Moby Dick Menu, Prices and Locations

Since our first restaurant opened in 1989, we continue to realize our purpose by never cutting corners when it comes to the quality of our food, or how it’s prepared and served to you. The character you taste in our food and the experience you have in our restaurants are the sum of the values we live and work by.

Our food includes slow-braised stews and flame-grilled meats, house-made signature seasonings and marinades, and fresh whole pita bread baked in a traditional clay oven.We take pride in using traditional Persian cooking techniques and the highest-quality ingredients to make delicious, fresh food in a fast and casual environment.

Moby Dick Menu

1. Mirza Ghassemia delightful dip made with sautéed eggplant, tomatoes, onions, and garlic$4.95
2. Kashk-E-Bademjana delightful dip made with sautéed eggplant, onions, mixed with whey (kashk)$5.95
3. Hummusa delightful dip made with garbanzo beans, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and tahini sauce$3.95
4. Tah-Dig With Chicken Currygolden crisp basmati rice topped with our homemade chicken curry$4.95
5. Tah-Dig With Ghormeh Sabzigolden crisp basmati rice topped with our homemade ghormeh sabzi$7.95
A La Carte
1. Ricebasmati rice cooked to perfection$3.50
2. Garden Saladlettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions topped with our famous house dressing$4.50
3. Greek Saladlettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and creamy feta cheese topped with our famous house dressing$5.95
4. Shirazi Saladdiced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions topped with oil & vinegar, salt & pepper, and dried mint$3.25
5. Maast-O-Khiarcucumber yogurt. homemade yogurt mixed with diced cucumbers, salt & pepper, and dried mint$2.95
6. Maast-O-Mooseerdiced garlic yogurt. homemade yogurt mixed with chopped dried garlic$3.80
Rice Platters
1. Chelo Kabob Kubidehtwo skewers of ground beef kabob$15.95
2. Chelo Kabob Bargone skewer of steak kabob$14.95
3. Chelo Kabob Soltanione skewer of ground beef and one skewer of steak kabob$19.95
4. Chelo Kabob Barehone skewer of lamb kabob$15.95
5. Chelo Shish Kabobtwo skewers of marinated tender ground lamb barbecued w/ onion$16.95
6. Chelo Kabob Morghone skewer of boneless chicken kabob$14.95
7. Chelo Kabob Joojehone skewer of cornish hen kabob$14.95
8. Chelo Kabob Cajunone skewer of spicy chicken kabob$14.95
9. Chelo Kabob Mahione skewer of swordfish kabob$16.95
10. Chelo Kabob Barg & Morghone skewer of steak kabob and one skewer of boneless chicken kabob$22.95
11. Chelo Kabob Morgh & Mahione skewer of boneless chicken kabob and one skewer of swordfish kabob$22.95
12. Chelo Kabob Barg & Mahione skewer of steak kabob and one skewer of swordfish kabob$22.95
13. Chicken Soltanione skewer of boneless chicken kabob and one skewer of ground beef kabob$19.95
Organic Daily Specials
All Dishes Are Served With Salad And Pita Bread. Any Of The Organic Daily Special Dishes Above Can Be Cooked As Vegetarian Dishes Upon Customer’s Request.
1. Lubia Polobasmati rice made with green beans, chicken, fresh tomato, saffron and spices$13.95
2. Baghali Polobasmati rice made with fava beans, dill and saffron served w/ chicken$13.95
3. Fesenjanstew made with pomegranate paste, walnut and chicken served with basmati rice$14.95
4. Shirin Polochicken breast made with orange peel, berries, pistachio, almond, saffron and basmati rice$19.95
5. Ghormeh Sabzistew made with vegetables, herbs and chunks of beef served w/ basmati rice$14.95
6. Gheimeh Bademjanstew made with eggplant, lamb and fresh tomato served w/ basmati rice$12.95
7. Zereshk Polosautéed berries with saffron rice and chicken$13.95
8. Albaloo Polobasmati rice with saffron, sautéed sour cherries and chicken$13.95
9. Adas Polobasmati rice with lentils, sautéed raisins, onions and chicken$13.95
10. Lamb Shanklarge pieces of lamb cooked with potatoes and onions served w/ rice$12.95
11. Chicken Beryanichunks of chicken breast, potatoes, onions and garlic mixed into saffron rice$12.95
12. Chicken Curry Over Riceserved w/ pita bread$6.25
12. Chicken Curry Over Ricewith salad$7.95
13. Lamb Stew Over Riceserved w/ pita bread$6.85
13. Lamb Stew Over Ricewith salad$8.95
1. Koobidehground beef kabob sandwich. a mixture of ground beef, ground onions, and our homemade spices$6.95
2. Bargsteak kabob sandwich. tender sliced filet marinated in saffron and extra virgin olive oil and our homemade spices$7.95
3. Barbeque Tips Sandwichsteak kabob topped with our thick, rich barbeque sauce$7.95
4. Soltanicombination sandwich. combination of steak or chicken kabob and ground beef kabob$10.95
Lamb $8.50
1. Barehlamb kabob sandwich. tender pieces of lamb marinated in saffron and our homemade spices
2. Shish Kabob Sandwichmixture of ground lamb, ground onions, and our homemade spices
1. Morghchicken kabob sandwich. boneless, skinless chicken tenders, marinated in saffron and our homemade spices$7.50
2. Cajun Chicken Sandwichboneless, skinless chicken tenders marinated in saffron and our homemade cajun spices$7.50
3. Joojehcornish hen kabob. cornish game hen marinated in saffron and our homemade spices served with a side salad and pita$9.95
1. Mahiswordfish kabob sandwich. fresh swordfish marinated in saffron and our homemade spices$8.50
1. Vegetarian Kabob Sandwichsautéed eggplant topped with barbequed bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes$7.50
2. Moti’s Summer Sandwicha mixture of fresh veggies, creamy feta cheese, salt, and pepper topped with your choice of dressing wrapped in a whole pita$6.95
3. Hummus Sandwichour homemade hummus topped with fresh veggies and your choice of dressing wrapped in a whole pita$6.95
4. Adaslentil soup. homemade lentil soup served with pita$4.95
5. Ash-E-Reshtehveggie noodle soup. a heavenly mixture of vegetables, beans, whey (kashk), and wheat noodles served with pita$5.95
6. Veggie Chilihomemade vegetarian chili served with pita$4.95
7. Veggie Chili Over Riceour homemade vegetarian chili on top of basmati rice served with pita$5.95
8. Veggie Lentil Over Riceour homemade vegetarian lentil soup on top of basmati rice served with pita$5.95
1. Bastanihomemade persian ice cream$4.95
2. Sholleh Zardpersian rice pudding$3.95
3. Baklavahomemade baklava made with honey$2.50
1. Moti’s Homemade Energy Drink$3.95
2. Moti’s Homemade Iced Tea$3.95
3. Moti’s Homemade Lemonadew/ rosewater$2.95
4. Dooghpersian yogurt drink$2.50
5. Bottled Drinks$2.25
6. Bottled Water$1.50
7. Soda$1.50
8. Hot Tea$1.95

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