Miyabi Menu, Prices and Locations

Your host and executive chef Masa-san has been sculpting extraordinary Japanese cuisine in Tokyo and Seattle since 1990. Indulge in his Creative sushi and cooked dishes from the menu.For special occasions, try his Omakase and take your Japanese dining experience to a whole new level.

Your hostess and co-owner, Hisako is a native of Osaka Japan. She wants to introduce you to the culture of Miyabi spirit. A fun, enjoyable dining experience that make you feel like you were in Japan. You can witness her special touch of hospitality in the special events the restaurant offers year round.

Miyabi Menu

Miyabi Special Spring RollsFilled with crab and cream cheese$4.00
Miyabi Spicy Spring RollsFilled with crab and cream cheese and jalapeno$4.00
Curry Beef Flast Spring Rolls$4.00
GyozaFried pork dumplings$4.00
HarumakiDeep fried spring rolls$3.00
Mixed Veggetable Tempura$5.99
Shrimp Tempura$8.99
Soft Shell Crab$8.99
Soups & Salads
Clear Onion Soup$1.50
Miso Soup$2.50
House Salad$2.25
Seaweed Salad$3.75
Combination Entrees
HIbachi, teriyaki, spicy or sweet and spicy. Includes soup and salad dine in only fried rice or steamed rice, sweet carrots, shrimp, ginger or mustard sauce
Chicken & Shrimp$11.99 - $11.99
Chicken & Pork$10.99 - $10.99
Chicken & Steak$11.99 - $11.99
Steak & Pork$11.99 - $11.99
Steak & Shrimp$12.99 - $12.99
Chicken & Scallops$12.99 - $12.99
Chicken & Salmon$12.99 - $12.99
Steak & Scallops$13.99 - $13.99
Shrimp & Scallops$13.99 - $13.99
Steak & Salmon$13.99 - $13.99
Shrimp & Filet Mignon$15.99 - $15.99
Filet Migaon & Salmon$16.99 - $16.99
Miyabi Special for TwoServed for two: Chicken, steak, shrimp & scallops$22.99
Single Entrees
Hibachi, teryaki, spicy or sweet and spicy. Includes friedor steamed rice, sweet carrots, shrimp, ginger or mustard sauce. All entrees can be served as a salad
Mixed Vegetables$5.99
Chicken$6.99 - $6.99
Pork$6.99 - $6.99
FishFlounder$6.99 - $6.99
Shrimp$7.99 - $7.99
Steak$7.99 - $7.99
Scallops$8.99 - $8.99
Jumbo Shrimp$8.99 - $8.99
Salmon$8.99 - $8.99
Filet Mignon$10.99 - $10.99
Bento Box
LunchChoice of: Chicken, pork, steak or shrimp. Fried or steamed rice. Miyabi spring roll or harumaki. Califomia or philadelphia roll. Onion soup$9.49
DinnerChoice of: Chicken, pork, steak or shrimp. Fried or steamed rice. Califomis, philadephra, spicy tuna or spicy salmon roll. Soup and salad$11.49
Side Orders
Hibachi or teriyaki
Jumbo Shrimp$6.99
Scallops6 Pieces$6.99
Filet Mignon$8.99
Mixed Vegetables$2.99
RiceFried or steamed$2.49
Sweet Carrots$2.49
Shrimp, Ginger or Mustard Sauce$1.50 - $3.99
Kid's Menu
12 & under. Includes rice, sweet carrots, shrimp or ginger sauce & free drinks
Fried Cheese Cake$3.99
Chocolate Brownie A La mode$4.99
Key Lime Pie$2.99
Diet Pepsi$2.00
Sierra Mist$2.00
Dr. Pepper$2.00
Mountain Dew$2.00
Green Tea$2.00
Iced Tea$2.00
Hot Tea$2.00

Visit Miyabi here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Miyabi.

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