Mikado Menu, Prices and Locations

Mikado means “Emperor” in Japanese. It symbolizes noble and superior genuinity.The first Mikado was founded in 1999 by Kenny Lin and Tony Lin,currently with three locations in Cherry Hill, Marlton, and Maple Shade. Mikado Sushi has been offering the best tasting and most authentic Japanese cuisine in South Jersey.

With the freshest ingredients, innovative cooking styles, elegant designs and friendly staff, Mikado is perfect place for all your special occasions.Our splendid menu offers eye opening varieties such as traditional maki, nigiri sushi, flavor enriched shogayaki and many more.

Mikado Menu

Tosh's Prawnsa sweet Asian citrus aioli over warm prawns$7.95
Asian Beef Lettuce Cupskorean style grilled beef with pinenuts and bell peppers$8.95
Spicy Calamariimported Japanese squid, lightly battered and fried$7.95
Asian Barbecue Shrimpgrilled shrimp wrapped in prosciutto with a Japanese inspired barbecue sauce$7.95
Vegetable Tempuraassorted unique vegetables prepared in a traditional Japanese batter$6.95
Poke Ahi SaladIsland style sashimi with avocado, papaya and hawaiian seaweed$9.95
GyozaJapanese pork dumpling with spicy sesami soy sauce$5.95
Edamameboiled and salted soy beans$3.95
Agedashi Tofutofu tempura in a soy-based broth$5.95
EBI TempuraJapanese battered black tiger shrimp$6.95
Tuna Tar Tarfresh tuna with a Asian wasabi vinaigrette$9.95
Spicy Lobster Tempuralobster prepared in traditional Japanese butter with hawaiian sauce$9.95
Tuna Cha-Chaseared tuna prepared with guacamole, wasabi sour cream and a yuzu miso sauce on wonton chips$8.95
Yuzu Cevicheshrimp, calamari and mussels marinated in yuzo dressing with tomatoes, cucumbers, Jalapenos, cilantro and onions$8.95
IKA Saladsesame marinated calamari$5.95
Seaweed Saladsesame marinated mixed seaweed$4.95
House Saladmixed greens with mikado vinaigrette$4.95
Asian Frieshand-mashed ginger potatoes wrapped in flour skins and served with spicy mango sauce$3.95
Mikado Specialty Rolls
California Rollsnow crab, avocado, sesame seeds (tobiko add $1.00)$5.95
Utahsnow crab, avocado, tuna, tobiko$8.95
Rock 'N' Rollunagi, cream cheese, avocado$6.95
Sunset Rollunagi, smoked salmon, cucumber$8.95
Spicy Tunafresh tuna, kaiware, green leaf, avocado and mikado sauce$6.95
Spicy Hamachifresh yellowtail, kaiware, cucumber, and mikado sauce$5.95
Hot Takooctopus, kaiware, cucumber, mikado spicy sauce$6.95
Playboyshrimp tempura covered with fresh tuna, avocado, spicy sauce and unagi sauce$12.95
Red DragonCalifornia roll covered with spicy tuna$11.95
Salmon Crunchriceless, spicy crab, avocado, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with salmon and fried$9.95
Mean Gene Rollriceless, snow crab, salmon, maguro, ohba, kai-ware wrapped in cucumber and seaweed$8.95
Shrimp Tempura rollshrimp tempura with avocado, cucumbers, spicy sauce$8.95
Philadelphia Rollsmoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese$6.95
Ichi Rollsnow crab and avocado wrapped with fresh salmon and lemon$11.95
Tempura Vegi Rollassorted fried veggies with shiitake sauce$5.95
Pink Flamingoshrimp tempura, snow crab, avocado, cucumber wrapped in mame nori$11.95
Mikado Rollsteamed asparagus, broiled salmon and cream cheese wrapped in mame nori$9.95
Husky Rollunagi, asparagus, snow crab wrapped in mame nori$11.95
Wasatch Rollspicy salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, tobiko$7.95
Rainbow RollCalifornia roll covered with assorted fish$12.95
Spider Rollsoft shell crab, kaiware, green leaf, avocado$9.95
Jungle Rollyellowtail, papaya, tobiko$8.95
Caterpillar rollunagi, cucumber, covered with avocado$12.95
Mexi Rollwhite fish tempura with cilantro and spicy sauce$6.95
On Death Rollspicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, tuna roll (please sign waiver with your sushi chef)$7.95
Connect Roll (Formerly J Roll)albacore, cream cheese, chili sauce, crab, deep fried with j sauce$11.95
a full-sized entree that includes house salad, miso soup and steamed rice.
Grilled Chicken Breastprepared teriyaki style$13.95
Grilled Salmonfresh Atlantic salmon with a miso oregano sauce$15.95
Pacific Rim Ribskurobuta ribs, the 'kobe' of pork, with an Asian barbecue glaze$18.95
Vegetable Tempura Udonseasonal vegetable tempura, flour noodles prepared in a traditional Japanese broth$12.95
EBI Tempura Udontraditional Japanese broth with flour noodles and black tiger shrimp$14.95
Beef Tenderloinchoice fillet, aged 21 days, prepared with teriyaki demi-glace sauce$21.95
Shrimp Tempurablack tiger shrimp and fresh seasonal vegetables prepared in a traditional Japanese batter$16.95
Vegetable Tempurafresh seasonal vegetables prepared in a traditional Japanese batter$11.95
Seafood Soba Pastashrimp, mussels and calamari in a garlic sauce over Japanese buckwheat noodles$16.95
Stuffed Panko Pork Cutletspork cutlets stuffed with basil, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella$16.95
Beef Short Ribsbraised in a plum demi glace, served over wasabi mashed potatoes and garnished with a puff pastry$18.95
Mikado Traditional Rolls
Tekka Makituna$5.50
Kappa Makicucumber$4.25
Sake Makisalmon$5.25
Unagi Makieel$6.25
Oshinko Makipickles$3.95
Negihama Makiyellowtail$5.50
Futo Makithe 'fat' roll, assorted ingredients$7.25
Sake Kawa Rollsalmon skin$6.25
Umekyu Makiplum with cucumber$4.50
Torofatty tuna
Shiro Maguroalbacore tuna$5.75
Sakefresh salmon$4.95
Smoked Sakesmoked salmon$5.50
AMA EBIsweet shrimp$6.95
Kanisnow crab$5.95
Takooctopus$5.50 - $12.95
IKAsquid$5.50 - $12.95
Unisea urchin
Ikurasalmon eggs$5.75
Tobikoflying fish eggs$5.50
Masagosmelt eggs$5.00
Mirugaigiant clam
Sabamackerel$5.00 - $11.50
Raw Hotategaiscallops$5.50
Hiramehalibut$5.25 - $12.95
Taired snapper$5.50 - $12.95
Tamagoegg omelet$3.95
Unagifresh water eel$5.75
Anagosalt water eel
Tuna Sashimi5 pieces$12.95
Hamachi Sashimi5 pieces$12.95
Sake Sashimi5 pieces$12.95
Albacore Sashimi5 pieces$12.95
Small Sashimi15 piece, chef' choice$24.95
Large Sashimi20 piece, chef's choice$31.95
Soft Drinksbottomless$2.25
Iced Teabottomless$2.25
Green Tea$2.25

Visit Mikado here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Mikado.

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