Robeks Menu, Prices and Locations

At Robeks, every choice you make is a good one! You can trust us to make delicious, good-for-you smoothies and juices using only the best fruits, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for a healthy alternative – or health for a tasty one. We make it easy and enjoyable to take good care of yourself.

Whatever you choose is guaranteed to be as nutritious as it is tasty and delicious. A small choice at Robeks makes a big difference. Trust Robeks to create handcrafted, great-tasting, nutritious alternatives that will keep you energized and satisfied. You have enough choices to make in a day. Robeks is an easy one.

Robeks Menu

Fan Favorites
Strawnana BerrySmall$3.99
Strawnana BerryMedium$4.99
Strawnana BerryLarge$5.99
The HummingbirdSmall$3.99
The HummingbirdMedium$4.99
The HummingbirdLarge$5.99
Mahalo MangoSmall$3.99
Mahalo MangoMedium$4.99
Mahalo MangoLarge$5.99
Classic Flavors
Malibu PeachSmall$3.99
Malibu PeachMedium$4.99
Malibu PeachLarge$5.99
Big WednesdaySmall$3.99
Big WednesdayMedium$4.99
Big WednesdayLarge$5.99
Polar PineappleSmall$3.99
Polar PineappleMedium$4.99
Polar PineappleLarge$5.99
South Pacific SqueezeSmall$3.99
South Pacific SqueezeMedium$4.99
South Pacific SqueezeLarge$5.99
Pina KooladaSmall$3.99
Pina KooladaMedium$4.99
Pina KooladaLarge$5.99
Berry BrillianceSmall$3.99
Berry BrillianceMedium$4.99
Berry BrillianceLarge$5.99
Passionfruit CoveSmall$3.99
Passionfruit CoveMedium$4.99
Passionfruit CoveLarge$5.99
Raspberry RomanceSmall$3.99
Raspberry RomanceMedium$4.99
Raspberry RomanceLarge$5.99
Infinite OrangeSmall$3.99
Infinite OrangeMedium$4.99
Infinite OrangeLarge$5.99
Acai EnergizerMedium$6.39
Acai EnergizerLarge$7.39
Venice BurnerMedium$6.39
Venice BurnerLarge$7.39
Passionfruit PowerMedium$6.39
Passionfruit PowerLarge$7.39
Age BusterMedium$6.39
Age BusterLarge$7.39
Heart HealthMedium$6.39
Heart HealthLarge$7.39
Berry SlimMedium$6.39
Berry SlimLarge$7.39
Pro ArobekMedium$6.39
Pro ArobekLarge$7.39
DR. RobeksMedium$6.39
DR. RobeksLarge$7.39
The ReplenisherMedium$6.39
The ReplenisherLarge$7.39
Healthy HarmonyMedium$6.39
Healthy HarmonyLarge$7.39
800 LB. GorillaMedium$6.79
800 LB. GorillaLarge$7.79
PB&J DelightSmall$3.89
Strawberry SipperSmall$3.89
Mini MangoSmall$3.89
Pineapple Orange PassionSmall$2.99
Pineapple Orange PassionMedium$3.49
Refreshingly RaspberrySmall$2.99
Refreshingly RaspberryMedium$3.49
Fresh Squeezed Juices
Cool CucumberSmall$5.29
Cool CucumberMedium$6.59
Cool CucumberLarge$7.99
King KaleSmall$5.29
King KaleMedium$6.59
King KaleLarge$7.99
Crazy CarrotSmall$5.29
Crazy CarrotMedium$6.59
Crazy CarrotLarge$7.99
Sweet GreenSmall$5.29
Sweet GreenMedium$6.59
Sweet GreenLarge$7.99
Nature's Best
Awesome AcaiMedium$6.29
Awesome AcaiLarge$7.29
Super GreenMedium$6.29
Super GreenLarge$7.29
Greek Yogurt
Emperor AcaiSmall$5.49
Emperor AcaiMedium$6.49
Emperor AcaiLarge$7.49
Spartan BerrySmall$5.49
Spartan BerryMedium$6.49
Spartan BerryLarge$7.49
Strawberry TempleSmall$5.49
Strawberry TempleMedium$6.49
Strawberry TempleLarge$7.49
Naturally CoffeeSmall$4.39
Naturally CoffeeMedium$5.39
Naturally CoffeeLarge$6.39
Naturally MochaSmall$4.39
Naturally MochaMedium$5.39
Naturally MochaLarge$6.39
Iced MochaSmall$4.39
Iced MochaMedium$5.39
Iced MochaLarge$6.39
Acai Especial Bowl$6.59
Fast Break Bowl$6.59
Split Banana Bowl$6.59
Quick Shoots
Lemon / Ginger Shot2 oz.$3.99
Wheat Grass Shot2 oz.$3.99
Acai / Lemon Shot2 oz.$3.99

Visit Robeks here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Robeks.

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