Rice Box Menu, Prices and Locations

The Rice Box is a multi-sensational, Chinese/American takeout restaurant where your experience begins the moment you set foot through the door. Walk into our world of glass and neon and you’ve just entered new wave Chinatown. Our edgy ambience is part of what makes us unique as a takeout food service. That, and our constant effort to provide outstanding personalized service where everyone remembers your name.

Rice Box Menu

Egg Rollbeef or vegetable, served with a sauce of your choice$0.99
Mex-Asian Sprint Rolljalapeno peppers, corn, green onions and garlic blended into cream cheese$1.99
Crab Puffscrab meat blended with cream cheese wrapped in a crispy wonton skin$2.99
Homemade Soupshot and sour, egg drop, wonton prepared in a homemade tasty broth$1.99
Kung Fu Chicken Wingsstir-fried in spicy orange garlic sauce$3.99 - $7.79
Dumplingssteamed or pan-fried: chicken, pork or vegetable with enhanced spices$2.99 - $4.99
Asian Chicken Saladgrilled chicken over fresh mixed greens with crispy rice noodles and wonton chips, served with sesame or Ranch dressing$6.99
Mandarin Chicken Saladgrilled chicken over field greens, cherry tomatoes, toasted cashews, fresh apple, mandarin oranges, served with citrus mango dressing$7.29
Lettuce Wrapsa great way to start your meal, diced chicken, onion, water chestnuts served with crisp lettuce cups and a selection of sauces citrus peanut and tangy sesame$5.99
Select a Meat
Box Combo Meals
Box Combo Mealsadd egg roll and drink$1.69
Box Combo Meals.add egg roll, soup and drink$2.69
Rice Box Signature Dishes
Szechwanmixed vegetables stir-fried in our spicy house sauce
Kung Paocarrots, zucchini, red pepper and peanuts stir-fried in a unique spicy sauce
Curryonions, peas, and carrots stir-fried in an authentic Bombay curry sauce
Mongolianonion stir-fried in a sweet and spicy brown sauce
Garlicthree mushrooms, bamboo strips, water chestnuts stir-fried in a light garlic sauce
Basil Hunan Stylecarrots, celery, basil and jalapenos sauteed in a signature sauce
Asian Style Tacos (3)mix vegetables with jalapenos in soft tortilla tacos
String Beansfresh long round string beans stir-fried in an Asian sauce
Broccolifresh broccoli florets, carrots and water chestnuts stir-fried in a wine sauce
Moo Gooa bouquet of fresh vegetables stir-fried in our light white wine sauce
Mushroomfresh mushrooms, bell pepper, and carrots stir-fried in a light brown sauce
Bell Pepperfresh bell pepper and California white onion stir-fried in our Asian brown sauce
Snow Peasfresh snow peas and water chestnuts stir-fried in a wine sauce
Cashewfresh zucchini, roasted cashew stir-fried in a carmelized brown sauce
Singapore Noodlesrice noodles stir-fried with carrots, bean sprouts and egg in a spicy curry sauce
Pad Thai Noodlesthin rice noodles, scallion, tofu, egg, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts and Thai spices
Lo Mein Noodlesfresh cabbage, mushrooms tossed in a light garlic sauce
Rice Noodlesmixed vegetables tossed in our Asian brown sauce
Dumpling or Noodle Soupsnoodles or wonton with vegetables in a mild flavored broth
Fried Rice
15 Ingredient Fried Riceyou name it and its in there you'll love it
Traditional Fried Ricestir-fried with vegetables and your choice of meat
Traditional Fried Ricestir-fried with vegetables and your choice of meat
Pineapple Fried Ricestir-fried with diced dote pineapple chunks, bean sprouts, peas and carrots
Tempura Specialties
General Joe's Chickenbatter-fried with carrots, red peppers, garlic, green onions in a caramelized garlic sauce
Orange Chickenbatter-fried with red peppers, garlic then sauteed in a caramelized orange garlic sauce
Sesame Chickenbatter-fried with broccoli, carrots, sesame seeds, water chestnuts and tossed in a light garlic sauce
Lemon Chickenbatter-fried chicken breast served with a zesty lemon sauce on the side
Sweet and Sourbatter-fried chicken served with our special sweet and sour sauce on the side
Teriyaki Bowls
a big bowl of freshly steamed vegetables covered with our flame-grilled white meat chicken or tender beef with your choice of rice 'our most popular dish'
Teriyaki Bowls$7.29 - $7.99
Kids Meals
Grilled Chickenserved over choice of rice$3.99
Grilled Beefserved over choice of rice$3.99
Fried Chicken Tendersserved over choice of rice$3.99
Also serving domestic and foreign beers
Soft Drink$1.50
Iced Tea$1.50
Hot Tea$1.50
Bottled Water$1.50

Visit Rice Box here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Rice Box.

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