Mt.Fuji Menu, Prices and Locations

Welcome to Mt.Fuji Sushi and Asian bistro, a unique extravaganza of Japanese hospitality in a modern setting. It is a fresh way to bring a culinary style of authentic Japanese cuisine with a Korean, Vietnamese and Thai style in an ambiance made to leave an everlasting impression. Come join us in one of our many locations, and let us show you why we are often imitated, but never duplicated.

Mt.Fuji Menu

Kitchen Appetizer
EdamameSteamed soybean$4.00
HarumakiJapanese spring roll$4.00
Age TofuGently fried bean curd w. tempura sauce$5.00
Ebi FriedStuffed shrimp, cheese & green onion$5.00
GyozaPan fried pork dumpling$5.00
ShumaiShrimp dumpling$5.00
Yaki-ToriGrilled chicken on skewers$6.00
Beef NegimakiBeef and scallions rolled$7.00
Gyu Kushi-YakiGrilled steak on skewers$7.00
Shiso Asami AgeTuffed shiso leave w. shrimp & porks$7.00
TempuraFried shrimp with vegetable$7.00
Jumbo Shrimp Shumai$8.00
Appetizer Special
Sashimi MartiniSpicy yellowtail and salmon sashimi salad$11.00
Striped Bass Sashimi Grarlic Flaming$15.00
Gyu Tataki (Beef)$15.00
Tuna Amaebi Avocado Tower (Sweet Shrimp)$15.00
Green Salad$2.00
Avocado Salad$4.00
Seaweed Salad$5.00
Spicy Kani Salad$6.00
Salmon Skin SaladCrispy alaska salmon skin, spring mixed salad w.yusu citrus vinaigrette$9.00
Grilled Duck Sun Dried Tomato Salad$10.00
Clear Soup$2.00
Miso Soup$2.00
Asari Clam Miso Soup$7.00
Seafood Soup$8.00
Gambo seafood SoupHot and spicy$9.00
Lobster Tail Minestrone Soup$11.00
Hibachi Kid Meals
Age 10 and under included salad, hibachi vegetable and fried rice
Filet Mignon$15.00
Entree from Kitchen - Tempura
Served with soup, salad and rice lightly battered & deep fried with tempura sauce
MT. FujiChicken, shrimp, scallop, kani & vegetable$19.00
Entree from Kitchen - Teriyaki
Served with soup, salad and rice freshly boiled with homemade teriyaki sauce
Chicken & Shrimp$16.00
SeafoodScallops, shrimp, fish and whole lobster tail$25.00
Entree from Kitchen - Agemono
Served with soup, salad and rice japanese style deep fried breaded cutlet
Chicken Katsu$14.00
Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)$14.00
Ebi (Shrimp)$15.00
Steak Katsu$15.00
Entree from Kitchen - MT. Fuji Special Dinner Entrees
Crispy Tender New York SteakSpicy tangerine sauce$16.00
Crush Baked Wild Alaskan Salmoncilantro, caper w. butter sauce$18.00
Grilled DuckBlueberry teriyaki sauce$18.00
Grilled Lobster and Steak FilledSesame yuzu peanut sauce$28.00
Seafood Lemon Basil Curry SauceLobster tail, oyster, shrimp, scallop and white fish$28.00
Bento BoxServed with soup, garden salad, rice, fruits, 6 pcs. of california roll, included shrimp tempura. Teriyaki: Chicken, salmon, shrimp, steak, vegetable$19.00
Entree from Kitchen - Negimaki
Served with soup, salad and rice rolled & boiled with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Negimaki$14.00
Beef Negimaki$14.00
Entree from Kitchen - Noodle
Served with salad udon japanese thick white wheat noodles soba, japanese black wheat noodles
Nabeyaki Udon or SobaChicken, shrimp, crabmeat, fish cakes, egg in vegetable soup$13.00
Tempura Udon of SobaDeep fried shimp on top of egg in vegetable soup$13.00
Seafood udon or SobaShrimp, scallop, crabmeat, fish cake, egg in vegetable soup$13.00
SukiyakiSliced prime beef, vegetable and bean curd in sukiyaki broth$15.00
Entree from Kitchen - Yaki Udon or Soba
Served with salad & soup japanese style pan fried noodles with vegetable
Entree from Kitchen - Side Ordres & Desserts
White Rice or brown Rice$1.00
Ice Cream$3.00
MochiCreamy ice cream wrapped in sweetend rice flour$4.00
Entree from Kitchen - Maki Roll or Hand Roll Vegetarian
Entree from Kitchen - Raw
AlaskaFresh salmon & avocado$5.00
Spicy Salmon$5.00
Spicy Tuna$6.00
Entree from Kitchen - Cooked
BostonShrimp, cucumber & asparagus$4.00
