No Thai Menu, Prices and Locations

This epic story begins on a cold winter day in February 2005. On that fateful day, four close friends united to form a pact to bring a modern Thai restaurant to the community. So the fellowship began, each person would bring to the table their own unique set of abilities. Ultimately, one partner, Noerung “No” Hang, rose above to become the head chef, and so the restaurant came to be known as “No Thai!”.

This name would come to bring amusement, confusion, and intrigue to the masses, but now you know No Thai!, and knowing is half the battle!

No Thai Menu

Pad Thai!rice noodles with green onion, sprouts and egg, in our famous pad thai sauce topped w/ crushed peanuts and a lime$8.50
Pad Seeyuwide rice noodles with broccoli, sprouts and egg in a special mushroom soy sauce$8.50
Drunken Noodleswide rice noodles with bell pepper, green onion, bean sprouts and egg, in a savory garlic & basil sauce$8.50
Pad Thai Curryrice noodles with pineapple, sprouts, green onion and egg mixed with our tasty curry sauce$8.50
Stir Fry.
Each stir fry comes w/ a side of rice and is freshly wok tossed with the specified sauce.
Pad Prikbell pepper, mushroom, white onion & green onion in our brown sauce$8.50
Pad Cashewwhite onion, green onion, baby corn, mushroom, water chestnut & cashews in our brown sauce$8.50
Pad Kanabroccoli in our brown sauce$8.50
Pad Pakcarrot, mushroom, broccoli, water chestnut & baby corn in a brown sauce.$8.50
Pad Basilbell pepper, broccoli & white onion with a basil brown sauce$8.50
Gang Gaibell pepper, mushroom & bamboo in our red curry sauce$8.50
Gang Pedeggplant, bell pepper, white onion & mushroom in our red curry sauce$8.50
Gang Pakbaby corn, broccoli, carrot, eggplant, mushroom & bamboo in a curry sauce$8.50
Potato Currycubed potato, white onion, & bell pepper in our curry sauce$8.50
Sweet & Spicy Chickenbattered chicken & green onions with our sweet & spicy sauce on top of crispy noodles$9.50
Fried Rice.
No Thai Fried Ricewhite onion, green onion, peas, carrots & egg$7.50
Curry Fried Ricepineapple, bean sprouts, peas, carrots & egg$7.50
Drunken Fried Ricebean sprouts, white onion, green onion, peas, carrots & egg in a basil & garlic sauce$7.50
Veggie Spring Rolls (2)vegetables wrapped in a wonton wrapper, fried, and served w/ a sweet plum sauce$3.00
Satay (4)chicken tenders on a bamboo stick marinated with thai spices served w/ a peanut sauce$5.00
Crab Wontons (5)cream cheese, crabmeat & scallions in a wonton skin, fried and served w/ a plum sauce$4.00
Fountain Drink$1.50
Thai Iced Tea$2.00

Visit No Thai here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local No Thai.

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