Royal Farms Menu, Prices and Locations

Royal Farms opened its first store in 1959 in Baltimore, which remains the company’s headquarters. Royal Farms now has 180 locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. The chain sells many typical convenience-store items, such as coffee, candy, soft drinks, bagels and donuts, lotto tickets, and other basic groceries. All locations also offer a kitchen serving hot food items such as chicken and western fries, along with sandwiches. Their current slogan is “Real Fresh. Real Fast. Real Green.” Royal Farms’ major competitors include Wawa, Sheetz, Rutter’s, High’s, Turkey Hill Minit Markets, and 7-Eleven.

Royal Farms Menu

Sanwich Menu
Imported Ham$2.99
Virginia Baked Ham$3.29
Sahlens Ham off the Bone3gr, fat meat portion$3.39
Turkey2gr, fat, meat portion$3.39
Smoked Turkey$3.49
Sliced Chicken Breast$3.69
Supreme Black Angus Roast Beef$3.39
Corned Beef$3.49
Hard Salami$3.29
Smoked Cajun Turkey1/2 gr, fat meat portion$3.49
Genoa Salami$3.39
Smoked Black Pepper Turkey$3.49
Honey Roast Turkey$3.49
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato$2.99
Hot Corned Beef$3.49
Hot Pastrami$3.59
Cheese Sandwich$2.99
Combination Sandwiches
Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato$3.69
Ham and Turkey$3.49
Roast Beef and Turkey$3.49
Corned Beef and Turkey$3.49
Ham and Salami$3.29
Hot Corned Beef and Pastrami$3.59
Chicken Breast, Grilled, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Swiss$3.79
Chicken Salad, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce, and Tomato$3.79
Grilled Reuben$4.09
Chicken Breast Fillet, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese$3.59
Sliced Chicken Breast, Smoked Cheddar and Bacon$3.89
Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato and Mozzarella$3.79
Smoked Turkey, Brie - Honey Mustard$3.89
Cheese Burger$3.49
Grilled Cheese$3.19
Triple Decker Club Favorites
Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss$4.19
Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss$4.19
Roast Beef, Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss$4.19
Corned Beef, Pastrami, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss$4.19
Salad Sandwiches
Seafood Salad$3.59
Albacore Tuna$3.59
Chicken Salad$3.49
Egg Salad$2.89
Green Salads
Garden Chef$2.89 - $2.29
Greek Salad$3.99 - $2.89
Julliene Salad$3.99 - $2.89
Sliced Jerk Chicken Salad$4.49
Grilled Chicken Salad$4.49
Hot Soups
Chicken Noodle Soupdaily$1.89
Soup D' Jourdaily$1.89
Hot and Spicy Chiliseasonal$2.39
Salads By The 1/2 LB
Fresh Made Fruit Salad
Egg Salad$1.99
Garden Pasta Salad$2.29
Macaroni Salad$1.69
Potato Salad$1.69
Greek Bowtie Salad$2.29
Albacore Tuna$3.29
Chicken Salad$3.29
full 1/3 lb, meat
Ham$4.49 - $3.19
Baked Virginia Ham$4.69 - $3.29
Ham off the Bone$4.89 - $3.39
Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Smoked Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Cajun Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Black Pepper Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Honey Roasted Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Sliced Chicken Breast$5.19 - $3.59
Supreme Black Angus Roast Beef$4.99 - $3.59
Corned Beef$4.99 - $3.49
Pastrami$4.99 - $3.49
Hard Salami$4.79 - $3.39
Vegetarian Sub$4.49 - $3.19
Genoa Salami$4.79 - $3.39
Capacola$4.99 - $3.49
Liverwurst$4.49 - $3.19
Bologna$4.49 - $3.19
Cheese$4.59 - $3.29
Lunchmeat$4.49 - $3.19
Combo Subs
all subs include lettuce, cheese tomato, and onion
Assortedham, luncheon meat, salami$4.79 - $3.39
Capacola Assortedcapacola, salami, ham$4.99 - $3.49
Roast Beef - N - Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Ham - N - Turkey$4.89 - $3.49
Corned Beef - N - Turkey$4.99 - $3.49
Gourmet Assortedbaked ham, salami, Turkey, roasted beef$5.19 - $3.59
Turkey Bacon Club$5.49 - $3.79
Smoked Turkey Bacon Club$5.49 - $3.79
Albacore Tuna$5.49 - $3.59
Chicken Salad$5.49 - $3.59
Seafood Salad$5.49 - $3.59
Egg Salad Sub$4.49 - $3.19
Sliced Chicken Breast, Bacon Club$5.59 - $3.79
Supreme Black Angus Steak Sub$5.39 - $3.79
Royal Subcapacola and Italian sausage$5.59 - $3.79
Cheeseburger$5.29 - $3.59
Cheeseburger Bacon Sub$5.59 - $3.79
choice of : miracle whip, hallmann's, low fat hellmann's and oil
Cheese$0.75 - $0.50
Meat$1.50 - $1.00
Hot Peppers$0.50 - $0.25

Visit Royal Farms here for more details, hours, locations, and contact information of your local Royal Farms.


The Royal Farms store I visited was located on a major road that connects Northwestern and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is open 24 hours a day and has parking spaces in the front along with several pump lanes for fueling cars. The building itself is very big as new, and it even has an ice cream counter inside.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the color combination of orange and blue that dominates the inside of the store. The Royal Farms logo rests on all items to let you know you are at a Royal Farms location, even if it is not brightly colored like many other logos.

When I looked over the menu board, there were many options available — hot and cold. I saw several unique items, such as a fried chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese, seafood chowder, grilled lamb gyro meat, garlic Parmesan wings, and many more. You can also get regular fares like cheeseburgers, regular fries (with or without gravy), hot dogs, and even breakfast sandwiches to order from the breakfast menu.

The man behind the counter was eager to help me as soon as I stepped up, and he quickly asked me what I wanted before taking my order. He then rang it up on a standard cash register and told me the price, which was lower than I had thought it would be for everything that came with my meal. It was so cheap in fact that I had to look twice at the register before handing over my money with a smile.

Overall, I would highly recommend Royal Farms to anyone who wants a quick bite to eat at an affordable price. The food was better than most fast food or even some sit-down restaurants that I have visited, and the store itself is very clean and well organized.

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