Muchas Gracias Menu, Prices and Locations

Whenever you want to enjoy high quality Mexican food Muchas Gracias Mexican Food is the restaurant to walk into. This franchise was founded in 1996 by Rodolfo Sanchez De La Torre whose passion for making good food begun when he was working as a young boy at a Californian restaurant.

He combined this passion with his experience and Mexican origins to come up with one of the most successful food franchises in Vancouver Washington. Others involved in the running of the franchise are the executive assistant, Miguel Espericueta and the chief development manager, Luis Torres among and many other employees. The first store was opened at Oregon and since then many have come up and the franchise continues to grow.

Muchas Gracias Menu

Combination Plates
includes rice and beans
Bean Tostada and Beef Taco$5.80
Two Beef Tacos$5.80
Two Enchiladascheese, chicken, beef or mixed$5.80
Bean Tostada and Enchiladacheese, chicken, beef or mixed$5.80
Beef Taco and Enchiladacheese, chicken, beef or mixed$5.80
Beef Burrito and Enchiladacheese, chicken, beef or mixed$5.80
Two Beef Burritos$5.90
Two Carne Asada Tacos$6.30
Two Chicken Tacoshot or mild$5.80
Beef Chorizo Plate$6.30
Carne Asada Platewith 2 flour or 3 corn tortillas$6.30
Machacaeggs, beef and tortillas$6.30
CarnitasMexican style pork plate$6.30
Two Fish Tacoswhite fish$5.80
Two Chiles Rellenos$6.30
Chicken Fajitas$6.90
Adobadaseasoned pork$6.40
Shrimp Plate$6.90
Breakfast Burritos
served anytime
Chorizo, Potatoes and Beans$3.40
Breakfastham, eggs, Mexican, salsa and cheese$3.40
Huevos Rancheros3 corn or 2 flour tortillas$3.40
Bacon Burrito$3.40
5 Roll Tacoswith guacamole, lettuce and cheese$3.70
Bean Tostada, Beef Taco, Two Rolled Tacos with guacamole$4.50
3 Roll Tacoswith guacamole, cheese, rice and beans$3.70
Chimichangafried mixed burrito with guacamole, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and Mexican salsa$4.60
Chicken Burrito Rice and Beans$3.80
Giant Burritos
Carne Asada$3.80
Macha or Chorizo$3.30
Mixed (Beef and Beans)$3.10
Beef or Chicken$3.10
CarnitasMexican Style Pork$3.35
Chile Rellenos$3.35
Oregoncarne asada, potatoes, cheese Mexican salsa$3.70
Chicken Fajitas$3.80
Camaron / Shrimp$4.00
Adobadaseasoned pork$4.00
Side Orders
Ham Quesadilla$3.60
Half Pint of Rice or Beans$1.70
Chips with Guacamole$3.70
Extrascheese, guacamole, sour cream, Mexican salsa$0.70
Supreme Quesadillabeans, guacamole, sour cream Mexican salsa$3.45
Two Chile Rellenos$3.95
Carne Asada Chipswith guacamole, beans, sour cream, Mexican salsa$5.75
M Fries$1.35
Beef or Chicken$2.40
Flying Saucerbeef with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce$3.70
Chickenhot or mild$1.65
Carne Asada$2.45
Chicken Fajitas$2.45
Adobadaseasoned Pork$2.45
Camaron / Shrimp$2.55
Three Plain with Cheese$1.85
Three with Guacamole and Cheese$2.40
Carne Asada$3.25
Machaca or Beef$3.10
Chorizo or Carnitas$3.15
Ham or Chicken$2.90
Adobadaseasoned pork$3.25
Chickenhot or mild$3.60
Special Childrens Menu
includes small drink, rice and beans
Cheese (Cheddar) Quesadilla$2.60
Burritos - Beef, Bean and Cheese or Chickenmild$2.60
Burritos - Two Eggs and Cheese$2.60
Pepsi$1.19 - $1.45
Diet Pepsi$1.19 - $1.45
Sierra Mist$1.19 - $1.45
Mountain Dew$1.19 - $1.45
Root Beer$1.19 - $1.45
Tea$1.19 - $1.45
Rasberry Tea$1.19 - $1.45
Tropicana Lemonade$1.19 - $1.45
Sweetened Tea$1.19 - $1.45
Mini Cinnamond Toastbunuelitos$1.00

Visit Muchas Gracias here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Muchas Gracias.

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