Nifty Fifty Menu, Prices and Locations

The 1950s are remembered as a time of wholesome family values, mouth-watering homemade cooking and the birth of rock n’ roll. At Nifty Fifty’s, our timeless menu of traditional American favorites and hand-dipped milkshakes reminiscent of old-fashioned soda fountains will make that bygone era come alive again. Whether you’re lucky enough to remember the 50s firsthand, or just wish you did, you’ll taste the memories with every bite!

Nifty Fifty Menu

Chili & Soup
Homemade ChiliAward-winning recipe, served with roll & butter. Topped with melted cheddar add $1.30.$3.84 - $4.99
Homemade SoupsAll soups are seasonal. All soups are 100% homemade.$3.42 - $4.19
Spicy Chicken Ranch SaladCrisp romaine drizzled with our own ranch dressing, topped with fresh golden crispy chicken, perfected with our secret spice and topped with shredded extra sharp provolone.$9.04
Crab Cake Caesar SaladOur famous crab cake grilled and served on top of our delicious caesar salad.$10.09
Buffalo Chicken SaladCrisp romaine topped with chicken and drenched in spicy buffalo sauce, creamy bleu cheese dressing and extra sharp provolone.$9.04
Nifty Caesar SaladCrisp romaine tossed with homemade caesar dressing, croutons and topped with shredded extra sharp provolone.$6.75
Nifty Chicken Caesar SaladOur caesar salad topped with fresh grilled chicken breast double breast add $2.69.$8.99
Nifty BaconAsk your server to add fresh cooked chopped bacon to any salad.$1.09
Chicken Sandwiches
Golden Fried Chicken CutletHand breaded to order. Topped with whiz & lettuce on a kaiser roll.$6.09
Honey Grilled ChickenServed with lettuce & tomato on a kaiser roll.$6.09
Grilled Mushroom ChickenServed on a kaiser roll.$6.49
Grilled Mushroom Swiss ChickenServed with lettuce & tomato on a kaiser roll.$7.54
Filet Mignon Sandwiches
Top choice western steer grilled to perfection, served on a toasted kaiser roll.
Filet Mignon Sandwich$10.39
Filet Mignon SandwichWith american cheese.$10.84
Filet Mignon SpecialW/ american cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion.$11.04
Royal Filet MignonW/ american cheese, crowned with two homemade onion rings.$11.44
Add to any burger onion ring $0.35, fresh grilled mushrooms $0.75, toppings for burger only mayo, relish, raw onions, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, ketchup, mustard, a-1 sauce, bar-b-q sauce, hot sauce, pickles.
Bacon Cheeseburger$3.84 - $7.24
Leo Special BurgerCheese, tomato, onion & relish.$3.11 - $6.54
Hamburger$2.79 - $6.19
Cheeseburger$3.11 - $6.79
Mushroom Swiss Burger$3.94 - $7.04
Chili Cheeseburger$3.99 - $7.27
Turkey BurgerW/ lettuce & tomato on a grilled roll make it a turkey cheesebuger add $0.89.$3.94 - $7.04
Veggie BurgerW/ lettuce & tomato on a grilled roll make it a veggie cheeseburger add $0.89.$4.51
Royal BurgerCheeseburger crowned with a homemade onion ring.$3.46 - $7.14
Fresh Cut Fries
Nifty Fries$2.59 - $3.34
Cheese Fries$3.49 - $4.64
Spicy Fries$3.39 - $4.14
Spicy Cheese Fries$3.84 - $5.09
Onion Rings
Made daily from fresh, sweet onions.
Spicy With Cheese$5.39
Smothered Fries
The smother of all fries one size.
Smothered Texas Tommy FriesFresh cut fries blended with grilled diced hot dogs and bacon & topped with whiz.$6.79
Smothered Spicy Chicken FriesFresh cut fries blened with grilled diced chicken, pistol pete spicy seasoning, topped with whiz & shredded extra sharp provolone.$6.79
Smothered Cheezy Bacon Ranch FriesFresh cut fries blended with fresh cooked bacon topped w/ whiz & shredded extra sharp provolone.$6.79
Smothered Buffalo Chicken FriesFresh cut fries blended iwht buffalo seasoned chicken and served with bleu cheese dressing, topped w/ whiz & shredded extra sharp provolone.$6.79
Smothered Chili Cheese FriesFresh cut fries topped with homemade chili whiz & shredded extra sharp provolone.$6.79
Smothered Philly Cheesesteak FriesFresh cut fries topped with philly steak, whiz & shredded extra sharp provolone.$6.79
