Sharetea Menu, Prices and Locations

Established in 1992, Sharetea started off business with to-go black tea and pearl milk tea drinks in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then Sharetea has opened many branches and franchises in 18 countries such as United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and over 450 stores.

Our drinks are made from high quality tea leaves and selected ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan. All products are 100% guaranteed to arrive fresh and tasty. We test the tea leaves each growing season and all ingredients from time to time to ensure our drinks’ consistent and quality. Best tea needs the best ingredients and we insist on the best for you!

Sharetea Menu

Black Or Green Tea Creama$3.99
Oolong Tea Creama$3.99
Matcha Green Tea Creama$3.99
Wintermelon Tea Creama$3.99
Mango Green Tea Creama$3.99
Strawberry Black Tea Creama$3.99
High Mountain Tea Creama$4.25
Peach Green Tea Creama$4.25
Milk Teas
Classic Milk Tea(h). black, green$3.25
Oolong Milk Tea(h)$3.25
Honey Milk Tea(h)$3.25
Ginger Milk Tea(h)$3.25
Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea(h)$3.75
Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea(h)$3.75
Classic Coffee(h)$3.25
Classic Pearl Milk Tea(h). black, green$3.75
Mango Green Milk Tea(h)$3.25
Taro Pearl Milk Tea(h)$3.75
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea(h)$3.75
QQ Happy Family Milk Tea(h)$3.75
Ice Cream Black Or Green Tea$3.50
Coffee Milk Tea(h)$3.25
Brewed Teas
Classic Black Tea Or Green Tea(h)$2.75
Oolong Green Tea(h)$2.99
High Mountain Green Tea(h)$2.99
Winter Melon Tea$2.75
Honey Black Or Green Tea(h)$2.99
Hot Drinks $3.75
Ginger Tea
Fresh Taro Milk Tea
Fruit Teas
Grapefruit Green Tea$3.50
Honey With Aloe Vera$3.50
Wintermelon With Lemon Juice$3.50
Passion Fruit Green Tea$3.50
Mango Green Tea$3.50
Kiwi Fruit Tea With Ice Jelly$3.99
Strawberry Black Tea$3.50
Whole Lemon Green Tea$3.99
Mango & Passion Fruit Green Tea$3.99
Peach Black Or Green Tea$3.99
Passion Fruit, Orange & Grapefruit Teawith plum$3.99
Ice Blends $4.50
With 1 Free Topping. Extra Toppings ($0.50): Pearls, Lychee Jelly, Ice Jelly, Herb Jelly, Mini Pearls, Pudding, Red Bean, Aloe Vera, Ice Cream.
Coffee Ice Blended
Taro Ice Blended With Pudding
Strawberry Ice Blended With Lychee De Coco
Mango Ice Blended
Matcha Red Bean Ice Blended
Fresh Milk
Cocoa Lover(h)$3.50
Black Tea With Fresh Milk(h)$3.50
Green Tea Fresh Milk(h)$3.50
Match With Fresh Milk(h)$3.50
Wintermelon With Fresh Milk$3.50
Herb Jelly With Fresh Milk$3.75
Handmade Taro Fresh Milk$3.99
Yakult $3.75
(H) Hot Drinks.
Passion Fruit With Yakult
Mango Fruit With Yakult

Visit Sharetea here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Sharetea.

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