N.Y.P.D. Pizza Menu, Prices and Locations

N.Y.P.D. Pizza is located on 11th and Walnut in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The doors of N.Y.P.D. Pizza opened in December of 2004. The Parente Family started their pizza business in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York 40 years ago.

Guy Parente and family moved to Philadelphia in 2003, to build his pizzeria from scratch.  Guy’s vision to be a major player in the pizzeria business is very “close to home” a reality.  He makes his dough fresh daily, along with his sauce. He inspects every pizza order that goes out and if it’s not up to his standards, it doesn’t leave.

N.Y.P.D. Pizza Menu

Extra dressing or marinara $0.50
Garlic Knots$3.50
Garlic Bread$3.50
Side of Meatballs$3.50
Side of Sausage$3.50
Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.00
Mozzarella Stix (7)$6.00
Salads & Wraps
Add grilled chicken $3.00. Dressings: blue cheese, ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, italian, 1000 island, caesar
Garden SaladLettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, cheese & croutons$4.00 - $6.00
House salad or WrapLettuce, tomato, black olives, cucumber, pepperoni, & mozzarella$7.00
Chicken Caesar Salad or WrapRomaine Lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese topped with chicken$7.00
Greek Salad or WrapLettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, feta cheese, pepperonchini & croutons.$7.00
Chicken Salad or WrapLettuce, tomato, onion, chicken, cheese, banana peppers & croutons$7.00
Buffalo Chicken Salad or WrapBuffalo Chicken, Lettuce, tomato, onion, & croutons$8.00
Chef’s Salad or WrapLettuce, tomato, black olives, cucumber, mozzarella, croutons, rolled ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone$8.00
Anti-Pasta Salad or WrapLettuce, tomato, red onions, black olives, bell peppers Genoa salami, pepperoni, ham, banana peppers, mozzarella served with homemade italian dressing$8.00
Pasta Dishes
Spaghetti or Ziti with Marinara$6.00
Spaghetti or Ziti with Meatballs$8.00
Spaghetti or Ziti with Sausage$8.00
Baked Ziti with Mozzarella$8.00
Chicken Parmesan Ziti$10.00
LasagnaHomemade meatballs, ricotta & parmesan. Dinners served with garlic knots$8.00
Hero Sandwiches
Joey’s HeroBreaded chicken, ham, marinara, mozzarella$7.00
Meatball Parmesan$7.00
Sausage Parmesan$7.00
Sausage & Peppers$7.00
Chicken Parmesan$7.00
Italian Hero$7.00
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$7.00
Best Wings in Twon
Blue cheese or ranch $0.50. Mild, medium, hot, BBQ, homicide, & teriyaki
Wings (10, 15, 25, 45)$8.95 - $32.95
Boneless Wings (10-12)$7.95
CalzoneServed with side of marinara mozzarella, ricotta cheese add $0.50 per topping$7.50
StromboliServed with side of marinara mozzarella cheese with any two toppings$7.00
Chicken Roll
Chicken RollChicken, mozzarella & marinara sauce baked in our fresh dough.$7.00
New York's Finest
14" medium, 16" large
NYPD RedPepperoni, sausage & basil$13.00 - $15.00
NYPD WhiteOlive oil, fresh garlic, ricotta & mozzarella$13.00 - $15.00
NYPD BluePepperoni, peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms, sausage, & extra cheese.$16.00 - $18.00
The VeggieMushrooms, onions, bell peppers, black olives fresh garlic, & extra cheese. You kidden me$16.00 - $18.00
The MeatPepperoni, italian sausage, meatball, ham, & bacon$16.00 - $18.00
Robby’s FavYou pick any five 5 toppings.$16.00 - $18.00
Baked Ziti PizzaZiti, ricotta, & mozzarella$16.00 - $18.00
Pizza By the Slice
14" medium, 16" large
CheeseToppings $2.00 each. Pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, ham, bacon, chicken $3.00, extra cheese, fresh garlic, ricotta cheese, pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, onions, tomatoes, basil, p$10.00 - $12.00
Main Menu
Pin WheelPepperoni & mozzarella rolled & baked in fresh dough$3.00
Garlic Knots (5, 10)Served with side of marinara$3.50 - $1.75
Cheese Cake or Cannoli$3.00
Everyday Specials
2 Lg. One Topping Pizzas$22.95
1 Lg. Cheese & Lg. Wings$25.95
Med. Cheese & Med. Wings$20.95
Lunch Special2 Slices & can soda$4.99

Visit N.Y.P.D. Pizza here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local N.Y.P.D. Pizza.

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