Pizza Man Menu, Prices and Locations

In 1970, Mike Amidzich purchased a small carry-out pizza restaurant that he soon renamed Pizza Man and set off to satisfy the munchies of Milwaukee’s hippy-dippy East Side. Proud to fill the niche by offering pizza delivery service until 4 am, he also gave his unsuspecting customers a free quart of Pepsi with every order to wash down the pizza and quench the cottonmouths of his growing fan base. Soon, word spread of Pizza Man’s incredible pizza, free quart of Pepsi and late night delivery and business exploded!

Pizza Man Menu

Hastings Pizza
Meat Lovers - 4 Toppingsground beef sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon$14.49 - $16.49
Hawaiian - 2 ToppingsCanadian bacon and pineapple$13.09 - $15.09
Cheese Burger - 2 Toppingsground beef and cheddar cheese$13.09 - $15.09
Deluxegreen peppers, Canadian bacon, black olives, green olives, extra cheese$18.42 - $19.97
Tacoseasoned all beef taco meat, lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, onions plus sour cream and salsa on the side$18.42 - $19.97
Italian - Garlic Cheese Bread$6.35 - $11.60
Dessert Pizza - Cherry or Applepizza crust bavarian cream base topped with cherry and frosting or apple with strudel and frosting$6.35 - $11.60
Plain Cheese$8.28 - $13.52
Additional Toppingsfresh Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, fresh ground beef breakfast bacon, chicken, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, green olives, pineapple, tomatoes, mild banana peppers, j$1.00 - $1.60
Wings - Buffalo or BBQ
Wings - Buffalo or BBQnova wings with blue cheese or ranch dressing (1per order - additional $0.50 each)$4.49 - $7.40
Bitesnova white meat with honey mustard, BBQ blue cheese or ranch ( 1 dip per order)$5.49
BBQ Pork Ribs
BBQ Pork Ribs8 bone dinner, includes baby back pork ribs with mississippi BBQ sauce, Italian garlic cheese bread sticks with a side of dipping sauce and a small cole slaw$12.99
dressings - French, ranch, blue cheese or Italian dressing
Pizza Man House Saladlettuce, pepperoni, black olives, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, dressing - French ranch, blue cheese, or Italian dressing$6.95
Pizza Man Veggie Saladlettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, olives, mushrooms, cheddar cheese and croutons$5.95
Monday Special
16 Inch Jumbo 2 Topping Pizza$13.59
Tuesday Special
16 Inch Jumbo 2 Topping Pizza.$13.59
Wednesday Special
16 Inch Jumbo 3 Topping Pizza$15.21
Lunch Special
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:00am to 3:00pm
16 Inch Jumbo, 2 Toppings.$11.49
Carry Out Specials
12 Inch Medium 1 Topping$6.99
16 Inch Jumbo, 2 Toppings,$11.49
Cold Pop
Coke$2.00 - $0.75
Diet Coke$2.00 - $0.75
Cherry Coke$2.00 - $0.75
Sprite$2.00 - $0.75
Root Beer$2.00 - $0.75

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