Moxie’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Moxie’s began as a small deli and diner in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1986, before transforming itself into an upscale premium casual dining restaurant and lounge in 2004. Following recent economic and development booms, Moxie’s has begun opening new locations rapidly across Canada with a focus on globally inspired comfort food. Their niche is providing clients with an upscale experience compared to their competition, by providing a sophisticated dining experience. The menu focuses on house-made ingredients with a global inspiration.

Moxie’s Menu

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$4.25
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade$2.99
Frosted Lemonade$4.99
Frosted Orange Cream$4.99
Freshly Brewed Sweet Tea$2.50
Freshly Brewed Unsweet Tea$2.50
Soft Drink$1.99
Box Water$2.25
Bottled Water$2.25
16 oz. La Colombe Coffee$2.99
La Colombe Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew$3.49
All Day Breakfast
BagelPlain, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, multigrain or everything.$1.99
Moxie's Breakfast BurritoGrilled chicken, steak or sausage with egg, roasted onions, peppers, blended cheese and chipotle on the side.$4.99
Breakfast SandwichBacon and egg, sausage and egg or Mediterranean veggie.$4.99
Kale Caesar SaladKale, Parmesan cheese crisps, shaved Parmesan and Caesar.$8.99
Southwest SaladMixed greens, Monterrey cheddar, tortilla strips, grilled chicken, carrots, tomato, black beans, pepitas and creamy salsa. \n$8.99
Strawberry Spinach SaladBacon, feta, candied pecans and honey balsamic vinaigrette.$8.99
Specialty Sandwiches
Bahn Mi SandwichVietnamese sub. Pickled medley, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, scallions, fried shallots and baguette.$8.99
BBQ Pulled Pork SandwichKale slaw on baguette.$8.99
Turkey Bacon Ranch SandwichTurkey, bacon, cheddar, tomato, field greens and baguette.$8.99
Chicken Salad SandwichHouse made on baguette.$8.99
Ms. Vicki Chips$1.49
Whole Fruit$1.19
House Kale Slaw$2.99
Custom Ice Cream Sandwich$5.25
Fresh Baked Cookie$4.99
Premium Ice Cream$4.99
Greek Yogurt Parfait$3.99

Visit Moxie’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Moxie’s.

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