rate of one or two per year, including those in neighboring West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Macado’s Menu

Potato SkinsBacon & cheddar.$7.35
Mexican SkinsOnions, jalapeños, black olives and a blend of monterey jack and cheddar cheeses.$7.85
Chicken FingersBreaded chicken strips, served with either honey mustard or barbecue sauce.$7.95
Black Bean Con QuesoA piping hot crock of zesty cheese, blended with black beans and more cheese, jalapeño peppers, and onions. served with tortilla chips for dipping.$6.95
Salsa Con QuesoA crock of zesty cheese, onions, tomatoes, and jalapeño peppers with a generous portion of nacho chips for dipping.$6.95
NachosTortilla chips with piping hot nacho cheese, topped with jalapeños. served with onion dip and salsa.$7.85
Nachos GrandeChips, chili, melted cheese topped with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and black olives. served with onion dip and salsa.$9.25
Spinach & Artichoke DipSpinach, artichoke hearts blended with assorted cheeses served with tortilla chips or flatbread.$7.95
Cheese SticksMozzarella sticks, served with marinara sauce.$7.35
Fried Pickle SpearsDelicious dill pickle spears lightly coated with a dill flavored breading, served with ranch dressing.$4.65
Chips, Dips & ThingsHomemade potato chips, soft pretzels, and taco chips served in a basket with our own onion dip, salsa, and ranch.$7.95
Irish NachosHomemade crinkle-cut potato chips topped with chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, black olives. served with onion dip and salsa.$9.25
Buffalo hot sauce, teriyaki, sesame ginger, hot honey bbq, spicy thai (contains peanuts), sweet red chili, sweet baby ray's honey bbq, mango habanero (served with dipping sauce and celery)
Wings$8.95 - $15.95
Boneless Wings$7.25 - $13.95
Butterfly Breaded Shrimp$7.95 - $14.95
Do's Does Tacos
Fish or Shrimp Tacoscrispy pacific cod or beer battered shrimp in a soft flour tortilla garnished with romaine lettuce, Asian cabbage, pico de gallo and cucumber wasabi dressing.$7.65
Chicken Teriyaki Tacosbreaded chicken in soft flour tortillas with crisp romaine lettuce, Asian cabbage, pico de gallo and sweet teriyaki sauce.$7.65
Grilled Chicken Ranchgrilled chicken in soft flour tortillas, romaine lettuce, Asian cabbage, with pico de gallo and ranch dressing.$7.65
Shrimp Tacostortillas stuffed with battered shrimp, romaine lettuce and pico de gallo with cucumber wasabi dressing.$7.65
Philly Cheese Tacos - NEW!Sliced steak, onion, folded in soft tortillas, Asian cabbage, crisp romaine, melted cheese, pico, avocado.$7.65
Chips, Pretzels, Fries, Onion-Rings
Basket of Homemade Potato Chips$4.25
Basket of Soft Pretzels$4.25
Basket of Fries$4.25
Skillet of Cheese Fries$6.25
Chili Cheese Fries$6.95
Beer Battered Onion Rings$5.65
Sweet Potato Fries$4.65
Sweet & Salty Fries$4.65
Old Friends
Peanut Butter & Jelly$2.45
Blt, Mayo, Served on White$4.25
served with salsa and sour cream.
Plainthree cheeses melted on a baked tortilla.$6.95
Stuffedthree cheeses, pico de gallo, black olives, melted on a tortilla.$7.35
Diablothree cheeses, grilled chicken, bacon, pico de gallo, melted on a tortilla.$8.95
Steak Quesadillagrilled steak, three cheeses, pico de gallo, bacon bits, and steak sauce baked on a fresh tortilla.$9.85
Black Beanblack bean and cheese dip, pico de gallo, baked inside a tortilla.$7.25
Portobellogrilled portobello mushrooms, inside a tortilla with three cheeses, pico de gallo and broccoli florets.$7.95
Southwesternsliced chicken breast, pico de gallo, crisp bacon, bbq sauce, three cheeses melted on a tortilla.$8.95
Side Kicks
Potato Salad$1.65
Fruit Salad$1.65
Macaroni Salad$1.75
Garlic Bread$1.45
Onion Dip$0.75
Diet Pepsi$2.35
Dr. Pepper$2.35
Mtn Dew$2.35
Sierra Mist$2.35
Sweet/Unsweet Tea$2.35
Meyer Lemonade$2.75
Strawberry Meyer Lemonade$2.75
Hot Chocolate$1.85
Hot Tea$1.85
Arnold Palmer$2.35
Do's Soups
French Onion Au Gratin$3.25 - $3.95
Broccoli and Cheddar Au Gratin$3.25 - $3.95
Macaroni & Cheese$4.35
Roadhouse Chilia bowl of chili topped off with melted cheddar cheese and served with nacho chips.$7.95
The Salad Patch
house dressing, 1000 island, ranch, italian, sesame ginger, balsamic vinaigrette, bleu cheese, parmesan ranch, caesar, honey mustard, cucumber wasabi.
Chicken or Shrimp Oriental Saladchicken or shrimp glazed with teriyaki sauce served on mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, oriental noodles and almonds.$9.45
Margie's Cashew ChickenMixed greens, cheese, tomatoes, portabello mushrooms, cucumbers, boiled eggs, croutons, cashews with choice of grilled or fried chicken.$9.45
Caesar's SaladRomaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese with a side of caesar dressing.$4.95
BLT SaladMixed greens, cucumbers, tomato, egg slices, portabello mushrooms, and cheese topped with bacon and croutons. Served with cheese toast$9.45
Southwestern Fiesta SaladTaco shell, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, black olives, choice of grilled/fried chicken or chili, sour cream, jalapeno crisps, avocado, and onion. Served with taco chips and your choice of dres$9.45
Paitly's Cobb SaladChopped Romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, bacon, tomato, avocado, chicken breast with crumbled blue cheese.$9.45
House Tossed SaladMixed greens, a slice of cucumber, tomato, bacon bits and croutons.$4.25
Chicken Almond SaladAll white meat chicken salad on a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes and toasted almonds.$7.25
Macado's ChefMixed greens, carrots, red cabbage, cucumbers, ham or turkey, cheese, tomato, bacon bits, and croutons.$8.75

Visit Macado’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Macado’s.

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