Milano’s Menu, Prices and Locations

We have something for everyone in your party, fresh veggie sandwiches, low carb wraps, hot subs and hoagies. Our Reuben sandwich is served on grilled or toasted rye bread with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. We have a number of choices for our Philly cheesesteaks, including mushroom, pepper, buffalo chicken and BBQ chicken. Our gyros are made with succulent lamb, beef or chicken. Our platters are served with French fries and coleslaw. We open daily for lunch and dinner. Call or order online for pickup or delivery with a minimum order of $12 and delivery charge of $2.

Milano’s Menu

Can of Soda$0.50
2 Liter of Soda$2.00
GrubHub Specials
Family SpecialThree large cheese pizzas, 20 buffalo wings and a 2 liter of soda.$34.99
Party SpecialTwo family size 24" cheese pizzas and two 2 liters of soda.$35.99
Super SpecialTwo cheese calzones, two pepperoni rolls, one sausage stromboli and five cans of soda. Please indicate in the special instructions which soda/s you would like and how many of each.$26.99
Combination SpecialLarge cheese pizza, 10 buffalo wings, a house salad and a 2 liter of soda.$20.99
Super Bowl SpecialThree large cheese pizzas, 10 buffalo wings and a 2 liter of soda.$33.99
Football SpecialThree large cheese pizzas, 30 buffalo wings and two 2 liters of soda.$36.99
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$7.00
Popcorn Shrimp$6.50
Fried Calamari$7.95
Fried Ravioli$6.95
Mozzarella Sticks$5.50
Cheese Jalapeno Poppers$5.50
Eggplant Rollantini$6.50
French Fries$2.95
Onion Rings$2.75
Garlic Bread$2.95
Side Order of Meatballs$3.50
Side Order of Sausage$3.50
Beef Patties$2.50
Zeppolis$2.00 - $3.00
Entree Salads
House Salad$6.50
Caesar Salad$6.50
Greek Salad$6.50
Chef Salad$6.50
Antipasto Salad$6.95
Fresh Mozzarella Salad$7.50
Grilled Chicken Salad$7.50
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$7.50
Chicken and Veal
ParmigianaServed with side salad.$9.95 - $10.95
Chicken Alla VodkaServed with side salad.$9.95
Chicken AlfredoServed with side salad.$9.95
FranceseServed with side salad.$10.95 - $12.95
MarsalaServed with side salad.$10.95 - $12.95
Alla MurphyServed with side salad.$10.95 - $12.95
Milano's PaniniGrilled chicken, roasted peppers and fresh mozzarella cheese.$6.95
Turkey PaniniTurkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mustard.$6.95
Ham PaniniHam, American lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mustard.$6.95
Tuna Melt PaniniTuna, Swiss, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.$6.95
Ham, Turkey and American Cheese Panini$5.45
Hot Heros
Chicken Parmigiana Hero$5.95
Meatballs Parmigiana Hero$5.95
Sausage Parmigiana Hero$5.95
Sausage and Pepper Hero$5.95
Cheese Steak Peppers and Onions Hero$5.95
Grilled Chicken Hero$5.95
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero$5.95
Shrimp Parmigiana Hero$6.95
Veal Parmigiana Hero$6.95
Cheese Burger$3.00
Italiano Burger Hero with Fries$6.00
Gyro with Fries$5.50
Italiano Cheese Steak Hero$6.95
Italiano Chicken Cheesesteak Hero$6.95
Chicken Cheese Steak Hero$6.95
Jumbo Buffalo Wings
Jumbo Buffalo Wings$5.95 - $54.45
Chicken and Ravioli
Fried Chicken$3.99 - $19.99
Chicken Tenders with Fries$5.25 - $10.50
Chicken Nuggets$2.50 - $5.50
Meat Ravioli$5.95 - $8.50
Cheese Ravioli$5.95 - $8.50
Cheese Pizza$8.95 - $10.95
Gourmet Pizza
Milano's Special 3 Cheese PizzaMozzarella, cheddar and ricotta cheeses.$10.95 - $12.95
Milano's PizzaGrilled chicken roasted peppers and fresh mozzarella, Romano and mozzarella cheeses.$16.95 - $17.95
White PizzaRicotta and mozzarella cheeses.$13.95 - $14.95
Philly Steak PizzaSteak, roasted peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese topped with American cheese.$16.95 - $17.95
Penne Vodka PizzaMozzarella and Romano cheeses with penne pasta and vodka sauce.$15.95 - $16.95
Hawaiian PizzaHam, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.$14.95 - $15.95
Margarita Caprese PizzaFresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and tomato sauce.$14.95 - $15.95
Chicken and Broccoli PizzaSauteed chicken, broccoli and mozzarella cheese.$14.95 - $15.95
Grandma Romano PizzaFresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and mozzarella and Romano cheeses.$14.95 - $15.95
New Rio Ranch PizzaFresh tomatoes, bacon, ranch dressing and mozzarella and Romano cheeses.$15.95 - $16.95
BBQ Chicken PizzaSauteed chicken, BBQ sauce and mozzarella and Romano cheeses.$14.95 - $15.95
Buffalo Chicken PizzaChicken, buffalo hot sauce and mozzarella cheese.$14.95 - $15.95
Lasagna PizzaGround beef, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and tomato sauce.$14.95 - $15.95
Shrimp PizzaShrimp sauteed with fresh garlic, butter, white wine, spicy and a touch of marinara sauce.$16.95 - $17.95
Meat Lover's PizzaMeatballs, bacon, ham, ground beef, pepperoni and sausage.$16.95 - $17.95
Veggie Lover's PizzaMushrooms, green peppers, onions, eggplant and black olives.$15.95 - $16.95
Supreme Veggie and Meat Lover PizzaChoose six toppings.$17.95 - $18.95
Stuffed PizzaChoose five toppings.$19.95
Sicilian Pizza$13.95
Party Pizzas
24" Family Pizza$17.99
28" Giant Pizza$19.99
Strombolis, Calzones and Rolls
Cheese Calzone$5.50
Steak and Cheese$6.50
Chicken and Broccoli$6.50
Spinach and Feta Cheese$6.50
Chicken Stromboli$6.50
Chocolate Mousse$2.95
Carrot Cake$2.95
Chocolate Cake$2.95

Visit Milano’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Milano’s.

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