Mr. Sushi Menu, Prices and Locations

Mr. Sushi offers authentic and delicious tasting Japanese cuisine in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Our restaurant is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh ingredients. Come and experience our friendly atmosphere and excellent service.

Mr. Sushi Menu

Appetizers - From The Kitchen
Edamamebroiled green soy beans. lightly salted.$4.50
Vegetable Tempuravegetables deep-fried in light batter.$6.50
Wasabi Shumairound shell shrimp, pork or vegetable dumplings with wasabi taste.$6.50
Yakitoribarbecued chicken tenderloin on a skewer.$6.00
Beef Kushiyakibarbecued cubes of sirloin beef on skewers smothered in teriyaki sauce.$7.50
Yu-Dofuboiled tofu and vegetables served with bonito flakes and scallions.$5.50
Spicy Tofupan-fried tofu with house special sauce.$5.50
Yaki Shishamopan-fried roe carrying smelt fish with spicy sauce.$6.00
Hamachi-Kamalightly-salted broiled yellowtail collar served with teriyaki sauce.$9.00
Beef Negimabroiled thin sliced of sirloin steak rolled with scallions smothered in teriyaki sauce.$8.50
Beef Tatakithinly-sliced rare beef served with ponzu sauce.$8.50
Tempurafresh shrimp and vegetables. deep-fried in light batter.$7.50
Shumairound shell shrimp dumplings served steamed or fried.$6.00
Gyozameat and vegetable dumplings served steamed or pan-fried.$6.00
Soft-Shell Crabdeep-fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce for dipping.$9.50
Tatsuta-Agetender chicken, lightly-breaded and fried.$5.50
Agedashi-Tofufried tofu served in a light broth with scallions and grated daikon radish.$5.50
Scallion Pancakepan-fried wheat butter with scallions, shrimp, imitation crab and spicy or mild sauce.$8.00
Yaki Seafoodbarbecued seafood on skewers in teriyaki sauce.$7.50
Hotate-Hokkaiyakilightly-seasoned large sea scallop baked in its own shell with japanese mayo.$8.50
Hiyayakkochilled tofu served with ginger, scallions and bonito flakes.$5.00
Ika Hokkaiyakilightly-seasoned large squid baked with japanese mayo.$8.50
Appetizers - From The Sushi Bar
Tako Suoctopus seasoned with vinegar.$7.50
Sashimifilets of fresh raw fish with radish.$10.00
Maguro Nattotuna with fermented natto soy beans.$7.00
Ika Tobiko-Aesquid coated in flying fish roe with a quail egg over the top.$8.00
Unagi Yamakakegrated japanese yam over grilled fresh water eel topped with a quail egg.$8.00
Tuna Tatakithinly-sliced rare tuna served with scallion, grated radish and ponzu sauce.$10.50
Sunomonoa selection of fresh seafood served with cucumber and japanese vinegar dressing.$7.50
Sushifilets of fresh raw fish with seasoned rice.$8.00
Ika Nattosquid with fermented natto soy beans.$7.00
Maguro Yamakakegrated japanese yam over chunks of raw tuna topped with quail egg.$8.00
Ikura Oroshisalmon roe in grated daikon radish.$7.00
Itakoboiled baby octopus on house sauce$5.00
Miso Shiru Soupsoy bean soup.$2.00
Ushiojiru Soupclear soup with filets of fish and vegetables.$4.50
Hama Sui Soupclear soup with cherrystone and vegetables.$4.50
Oshitashi Saladboiled fresh spinach, marinated with sesame sauce.$4.00
Garden Saladfresh vegetables with house dressing.$3.50
Tofu Saladchilled bean curd with fresh greens served with house sauce.$4.50
Ika Sansai Saladcooked squid with mountain vegetables.$6.00
Avocado Saladfresh vegetables and avocado house dressing.$5.00
Seaweed Saladseasoned assortment of seaweed with cucumber and sesame seeds.$5.00
Special Saladgarden salad with seafood.$6.00
Oshinko Saladjapanese pickled radish, mountain carrots and cucumber.$4.00
Bean Sprouts Saladcooked bean sprouts with marinated house sauce.$3.50
Sushi A La Carte
Sushi Is 2pcs. Sashimi Is 3pcs
Tamagoegg omelette.$3.50
Hokkigaisurf clam.$4.50
Suzukistriped bass.$4.50
Tobikoflying fish roe.$4.50
Unisea urchin.$6.50
Kanikamaimitation crab.$3.50
Inarifried tofu.$3.50
Smoked Salmon$5.00
Ikurasalmon roe.$5.50
Unagifresh water eel.$5.00
Tobiko With Quail Egg$5.00
White Tuna$5.00
Makimono Sushi Rolls
Thin Roll. 6pcs. Seaweed Outside.
