Naf Naf Menu, Prices and Locations

At Naf Naf, we believe in the power of discovery and connecting cultures through a craveworthy culinary experience. We promise to fan the flame of your curiosity and be your guide to exploring the best flavors of the Middle East, with generous servings of our authentic, handmade dishes, like pillowy pita, crispy falafel, savory shawarma, and our scratch-made signature sauces. All of this deliciousness is offered in the true spirit of Middle Eastern hospitality, by our teams who welcome you in to discover, delight, and share.

Naf Naf Menu

Soup & Salad
Lentil Soup Cup$2.99
Lentil Soup Bowl$3.99
Tabule Salad$4.99
Israeli Salad$4.99
Purple Cabbage Salad$4.99
On a Plate
Served with pita, tahini, pickles and hot pepper mix. Your choice of 2 sides: basmati rice, Israeli salad or delicious home-made fries. Add an additional skewer on any kabab plate for $3.49
Chicken Shawarma$11.99
Chicken Breast Kabab$11.99
Chicken Thigh Kabab$11.99
Beef Tenderloin Kabab$14.99
Beef Kifta Kabab$11.99
Chicken Schnitzel$11.99
In a Pita
Our warm homemade pita filled with your selection, a spread of hummus, Israeli salad and topped with tahini sauce. Hot pepper mix on the side. Add your choice of fries, rice or soup add a fountain drink for $2.29
Chicken Shawarma$6.79
Chicken Breast Kabab$6.79
Chicken Thigh Kabab$6.79
Beef Tenderloin Kabab$7.99
Beef Kifta Kabab$6.79
Chicken Schnitzel$6.79
More Stuff
Veggie FeastHummus, baba ghanoush, tabule salad, purple cabbage salad and six falafels. Served with two pitas.$9.99
Original HummusSmall dish accompanied by one pita. Large accompanied by two pitas$2.99 - $4.99
Original Hummus Topped with Falafel$6.99
Original Hummus Topped with Shawarma$7.99
Original Baba GhanoushSmall dish accompanied by one pita. Large accompanied by two pitas$3.99 - $5.99
Original Baba Ghanoush Topped with Falafel$7.99
Original Baba Ghanoush Topped with Shawarma$8.99
Basmati Rice$2.99
Homemade Fries$1.99
Extra Pita$0.75
Cold Beverages
Fountain Soda$2.10
Bottled Drinks$2.10

Visit Naf Naf here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Naf Naf.

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