Purple Cow Menu, Prices and Locations

There are lots of things that make The Purple Cow Restaurant a great spot “for the young of all ages.” Our commitment to quality food and terrific service are obviously biggies. We take a lot of pride in preparing your favorites, and our burgers and shakes are famous for a reason.

But our family-friendly atmosphere and fantastic staff are equally important. A visit to our place is more than a meal. It’s an experience that the whole family truly enjoys – a great time together that, these days, isn’t easy to come by. And we’re proud of that, too.

Purple Cow Menu

Soups and Salads
Salad dressings: ranch, italian, bleu cheese, honey mustard, 1000 island, caesar, BBQ vinaigrette, roasted garlic balsamic, white balsamic & caramel, light raspberry vinaigreiie, fat free italian, fat free ranch
South of the Border SoupMade from chicken and beef stock with loads of all-white-meat chicken, peppers, tomatoes, onions and spices. Topped with crispy tortilla strips and shredded monterey jack cheese$2.50 - $4.25
Homemade Soup-of-the-Day$2.50 - $4.25
Peppercorn ChiliServed with grated cheddar cheese and onions$3.50 - $6.50
Soup & Salad ComboA cup of soup with a simple salad or small caesar salad$5.75
Fresh Fruit Salad Cup$2.95
Simple SaladCrisp iceberg and romaine lettuce, tomato, tri bell peppers, purple onion, carrot and your favorite dressing$3.50
Small Caesar SaladRomaine, olive salad, parmesan and jack cheeses, mushrooms, tomato wedge, croutons and our famous caesar dressing$3.50
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$9.25
Classic Chef's SaladMixed lettuce topped with smoked turkey, bacon, swiss and cheddar cheeses, tomato, purple onion, hard-boiled egg, olive salad and croutons$9.25
Ranch Chicken Tender SaladSliced fried chicken tenders, mixed greens, tomato, purple onion, hot pepper jack cheese, hard-boiled egg and ranch dressing$9.25
Santa Fe SaladA seasoned, grilled and sliced chicken breast on mixed greens with black beans, hot pepper jack cheese, tomato, purple onions, peppers, BBQ vinaigrette and tortilla strips$9.25
Cobb SaladBreast of turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, olive salad, hard-boiled egg, peppers and avocado on a bed of mixed greens with your favorite dressing$9.25
White Balsamic &Berry Caramel SaladSpring mix, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, sugar-roasted pecans and herbed boursin cheese, finished with a white balsamic and caramel dressing$9.25
Snacks and Starters
French FriesOurs are crispy, with no trans-fat$3.15 - $1.50
Sweet Potato FriesWith honey dipping sauce$3.50 - $2.25
Chili Cheese Fries$4.95
Homemade Cheese Dip with Chips - SmallAdd homemade chili for $0.50$4.95
Homemade Cheese Dip with Chips - LargeAdd homemade chili for $0.50$6.50
Onion Rings$3.95
Fried Pickle SpearsBreaded and served with ranch dressing$4.95
Herb Fried MushroomsHand breaded and served with parsley mayo$4.95
Cheese SticksSix sticks served with marinara sauce$4.95
Sampler PlatterThree each of our fried pickle spears, onion rings, cheese sticks, herb fried mushrooms and potato wedges, served with ranch, marinara, rodeo sauce and parsley mayo$6.75
Burgers & Hot Dogs
Our burgers are made with 100% beef that's ground fresh daily - never frozen. Served with classic or fresh-cut chips. Substitutions: french fries or soup $1.50, sweet potato fries $2.25, onion rings $2.95, fried mushrooms $3.25, fried pickles $3.25, simpl
Classic Hamburger$5.50
CheeseburgerOur classic burger with american cheese$6.25
Double Burger$7.70
Five Alarm BurgerServe it with hot Pepper Jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, salsa, chipotle mayonnaise, hot habanero salsa and special seasonings$6.95
BBQ Bacon Cheddar BurgerOur classic burger topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese$7.50
Rodeo BurgerOur classic burger, grilled to perfection, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, honey mustard barbeque sauce and onion rings$7.50
Bleu Cheese Burger$6.95
Garden BurgerA great vegetarian burger, Make it even better with sauteed mushrooms and onions from our extras list$5.50
Turkey BurgerA healthier take on a classic, served on a wheat bun$5.50
Burger Add OnsAvocado $0.95, jalapenos $0.75, sauteed onions $0.75, sauteed mushrooms $0.75, herbed butter $0.75, bacon 2 pieces $1.25, chile no beans $1.95, fried egg $1.00, extra patty $2.20
Cheese ChoicesJack, pepper jack, provolone, swiss, cheddar, american, bleu cheese $0.75
Patty MeltClassic burger on grilled rye bread with sauteed onions and swiss cheese$7.25
The Best Hot DogA petit jean premium arkansas griller with cheddar cheese, onions and chili$6.75
Perfect Platter
Tuna Salad PlatterA double dip of our tuna salad with no nuts or fruits on a bed of lettuce with sliced tomatoes, olive salad and a grilled english muffin$9.25
Chicken Salad PlatterA double dip of our chicken salad with no nuts or fruits on a bed of lettuce with sliced tomatoes, olive salad and a grilled english muffin$9.25
Chicken Finger Platter - FiveLarge tenders served with honey mustard dipping sauce, fries and a side salad$9.80
Chicken Finger Platter - FourLarge tenders served with honey mustard dipping sauce, fries and a side salad$8.50
