Natural Café Menu, Prices and Locations

The Natural Café offers a diverse menu featuring poultry, fish, vegetarian and vegan choices. The soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees are prepared fresh daily in our kitchen with good health and good taste in mind.

We do have lots of great veggie options, but let us show you what else we can do! One taste of the chicken enchiladas or the turkey burger with jack cheese will have even the most committed “omnivore” hooked. Natural sodas, made-to-order smoothies, beer and wine are also offered.

Natural Café Menu

Dumplings with Salad6 dumplings with fresh, garden salad.$5.95
Dumplings with Steamed Vegetables5 dumplings, assorted steamed seasonal vegetables and tofu.$6.55
Dumplings and Brwon Rice5 vegetarian dumplings and brown rice$6.25
Dumplings w/Steamed Vegetables and Fresh Saladbroccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, seasonal vegetables w/tofu$7.35
Vegetable Fantasysteamed vegetables with brown rice and fresh salad.$6.95
Combination Fantasyour most popular dish! 5 dumplings, a heap of nourishing brown rice and mixed steamed vegetables w/ tofu.$7.35
Combination Special5 dumplings, with a heap of nourishing brown rice and fresh, green salad.$6.95
Brown Rice and Salad Platterbrown rice and fresh salad$6.35
Brown Rice Platterbrown rice with mixed steamed vegetables w/ tofu$6.45
Steam Vegetable Plattermixed steamed vegetables w/ tofu$6.75
Chicken Salad Platterchunky pieces of white breast meat, with fresh salad, no mayo$5.95
Chicken Brown Rice Platterchunky pieces of prime white breast meat with brown rice$6.35
Chicken Steamed Vegetable Platterchunky pieces of white breast meat, with mixed steamed vegetables and tofu.$6.55
Chicken Combo Specialsteamed chunky chicken breast meat with brown rice and fresh salad.$6.95
Chicken Fantasysteamed chicken breast with brown rice and steamed mixed vegetables with tofu$7.35
Chicken/Steamed Veg. and Fresh Salad Combosteamed chicken breast with steamed mixed vegetables and fresh green salad$7.35
Chicken, Dumplings and Fresh Salad Fantasy$8.35
Chicken, Dumplings and Brown Rice Fantasy$8.55
Chicken, Dumpling, Steamed Vegetables with Tofu Fantacy$8.55
Everything Super Fantasydumplings, chicken with rice and steamed vegetables or salad$9.95
Bean Specialboiled pinto beans with brown rice$6.25
Bean Combodelicious and healthy boiled pinto beans, brown rice and salad$6.95
Bean Fantasyboiled pinto beans, brown rice and steamed vegetables w/ tofu$7.35
Choice of whole wheat pita bread or salad bowl with delicious homemade dressings on the side all sandwiches come with shredded carrots, cucumbers, alfafa sprouts, tomatoes, greens
Vegetarian Delight$4.95
Veggie Burger$5.75
Mushrooms and Cheese$5.75
Tuna Fish Salad$5.75
Chicken Saladmid-eastern style$5.65
Egg Salad$5.65
Avocado and Cheese$5.85
Avocado and Egg$5.85
Turkey Burger$5.65
Cottage Cheese$5.85
U-Dong/Noodle Specialties
U-donjapanese-style noodles in seafood or miso broth$6.25
Mushroom Spinach or Cheddar Broccoli$4.25
Mushroom Spinach or Cheddar Broccoli with Mini-Salad$5.55
Garden Saladassorted fresh vegetables w/our delicious, light dressings on the side$4.95 - $5.95
House Specialhumus, tuna, egg or chicken salad with fresh vegetables$7.25
Spinach Saladsliced eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots and sprouts and spinach$5.75 - $7.25
Avocado/Tuna Delightavocado and tuna w/cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, celery and carrot sticks$5.95 - $7.35
Carrot-Apple Saladchoice of cottage cheese or frozen yogurt w/greens, sunflower seeds and raisins$5.75 - $6.95
Tofu Saladtofu salad topped w/ shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts$5.75 - $6.95
Side Orders
dumplings one order- 6 pieces
Vegetable Dumplings$4.25
Broccoli Shrimp Dumplings$4.55
Tahini Dressingour delicious, healthy home-made dressing$5.95 - $0.50
Fresh Juice Bar
additional ingredients ginger,kale, cucumber, spinach and parsley price varies with season
Carrotcelery, beet$3.25 - $3.65
Orange, Grapefruit$3.95 - $4.55
Apple$3.55 - $3.95
Lemonade$2.95 - $3.55
Wheatgrassper ounce$1.95
Concentrated Juices
Papaya$2.95 - $3.55
Pina Colada$2.95 - $3.55
Chicken Noodle$3.25 - $4.25
Vegetable Barley$3.25 - $4.25
Misosoybean$3.25 - $4.25
Lentil with Green Peas$3.55 - $4.55
Dumpling Soup3 dumplings in chicken broth$3.95 - $4.95
Frozen Yogurt
with comes verity of toppings 65¢
Cup$2.55 - $4.95
Yogurt Boat$5.25
Frozen Yogurt Shakes
all shakes are made with fat-free yogurt and skimmed milk
Regular Shakeyogurt and milk$3.25 - $3.55
Banana Flipyogurt, banana and milk$3.55 - $3.95
Power Plusyogurt, milk and protein$3.55 - $3.95
Special Shakeyogurt, milk, wheat germ and honey$3.55 - $3.95
Yogurt Fizzyogurt and seltzer or soda$3.55 - $3.95
Peanut Butter Shakeyogurt, milk and peanut butter$3.55 - $3.95
Green Tea Shakeyogurt and green tea$3.55 - $3.95
Juice Shakefresh squeezed orange, apple or carrot juice and yogurt$3.95 - $4.55
Fruit Shakeyogurt, milk and mixed fresh fruits$3.95 - $4.55
Tropical Delightyogurt and pina colada or papaya juice$3.55 - $3.95
Cappucchino Shakefresh made cappuccino coffee and yogurt$4.95
Ginseng Shakeginseng extract or ginseng power$4.95
Cholate Shakefat-free chocolate, yogurt and skimmed milk$3.55 - $3.95
Desserts and Snacks
homemade oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, etc
Rice Bar$2.25
Carrot Cake$2.55
Energy Bar$2.55
Pecan Pie$2.55
Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie$2.55

Visit Natural Café here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Natural Café.

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