Avocado Maki Rollvegetable.$3.00
Natto Maki Rollfermented soybean and scallion. vegetable.$4.00
Oshinko Maki Rollpickled radish. vegetable.$3.50
Tekka Maki Rolltuna.$4.50
Spicy Tekka Maki Rolltuna, scallions and spicy sauce.$4.75
Salmon Maki Roll$4.50
Kappa Maki Rollcucumber. vegetable.$3.00
Kanpyo Maki Rolldried gourd. vegetable.$4.00
Ume Shiso Maki Rollplum paste, mint and cucumber. vegetable.$3.50
Smoked Salmon Maki Roll$4.75
Negi Tekka Maki Rolltuna and scallions.$4.75
Roll Additions
Optional - Select As Many As You Like
Extra Soy Sauce
Extra Wasabi
Spicy Mayo$0.50
Inside-Out Makimono Sushi Rolls
Oshitashi Maki Rollcooked spinach. vegetable.$4.00
Shrimp Tempura Maki Rollwith cucumber and tobiko.$7.00
Boston Maki Rollcrab stick salad, cucumber and salmon.$5.00
California Maki Rollcrab stick, cucumber and avocado with tobiko.$5.00
New California Maki Rollshrimp, tobiko, avocado and cucumber.$6.50
Dragon Maki Rollcalifornia maki with baked eel outside.$9.00
Negi Hamachi Maki Rollyellowtail, cucumber and scallion.$5.00
Tekyu Maki Rolltuna and cucumber.$5.00
Unakyu Maki Rolleel and cucumber.$5.00
Philadelphia Maki Rollsmoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber.$5.50
Karate Maki Rolleel, tuna and avocado.$7.50
Avocado With Cucumber Maki Rollvegetable.$3.50
Avocado With Salmon Maki Roll$5.00
Alaska Maki Rollsmoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese.$5.50
Sunset California Maki Rollcalifornia maki with tobiko outside.$6.00
Caterpillar Maki Rolleel, cucumber and outside avocado.$7.50
Chicken Teriyaki Maki Rollcooked chicken and avocado.$5.00
Salmon Skin Maki Rollcooked salmon, cucumber and scallion.$4.00
Salmon Teriyaki Maki Rollcooked salmon and avocado.$5.00
Unaavo Maki Rolleel and avocado.$5.00
Rainbow Maki Rollcrab stick salad, cucumber and fish outside.$8.00
Idaho Maki Rollsweet potato tempura. vegetable.$5.00
Thick Makimono Sushi Rolls
Futo Maki Rollvegetables, crab stick and egg omelette.$5.50
Soft-Shell Crab Maki Rollwith tobiko, scallion, avocado and cucumber.$9.50
Noodles A La Carte
Tempura Udonjapanese noodle soup with tempura.$14.50
Nabeyaki Udonwith shrimp tempura, fish cake, chicken and egg in broth.$14.50
Spicy Seafood Udona variety of seafood and vegetables in spicy broth.$12.95
Chicken Udonwith chicken and vegetables in broth.$11.95
Vegetable Udonwith assorted vegetables in broth.$10.50
Yaki Sobapan-fried noodles with vegetables and chicken.$12.95
Su Udonplain noodle soup in broth.$7.00
Yaki Seafood Udonstir-fried noodles with shrimp, scallops and vegetables.$13.50
Dinner Entrées From The Kitchen
Served With Miso Soup, Salad And Rice.
Tempuralightly-buttered and deep-fried fresh seafood and vegetables.
Tempurashrimp and vegetables$16.95
Tempuradeluxe (assorted seafood and vegetables)$19.95
Shioyakilightly-salted and broiled.
Shioyakisanma (mackerel pike)$14.50
Nabemonotraditional hot-pot style dish.
Nabemonosukiyaki (prime rib and veggies)$18.95
Nabemonoyosenabe (seafood and veggies)$15.95
Teriyakibroiled with our own special teriyaki sauce.
Teriyakiscallops and salmon combo$17.95
Agemonoassorted seafood and tender meats dipped in a light bread crumb batter and deep-fried.
Agemonopork katsu$14.95
Agemonochicken katsu$14.95
Agemonoshrimp fry$16.50
Agemonosalmon katsu$15.50
Dinner Entrées From The Sushi Bar
Served With Miso Soup.