Chicken Nuggets
Hand breaded on premises. Nuggets are fresh all white meat chicken.
Basic$4.14 - $8.99
Spicy$4.79 - $9.29
Cheese$4.99 - $10.24
Spicy With Cheese$5.29 - $10.56
Chicekn Fingers
Chicekn FingersTry them only each they're the greatest.$1.59
Chicekn Fingers Platters
Bleu cheese, honey mustard, ranch, bbq caesar, buffalo.
Buffalo Fingers Platter (3)With fries and a side dipper of bleu cheese dressing.$7.09
Chicken Fingers W/ Fries (3)Choose your favorite dipper.$7.09
Philly Cheesesteaks
The sandwich thar philly made famous. American, provolone, cheddar, swiss or whiz.
Philly Steak$6.49
Chicken CheesesteakOur best-selling philly steak.$7.79
Spinach Chicken CheesesteakW/ provolone cheese.$7.99
Chicken Caesar SteakOur famous chicken steak served over a bed of caesar salad, topped with extra sharp provolone on an italian roll.$7.99
Maryland Crab Cake
We freshly pick the highest quality jumbo lump crab meat, blend it with claw meat, add our herbs and spices and create and authentic eastern shore crab cake. Served with lettuce & tartar sauce on a grilled roll.
Maryland Crab CakeYour choice grilled or fried.$7.69
Coney Island Hot Dogs
Made old fashioned boardwalk style all of our hot dogs are split, grilled and served on a grilled potato roll.
Coney Island Chili Dog$3.64
Coney Island Chili Dog With Cheese$4.49
Coney Island Hot Dog$2.69
Coney Island Hot Dog With Cheese$3.64
Coney Island Hot Dog With Sauerkraut$3.64
Fresh Cod Fish Filet
Fresh Cod Fish FiletFreshly breaded & golen fried, served with lettuce & tartar sauce on a grilled roll.$5.64
Texas Tommy
Top it with chili it's awesome add $0.89.
Our Best Of Philly Texas TommyHot dog wrapped in bacon w/ melted cheddar.$3.64
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade$2.59
Every GalssSqueezed to order large to go.$2.59
Kids Meals
Featuring boardwalk style game room & mini golf in bensalem & turnersville. Kids 12 & under. Every meal comes with a nifty prize. Your choice. Include fresh cut fries, can be substituted with an orange or banana w/ choice of soda, iced tea fre
Kiddie Sundae$1.49
Hot Dog$5.19
Grilled Cheese$5.19
Chicken Nuggers (4)$5.19
Chicken Fingers (2)$5.19
Add your favorite toppings $0.99 each, crushed cherries, hot fudge, crushed pineapple, caramel, crushed peanuts, crushed oreos, chocolate, chips, any flavor syrup, wet walnuts in maple syrup hot dutch spiced apples. low-fat hand-dipped yogurt may be subst
Waffle & Ice CreamHot belgian malted waffle topped with 2 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream & cherry.$4.98
Pie A La ModeHot apple pie, spicy dutch apples & ice cream.$4.98
Caramel Oreo ExplosionYour choice of ice cream, topped with crushed oreo cookies, caramel, whipped cream & cherry.$4.98
Ice Cream SundaeHot fudge & whipped cream over your choice of ice cream & topped with a cherry.$4.59
Ice Cream Cup$3.44
Apple Pie$3.14
Ice Cream Sodas & FloatsAny flavor soda with your choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream & topped with whipped cream and a cherry.$4.15
Hot Chocolate$2.09
Fountain Sodas$2.19
Milk$2.90 - $2.39
Apple Juice$2.19 - $2.49
Fresh Brewed Coffee$1.34
Iced Tea Freshly Brewed$2.19
Raspberrypeach and orange flavored iced tea also available.$2.39
Large To Go$2.29
New York Egg CreamNot quite and ice cream soda not quite a fountain soda not quite a milkshake but perfectly somewhere in between.$2.29
Soda Fountain
Select from over 100 handcrafted flavors. Free refills any cmombination.
Soda FountainNifty cola, fruit punch, almond cheesecake, banana, birch beer, black cherry, black raspberry, blue raspberry, bubble gum, cherry, cherry bubble gum, cherry cheesecake, cherry coconut, cherry ginger$2.19
Diet SelectionsDiet nifty cola, diet stweart's root beer.$2.19

Visit Nifty Fifty here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Nifty Fifty.

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