CaliforniaCrameat, avocado & cucumber$4.00
EasternShrimp, egg & avocado$4.00
Eel Avocado$5.00
Eel Cucumber$5.00
Chicken Tempura$5.00
PhiladelphiaSmoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese$5.00
Salmon SkinSmoked salmon skin, cucumber & yamagobo$5.00
Fried Oyster$6.00
Shrimp Tempura$6.00
Entree from Kitchen - Special Roll
DragonEel, cucumber, roe and avocado on top$9.00
MT. FujiSalmon, tuna, white fish, crab stick, avocado, cucumber & tobiko$9.00
RainbowInside: California roll. Outside: tuna, salmon, yellowtail and avocado$9.00
Spidersoft shell crab, roe, lettuce, cucumber$9.00
VolcanoPan fried yellowtail, tuna, salmon outside: roe, sesame, scallions on bed of seaweed salad w.chef spicy sauce.$11.00
Black Pepper TunaBlack pepper tuna inside, top w. salmon, eel, avocado & roe$14.00
FancyInside shrimp tempura, roe, outside eel, smoked salmon avodado$14.00
TigerLump crab meat and avocado inside, top w. cooked shrimp$14.00
Black DragonSpicy salmon inside, top w. eel & avocado$16.00
Sushi Bar Appetizer
Cooked SushiShrimp, eel, & California hand roll$6.00
Raw SushiTuna, salmon & yellowtail hand roll$6.00
Sashimi6 pcs. of fresh fish filet.$8.00
SunomonoFish filet and vegetable in vinegar sauce.$8.00
Sushi and Sashimi Entrees
Served with soup and salad
Hand Roll Combo 4 pcs.$15.00
Sushi Regular8pcs. of sushi, tuna or california roll.$18.00
Sushi Deluxe10 pcs. of sushi, tuna or california roll.$20.00
Sashimi (18 pcs)$20.00
Sashimi (21 pcs)$25.00
Sashimi (24 pcs)$30.00
ChirashiSashimi, chef choice served on a bed of sushi rice.$22.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combination5 pcs. of sushi, 9 pcs. of sashimi, 1 California roll.$24.00
Lover's Boat for 210 pcs. of sushi, 18 pcs. of sashimi, California roll, dragon roll.$50.00
Titanic Cruiser for 420 pcs. of sushi, 36 pcs. of assorted sashimi, rainbow roll, dragon roll, california roll and volcano roll.$99.00
Sushi Bar - Party Trays
Maki Tray7 rolls, chef's choice$30.00
No. 110 pcs. of sushi & 3 rolls.$30.00
No. 214 pcs. of sushi & 4 rolls.$40.00
No. 318 pcs. of sushi & 6 rolls$50.00
Sushi and Sashimi - A La Carte - Cooked
2 pcs & 3 pcs
Crab Stick Kani$3.00
Egg Cake Tamago$3.00
Fried Tofu Inari$3.00
Octopus Tako$4.00
Oyster Kaki Fry$4.00
Red Clam Hokkigai$4.00
Shrimp Ebi$4.00
Eel Unagi$5.00
Smoked Salmon Kunsei Sake$5.00
Sushi and Sashimi - A La Carte - Raw
2 pcs & 3 pcs
Fluke Hirame$4.00
Red Snapper Tai$4.00
Salmon Sake$4.00
Spanish Mackerel Sawara$4.00
Squid Ika$4.00
Stripe Basss Suzuki$4.00
Flying Fish Roe Tobiko$5.00
Salmon Roe Ikura$5.00
Sweet Shrimp Amaebi$5.00
Tuna Maguro$5.00
Yellowtail Hamachi$5.00
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp Amaebi$7.00
Sea Urchin Uni$8.00
Sushi and Sashimi - Sushi Bar Specials
Sumo RollOur signature roll, cut into ten big pieces. Spicy tuna and tempura flakes inside, topped with lobster and avocado, spicy mayonnaise sauce and tobiko on top$22.00
Sashimi RollSpicy tuna, tempura flakes and salmon inside, topped with tuna, salmon and yello-tail. No rice rolled$22.00
Tiger RollLump crab meat and avocado inside, topped with cooked shrimp.$14.00
King Kong RollSpicy tuna, tempura flakes and banana inside, topped with eel. Cut into ten pieces.$21.00
Explosion RollShrimp tempura, tobiko and cucumber inside, topped with spicy tuna$15.00
Dynamite RollTuna, salmon, yellow-tail, white fish, avocado and tobiko with seaweed outside. Cut into ten pieces$21.00
Black Dragon RollSpicy salmon inside, topped with eel and avocado$16.00
Hawaii RollSpicy tuna, eel and avocado inside, topped with fresh mango$17.00
Diet Coke$2.00
Ginger Ale$2.00
Orange Soda$2.00
Iced Tea$2.00
Pineapple Juice$2.00

Visit Mt.Fuji here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Mt.Fuji.

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