Sushi Deluxechef`s choice of 9 pieces of nigiri and 6 pieces of tekka maki or salmon maki.$15.50
Maki Combo18 pieces of tekka maki, california maki and boston maki (crab stick salad and salmon).$14.50
Tekka-Donsliced raw tuna over a bed of sushi rice.$17.95
Sashimi Deluxechef`s choice of assorted filets of raw fish and rice.$20.95
Sushi And Sashimi Combo For Twochef`s choice of assorted sushi (sliced fish over rice) and sashimi (sliced fish, no rice) for two.$44.00
Sushi Specialchef`s choice of assorted 12 pieces of nigiri and 6 pieces of tekka maki or salmon maki.$18.50
Chirashiassorted fresh fish and vegetables over a bed of sushi rice.$16.50
Una-Jubroiled fresh water eel with a special sweetened sauce over a bed of white rice.$17.95
Sashimi Specialchef`s choice of assorted filets of raw fish and rice.$26.00
Sushi For Twochef`s choice of 18 pieces of nigiri and 18 pieces of maki sushi.$41.00
Mr. Sushi Specialties
Served With Miso Soup, Salad And Rice.
Bi Bim Babrice with assorted vegetables and beef, marinated in sesame oil with egg on top.$11.95
Hai Dub Babbi bim bab with sliced raw fish on top and hot sauce.$14.95
Kalbimarinated short ribs of beef barbecued with special sauce.$16.95
Kimchi Ji-Gaekimchi stew with pork, vegetables and tofu. hot and spicy.$10.95
Tofu Bi Bim Babrice with assorted vegetables and tofu in sesame oil.$10.95
Bulgogimarinated thinly-sliced sirloin with special sauce.$15.95
Sang Sun Ji-Gaekorean-style seafood stew with mixed vegetables. hot and spicy.$14.95
Side Orders
Sushi Rice$2.50
White Rice$2.00
D1. Ginger Ice Cream$3.50
D2. Green Tea Ice Cream$3.50
D3. Mochi Ice Cream$3.00
D4. Green Teahot.$1.00
D5. Iced Green Tea$2.00
Lunch Special Appetizers
Served 11:30am-2:30pm. Daily.
L1. Tempuralightly-fried shrimp and vegetables with batter.$6.00
L2. Vegetable Tempuravegetables deep-fried in light batter.$5.50
L3. Shumaisteamed dumplings wrapped in special thin skin.$5.50
L4. Gyozapan-fried dumplings.$5.50
L5. Spicy Tofupan-fried tofu with house special sauce.$5.00
L6. Scallion Pancakepan-fried wheat batter with scallions, shrimp, crab and dipping sauce on the side.$7.00
Lunch Specials A La Carte
Served 11:30am-2:30pm. Daily.
L7. Ten-Donshrimp and vegetable tempura over a bed of rice.$8.50
L8. Katsu-Dondeep-fried tender pork or chicken cutlets sautéed with egg and vegetables served over a bed of rice.$9.00
L9. Yakiniku-Donsautéed beef and stir-fried vegetables over a bed of rice.$9.00
L10. Tempura Udon Or Sobajapanese noodle soup with tempura.$10.00
L11. Nabeyaki Udon Or Sobawith shrimp tempura, fish cake, chicken and egg in broth.$10.00
L12. Vegetable Udon Or Sobawith assorted vegetables in broth.$8.00
L13. Spicy Seafood Udon Or Sobavariety of seafood and vegetables in a spicy broth.$12.00
L14. Yakisobajapanese egg noodles and vegetables stir-fried with chicken or beef.$9.00
L15. Zaru Sobacold buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce on the side.$8.00
L16. Ten-Zarucold buckwheat noodles with tempura.$12.00
Lunch Specials From The Sushi Bar
Served 11:30am-2:30pm. Daily. Served With Miso Soup.
L17. Sushi Lunch Special6 pieces of sushi (sliced fish over rice) and 6 pieces of tekka maki.$8.50
L18. Maki Combo Lunch Special6 pieces of a california roll, 6 pieces of tekka and 6 pieces of kappa.$8.50
L19. California Maki Lunch Special$8.00
L20. California And Tekka Lunch Special$7.50
L21. California And Unagi Maki Lunch Special$8.00
L22. Tekka-Don Lunch Specialsliced raw tuna over a bed of steamed sushi rice.$9.50
L23. Unagi-Don Lunch Specialbroiled fresh water eel over a bed of rice.$9.50
Lunch Box Special
Served 11:30am-2:30pm. Daily. Bento Box Of Salad, Rice And Miso Soup.
L24. Beef Teriyaki$10.95
L25. Chicken Teriyaki$8.95
L26. Salmon Teriyaki$8.95
L27. Tempura Bento$9.50
L28. Ton Katsu$8.95
L29. Chicken Katsu$8.95
L30. Salmon Katsu$8.95
L31. Sashimi Bento$10.00

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