Pulp Menu, Prices and Locations

Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar is your destination for the best smoothies around. Why? Because we use real fruit and real fruit and vegetable juices in our smoothies. Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar has over 30 REAL fruit smoothies to choose from and every one of them comes with one free enhancer. You can also create your own custom fruit and veggie juice combo at one of our 30 convenient locations. And while you’re at Pulp, try some of our amazingly beneficial Wheatgrass shots. Some locations are offering our new Veggies ‘n Greens smoothies. Be sure to check in-store when you visit.

Pulp Menu

Pulp Salads
Nicoise Saladcrisp romaine hearts, olives, haricot vert, red boiled potatoes, hard cooked egg and tuna. served with a mimosa vinaigrette.$7.99
Kale Saladkale leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, garbonzo beans and feta cheese. tossed with a mustard tarragon vinaigrette.$8.99
Green Tea Soba Noodle Saladchilled soba noodles, carrots, daikon, cucumbers, peppers, scallions and cilantro. tossed with a light rice wine and toasted sesame oil vinaigrette.$7.99
Fusilli Pasta Saladfeta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, grape tomatoes and kalamata olives. topped with italian herb and sherry vinaigrette.$8.99
Fresh Juice
Green Lemonadeapples, cucumbers, kale, lemon and spinach.$6.99
Fiber Flowwheatgrass, celery, lemon and apples.$6.99
Lemon Essencelemon, ginger, carrots and apples.$6.99
Morning Energyapples, carrots and celery.$6.50
Citrus Sensationgrapefruit, peaches and apples.$6.50
Just Juice
Apple Juice$6.99
Carrot Juice$5.99
Orange Juice$5.99
Pear Juice$5.99
Cold Pressed Juice
The Super Greenapples, pears, kale, cucumbers, celery, cilantro and lemons.$9.99
Detox Mbsapples, beet roots, carrots, celery, cucumber and ginger.$7.99
City Citrusgrapefruit, oranges, lemon, ginger and cayenne peppers.$8.99
Fresh Startapples, carrots and celery.$7.99
The Water Meloncold pressed watermelon juice.$6.99
Smoothies $6.50
The Metabolizerbeets, pineapples, celery and bananas.
Cafe Mambopeaches, mangoes, bananas and oranges.
Morning Gloryapples, strawberries, lemon and mint.
Refreshpineapples, strawberries and oranges.
The Green Monsterkale, spinach, banana, pineapples and mangoes.
Coffee & Teas
Pulp Coffee
Herbal Teastea choice: green tea, paris tea, chamomile tea, chocolate mint tea, citron green tea, dragon pearl jasmine tea, decaf earl grey tea, english breakfast tea, peppermint tea.
The Hangover Helperginger, pears, lemon and cayenne peppers.$2.99
Ginger Shota straight shot of ginger.$2.99

Visit Pulp here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Pulp.

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