Rockfish Menu, Prices and Locations

Rockfish Seafood Grill, Inc., doing business as Rockfish, owns and operates a chain of seafood restaurants. It also offers catering services. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Richardson, Texas with locations in Lubbock, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; and Durham, North Carolina. Rockfish Seafood Grill, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of See-Worthy Restaurants, Inc.

Rockfish Menu

Volcano ShrimpFried shrimp with a spicy garlic chili sauce$6.99
Mexican Shrimp Martini (Favorites)Loads of shrimp, avocado, pico de gallo and salsa. Served with crisp tortilla chips$7.99
Three Cheese Spinach DipServed with crisp tortilla chips$4.99
Classic CalamariTender calamari rings, lightly fried, served with marinara sauce$6.99
Traditional Shrimp CocktailEight large, chilled shrimp. Accompanied by our spicy cocktail sauce$6.99
Jalapeno Hush PuppiesServed with homemade remoulade sauce$1.99
Ahi Tuna NachosBlackened served ahi tuna served on either fresh cucumber slices or crispy wonton chips with wasabi aioli and mango ginger relish$7.99
Crab Cake AppetizerTwo jumbo lump crab cakes served with homemade remoulade and cocktail sauces$10.99
Rockfish SamplerIncludes classic calamari, volcano shrimp and our three cheese spinach dip$9.99
Fresh Salads
Our freshly made dressing choices include: shallot vinaigrette, hidden valley, buttermilk ranch, bleu cheese, honey mustard, asian vinaigrette, herb vinaigrette, fat free sundried tomato
Tossed Shrimp Cobb Salad (Favorites)Blackened shrimp tossed with mixed greens, avocados, fresh tomatoes, bleu cheese and bacon$9.99
Asian Ahi Tuna SaladMixed greens with mango chunks, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers topped with ahi tuna and asian vinaigrette$9.99
Grilled Salmon SaladGrilled salmon fillet on top of mixed greens with diced tomatoes and cucumbers$9.99
Chicken Caesar SaladChoice of grilled, blackened or fried chicken served on a bed of crisp romaine, tossed in a traditional caesar dressing and topped with parmesan cheese and croutons$7.99
Rockfish House SaladFresh salad greens, apples, candied pecans and tomatoes served with our herb viaigrette$1.99
Homemade Soups
New England Clam Chowder (Favorites)$4.99 - $3.50
Louisiana Gumbo$4.99 - $3.50
Roasted Jalapeno Cream Soup (Favorites)$3.99 - $2.99
Seasonal Soup$4.99 - $3.50
Lunch on the Fly
Pasta N SaladLunch portion of our pasta carbonara with your choice of shrimp or chicken, served with a rockfish house salad$7.99
Daily Tilapia SpecialSee our chalkboard for the daily selection$7.99
Soup n SaladChoose your favorite bowl of soup with a rockfish house salad$6.99
Half Po Boy & Cup of SoupShrimp po boy prepared grilled, blackened, or fried. Served with your favorite cup of soup and crispy fries$7.99
Santa Fe Fish Taco (Favorites)Crispy fried alaskan pollock, pico de gallo, cabbage, cheese & our signature ancho chile sauce in flour tortilla. Served with rice pilaf$7.99
Seafood EnchiladaStuffed with shrimp, mushroom and onions. Topped with crawfish and a roasted, ancho cream sauce. Served with rice pilaf and black beans$7.99
North Atlantic SalmonServed grilled or blackened on seasoned rice with choice of two side dishes$9.99
Burger & Sandwiches
Served with crispy fries
Angus CheeseburgerTo compete with great seafood, our cheeseburger had better be outstanding. And it is. Certified angus beef, sliced american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles$7.99
Shrimp Po BoyGrilled, blackened or fried shrimp served on french bread. Served with homemade remoulade sauce, lettuce, tomatoes,and pickles$7.99
