Salem’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Back in 1988, Tampa’s food scene felt a little stale. We saw quick service and tasty meals here and there, but never under the same roof. Today, with 13 locations and counting, Salem’s Fresh Eats is still hand-crafting everything from mouthwatering seafood and wings to tempting gyros and cheesecakes, forever changing the way the sunshine state thinks about “fast food.”

Salem’s Menu

Breakfast Sandwiches
choice of white or wheat bread biscuit or bun
Egg Sandwich$1.50
Bacon and EGG$2.20
Sausage and EGG$2.20
Smoked Sausage and EGG$2.75
Ham and EGG$2.85
Egg Sandwich - With Cheese$1.75
Bacon and EGG - With Cheese$2.35
Sausage and EGG - With Cheese$2.35
Smoked Sausage and EGG - With Cheese$3.00
Ham and EGG - With Cheese$3.10
served with white or wheat toast or biscuit and hash browns or grits
1 EGG$3.25
1 EGGwith Bacon or sausage$4.25
1 EGGwith smoked sausage$4.95
2 EGGS$3.60
2 EGGSwith Bacon or sausage$4.60
2 EGGSwith smoked sausage$5.30
Cheese Omelet$4.95
Ham and Cheese Omelet$6.50
Sausage and Cheese Omelet$6.50
Bacon and Cheese Omelet$6.50
Veggie Omeletcheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes$5.95
French Texas Toast
French Texas Toast$5.25
French Texas Toast With Bacon or Sausage$7.00
Biscuit and Gravy$2.95
Hot Cakes
Short Stack$3.99
Short Stack with Bacon or Sausage$5.50
Short Stack with Smoked Sausage$6.20
Stack with Bacon or Sausage$6.50
Stack with Smoked Sausage$7.20
MR. Pibb$1.25
Diet Coke$1.25
Sweet and Unsweet Tea$1.25
Orange Juice$1.25
Bottled Water$1.25
White or Wheat Toast$1.00
Hash Browns$1.75
Small Cheese Grits$1.75
Large Cheese Grits$3.25

Visit Salem’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Salem’s.

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