Chopped Beef Steak PlatterServed with your choice of sauteed mushrooms or sauteed onions or herbed butter, plus fries, texas toast and a side salad$8.75
Toasted and Grilled
Served with classic or fresh-cut chips. Sandwiches are -side dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and purple onion. Substitutions: french fries or soup $1.50, fried mushrooms $3.25, caesar salad $2.50, sweet potato fries $2.25, fried pickles $3.25, fruit
Grilled CheeseTraditional and good, served on toasted wheat bread with pickles on the side$4.25
Palm BeachGrilled pimento cheese on wheat bread, topped with chopped lettuce served with purple onion, tomato and pickle on the side$5.50
Portabella MushroomA whole porta bella mushroom cap grilled in a soy and balsamic mixture with grilled purple onions and red, yellow and green bell peppers, topped with provolone and served on a bun$7.50
Grilled Tuna Salad SandwichOurs includes chopped hard-boiled egg, water chestnuts and onions, with no nuts or fruits, served on wheat toast$6.25
Tuna MeltWe add cheddar cheese and grill it up nice and toasty$6.50
Chicken Salad SandwichHomemade with all white meat chicken, no nuts or fruits, served on wheat toast$6.25
Grilled TurkeyWe grill thinly sliced turkey breast and top it with herbed mayo, lettuce and tomato, served on wheat toast with pickles on the side$6.15
Grilled ChickenA grilled 6 oz. chicken breast, served on a bun, try it blackened or with cajun spice$6.75
Grilled Chicken Caesar SandwichA grilled 6 oz. chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, jack cheese and a drizzle of caesar sauce, served on a bun, purple onion, tomato and pickle on the side$7.95
Chicken Fried Chicken SandwichServed on a bun. Add a slice of your favorite cheese for $0.75$7.50
Buffalo Ranch Chicken SandwichBattered chicken breast dipped in buffalo ranch sauce, topped with shredded lettuce and hot pepper jack cheese$7.95
Grilled Corned Beef ReubenTraditional new york style - lean brisket, swiss cheese and kraut on light rye bread, with pickles on the side$8.25
Grilled Turkey Lite ReubenSame great sandwich, but with thinly sliced turkey breast$7.25
Grilled Jean & JackThis is simple and good, you get honey ham and provolone cheese on toasted wheat bread$6.35
Meat Loaf Sandwich SupremeGrilled meat loaf on toasted wheat bread with ed's special sauce, lettuce, tomato and sliced purple onion pickles on the side$6.35
House BLT SandwichFour slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato and our special house mayo on toasted wheat, with pickles on the side$6.50
The Best Smoked ClubTriple decker with smoked turkey, bacon, ham, cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg, tomato, lettuce and house mayo on wheat toast, pickles on the side$8.75
French Philly SteakThinly sliced roast beef on a hoagie bun with swiss cheese, sauteed onions, peppers and a cup of au jus for dipping, pickles on the side$8.25
Kid’s Menu
To substitute apple sauce for chips, add $1.10, to substitute fruit cup for chips, add $1.95, to substitute french fries for chips, add $1.50
Classic HamburgerA simple burger with chips on the side. Add cheese $0.75$3.75
Happy Hot DogServed with chips on the side$3.25
Corn Dog NuggetsPerfect for dipping. Mini corn dogs served with fries$3.95
Chicken Finger BasketServed with fries$4.50
Chicken Finger SaladA kid-friendly salad made with chicken fingers, lettuce, tomato and cheese$4.50
Greatest Grilled CheeseToasty on the outside, nice and melty in the middle. Traditional, tasty and comes with chips$3.95
Peanut Butter & Purple JellyPeanut butter and grape jelly on Wonder bread, with chips$3.25
The Elvis SpecialGrilled peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich. Served with chips$3.95
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese$3.25
Apple Sauce$1.50
Fresh Fruit Cup$2.95
Salad MunchiesCarrot sticks, celery and tomato served with ranch on the side$1.75
Shakes, Malts & Ice Cream Sodas
Shakes & MaltsFamous purple vanilla, vanilla, chocolate, double chocolate, mint chocolate chip, coffee, choc or peanut butter, strawberry, pineapple, cherry, peanut butter, P&B jelly, dreamsicle orange & vanilla,$4.40
Loaded ShakesYour favorite shake with an extra treat. Banana, oreo, cookie dough, M&M, butterfinger, peanut butter cup$4.95
Triple Treat Chocolate MaltA chocolate malt made with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. Topped with shaved white chocolate$4.95
Ice Cream SodasA mix of soda water, ice cream, whipped cream and flavored syrup. Served in a soda glass with a sidecar of ice cream. Purple cow, strawberry, coffee chocolate, chocolate, cherry, vanilla$3.50
Orange FreezeWe make it like a shake but with sherbet and soda water instead of ice cream and milk$4.15
Soft Drinks with RefillsCoke, diet coke, sprite, dr. pepper, diet dr. pepper, barq's root beer, minute maid lemonade, fanta grape, hi-c fruit punch$2.05
Vanilla or Cherry Coke$2.55
Iced Tea$2.05
Coffee or Hot Tea$1.95
Bottled Water$1.60

Visit Purple Cow here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Purple Cow.

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