Tilapia SandwichGrilled tilapia fillet, lightly seasoned topped with homemade remoulade sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles$6.99
Rockfish Baskets
Served with crispy fries
Fries Shrimp or Catfish$7.99
Fried Oysters$9.99
Fried Chicken Tenders$6.99
Rockfish Favorites
Santa Fe Fish Tacos (Favorites)Fried alaskan pollock, pico de gallo,cabbage, cheese and our signature ancho chile sauce in flour tortillas. Served with rice pilaf$8.99
Crab Stuffed Alaskan FlounderCajun grilled flounder stuffed with crab and drizzled with pontchartrain sauce. Served on seasoned rice with choice of two side dishes$12.99
Pecan Crusted TroutPecan crusted and served with honey lemon butter on the side. Served with choice of two side dishes$12.99
Crawfish EtouffeeCrawfish tails in a spicy cajun roux with sauteed onions, celery and blackening spices with white rice.$10.99
Seafood EnchiladasStuffed with shrimp, mushroom and onions. Topped with crawfish and a roasted, ancho cream sauce. Served with rice pilaf and black beans$10.99
Alaskan Fish and Chips (Favorites)Beer battered and served with crispy fries and our apple cider cole slaw$8.99
Cedar Plank SalmonFresh fillet, grilled on a cedar plank, topped with asian BBQglaze, roasted corn salsa and blackened shrimp. Served with choice of two side dishes$14.49
Cajun PastaGenerous portions of shrimp, chicken, smoked andouille sausage, onions, red bell peppers and penne pasta are tossed in our homemade cajun cream sauce$9.99
Pasta CarbonaraChoice of grilled shrimp or chicken, sauteed with angel hair pasta, tomatoes, bacon, onions and mushrooms in a garlic alfredo sauce$9.99
Pan Asian Style Sea BassServed sea bass served on sauteed baby spinach and white rice with a mushroom ginger cream sauce$21.99
Fish Market
Our fish, either or blackened, are served on seasoned rice with choice of two side dishes. Your choice of sauces include: lemon butter, mushroom ginger cream, pontchartrain sauce with shrimp and crawfish, maple glaze
North Atlantic SalmonRobust and moist flavor$13.49
TilapiaOur mildest fish, flaky with medium firm texture$9.99
Jumbo ShrimpGrilled, blackened or fried$14.99
U. S. Farm Raised CatfishGrilled, blackened or fried$8.99
Alaskan FlounderPure white, lean and delicate$10.99
Rainbow TroutDelicate nutty flavor with a soft texturer$11.99
Mahi MahiFlaky, mild flavored, firm$14.49
Ahi TunaBold and meaty flavor$13.49
Colossal Sea ScallopsSweet, mild flavor$14.99
Rockfish Platters
Served with choice of two side dishes
Flat Iron SteakAn 8 oz aged, flat iron steak seasoned with our signature rockfish spice$11.99
Steak and Jumbo ShrimpAn 8 oz aged, flat iron steak and grilled jumbo shrimp$15.99
Catfish and shrimp ComboGrilled, blackened or lightly fried$9.99
Ultimate Rockfish PlatterFried catfish, shrimp and oysters served with jalapeno hush puppies, crispy fries and cole slaw$12.99
Field and StreamOur version of the classic surf and turf 12 oz aged ribeye steak seasoned with our signature rockfish spice and paired with your choice of jumbo shrimp or colossal sea scallops or a jumbo lump crab c$22.99
Side Dishes
Mixed Vegetables
Sauteed Spinach
Apple Cider Slaw
Homemade Mashed Potatoes
Crispy Fries
Creamed Com
Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Potatoes
Red Beans and Rice
Black Beans
Grilled Asparagus
Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce$4.99
Key Lime Pie$4.99
Chocolate Brownie Ala Mode$4.99
Iced Tea
Peach Tea
Soft Drinks
Pibb Xtra
Minute Maid Lemonade
Diet Coke
Nestea Iced Tea

Visit Rockfish here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Rockfish.

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