McGuire’s Menu, Prices and Locations

McGuire’s Irish Pub first opened in 1977 as a small neighborhood pub in a shopping center. In 1982 McGuire’s moves to its current location; Pensacola’s original 1927 Old Firehouse. Inside the pub you’ll find a turn-of-the-century, New York Irish Saloon themed 615-seat restaurant.We are celebrated for our atmosphere boasting more than One Million signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings and walls of the Pub. In 1996, McGuire’s Irish Pub of Destin opened on beautiful Destin Harbor with the same great food and live Irish entertainment.

McGuire’s Menu

Senate Bean Soup$0.18
Irish Potato SkinsBaked irish potato skins loaded with smoked gouda cheese amd applewood smoked bacon.$8.99
Tenderloin BitesGrilled filet with merlot and horseradish sauces.$12.99
CalamariFlash fried and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Served with marinara sauce.$9.99
Buffalo O'Toole Chicken Thighs$8.99
Fried PicklesBreaded and lightly fried. Served with jalapeno ranch dressing.$8.99
Paddys Spinach Artichoke and cream Cheese Dip$8.99
Reuben EggrollsHomemade irish eggrolls with corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Served with thousand island dressing for dipping.$9.99
Chili Cheese Sidewinder FriesCrunchy sidewinder fries covered with McGuire's chili and loads of extra sharp cheddar. Topped wth fresh diced tomatoes, jalapenos and green onions.$9.99
Irish BoxtysGarlic mashed potatoes rolled in herbed bread crumbs and flash fried. Served with salsa, guacamole dip and a horse radish sour cream sauce.$7.99
Nathan McGuires Supreme Nachos$9.99
Combo Snack Plate$13.99
Chicken or Salmon Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce, seasoned croutons grated parmesan cheese and caesar dressing with your choice of chargrilled chicken breast or grilled salmon.$10.99
Chefs SaladA dieters Delite crisp lettuce. Red onions, grape tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and a whole boiled egg.$12.99
Kosher Sandwiches
Served on your choice of kosher rye, french or our old fashioned toasted kaiser bun. All sandwiches served with irish fries.
Nathans SpecialOur special combination of corned beef and pastrami with melted deli white cheese on kosher rye bread.$11.99
Super BLT8 Slices of applewood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.$11.99
French DipLean beef roasted daily in our ovens with au jus dip.$11.99
PastramiThe finest pastrami available hebrew national on kosher rye bread.$11.99
Turkey MeltSliced turkey smoked gouda and mushroom merlot gravy on gralic french bread.$11.99
Chicken SupremeCharbroiled free range chicken breast with kosher smoked ham and melted swiss cheese on french bread.$11.99
Habanero Steak MeltTender ribeye steak rubbed with house made habanero hot sauce, covered with monterey jack cheese, fried onions and jalapenos. Served on toasted french bread with spicy mayo and hot irish fries.$14.99
Open Faced Hickory Smoked Prime RibSandwich with au jus when available$13.99
Seafood Specialties
Fish and ChipsFree range fresh fish caught daily in the irish sea by McGuires cousin nathan and battered in McGuires red ale. Served with cole slaw.$14.99
Cedar Planked Galway SalmonSeasoned in a black mustard irish whiskey glaze as served by McGuires chefs at the distinguished james beard house in N Y C$20.99
Ale Battered Shrimp or OystersFried to a golden brown in pure low cholesterol oil served with your choice of house or caesar salad and natural fries or asparagus$20.99
Steaks and Chops
Served with house salad and natural fried irish potatoes
New York StripOne pound 16 oz cut from USDA certified prime aged beef grilled over wood fires and served sizzling in garlic hotel butter.$32.99
Peppercorn SteakOur USDA certified prime NY strip steak loaded with cracked peppercorns hammered in to form a pepper crust. Very hot$32.99
14 oz Choice New York Strip$24.99
Ribeye SteakAn outstanding example of USDA certified prime at its best. This steak has the most fat marbling of all the prime cuts$29.99
Filet Mignon12 oz cut from our choice beef tenderloins.$29.99
Mollys Cut8 oz filet mignon cut from our choice beef tenderloins. Bleu cheese crumbles or merlot mushroom sauce added to any steak $1.99$26.99
Spring Lamb ChopsIrelands favorite fancy grade a choice lamb chops grilled to perfection and served with true old fashioned mint jelly.$26.99
Jameson Pork ChopsGrilled french loin pork chops with an irish whiskey glaze served with homemade granny smith applesauce.$21.99
Roasted Pork FiletApple cider brined and grilled to your desired temperature served with a bacon wrapped, roasted garlic and blue cheese stuffed apple and topped with a caramel apple glaze.$22.99
Pub Fare
Belfast Bar-B-Q RibsSmoked all night in our hickory smokehouse with a honey BBQ glaze. Served with homemade baked beans, natural fries and your choice of caesar or house salad or senate soup.$25.99
Brewers Sausage PlateOur brewers choice of sausages from around the world with sauerkraut, german potato salad, and a free MCGuires craft brewed ale.$15.99
Chicken and WafflesBreaded and friedd chicken strips served along side a piping hot waffle with plenty of maple syrup and real butter.$14.99
Steak Burgers
Bacon Cheddar$11.99
Mushroom and Swiss$11.99
Chili and Cheddar$11.99
Big Daddy Burger$11.99
Guacamole and Jack$11.99
Black and Bleu$11.99
Hawaiian Pineapple$11.99
St Patty Melt$11.99
Breakfast BurgerServed with an over easy egg and jameson irish whiskey jam.$11.99

Visit McGuire’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local McGuire’s.

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