Red Pepper Menu, Prices and Locations

At Red Pepper Indian Cuisine we serve up a fresh traditional Indian cuisine. Choose from our selections of Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian dishes, curries and much, much more! Or if you can’t make it to us – no problem -we’ll come to you! Click on the Order Online tab above and we’ll delivery right to your home or office. And be sure to make use of our advance order feature to ensure that your food is delivered exactly when you want it.

Red Pepper Menu

Taco Salad$5.75
Grinder SaladHam, salami or turkey$5.75
Garbage PlateSalads with come with your choice of white sauce, red sauce or chip sauce.$5.00
Soups and Such
Chicken Tortilla SoupAdd colby cheese $0.25$2.85
Chips & Sauce$4.49
Individual Chips & Sauce$2.25
GrinderHam, salami, or turkey. Add taco meat $1.70, add colby cheese $1.10, add more meat (ham, salami or turkey) $0.60 each$5.19
Everything Grinder$8.99
Soft Shell$1.39
BurritoMeat and burrito$1.39
Bean Burrito$1.39
Beef Enchilada$2.99
Bean Enchilada$2.99
Combo EnchiladaMeat and beans$2.99
1/2 Grinders
1/2 GrinderHam, salami, or turkey. Add taco meat $0.85, add colby cheese $0.55, add more meat (ham, salami or turkey $0.30$2.60
1/2 Everything Grinder$4.50
Cheese Tostada$1.65
Beef Tostada$2.75
Bean Tostado$2.75
Combo TostadoMeat and beans$2.75
Between the Buns
Taco Burger$1.85
Mexi Burger$1.85
Hot Ham & Cheese$1.59
Hot Dog$0.99
Coney Island$2.49
White Sauce$1.00 - $3.00
Red SauceHot sauce$0.75 - $2.75
Enchilada Sauce$0.75 - $2.75
Chip Sauce$0.75 - $2.75
Mountain Dew
Diet Pepsi
Dr. Pepper
Raspberry Brisk
Diet Mountain Dew
Counters Lime
Mug Root Beer

Visit Red Pepper here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Red Pepper.

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