Sharks Menu, Prices and Locations

Super Sharks fish and chicken we always go that extra mile to make sure that our catering services go far beyond your expectations and your special event is one not to be forgotten!We’ve got your most important party need! Our wings are available plain, lemon peppered, buffalo style or honey BBQ style and come in orders that range in sizes from 25 pieces to 200 pieces, perfect for a party!

Sharks Menu

Shark Meals
1. Double Play Catfish Meal2 pieces of catfish and catfish nuggets. includes fries, bread, coleslaw and pop.$7.99
2. Fish Lovers Meal2 tilapia and 2 perch. includes fries, bread, coleslaw and pop.$8.99
3. Chicken Nuggets & Wings Meal5 pieces of chicken nuggets and 2 wings. includes fries, bread, coleslaw and pop.$6.29
4. Big Variety Meal1 wing, 1 tender, 1 jack and 1 perch. includes fries, bread, coleslaw and pop.$7.99
5. Chicken Lovers Meal2 tenders and 3 wings. includes fries, bread, coleslaw and pop.$6.99
6. Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Only)$3.99
6. Crispy Chicken Sandwich Mealincludes fries and pop.$5.49
7. Shrimp & Fish Meal4 jumbo shrimp and 1 catfish fillet. includes fries, bread, coleslaw and pop.$8.99
8. Catfish Fillet Sandwich (Only)$4.49
8. Catfish Fillet Sandwich Mealincludes fries and pop.$5.99
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings & Fries$4.99 - $3.99
Chicken Wings$13.99 - $29.99
Chicken Wings$59.99 - $34.99
Chicken Wings Dinner$5.99 - $6.79
Chicken Fingersserved with fries and bread.$6.35 - $5.35
Buffalo Or Honey BBQ Wings
Buffalo Wings Dinner$58.99 - $7.99
Honey BBQ Wings Dinner$29.99 - $5.99
Buffalo Wings$75.99 - $27.99
Honey BBQ Wings$27.99 - $44.99
Sandwich Meals
Chicken Sandwich Meal$4.99
Fish Sandwich Meal$4.29
Gyro Sandwich Meal$5.29
Hamburger Meal$3.99
Double Cheese Burger Mealamerican cheese.$4.99
Gyro Plateserved with 2 pitas.$6.99
Chicken Combos
Chicken Liver & Chicken Wings Combo$6.99
Chicken Gizzard & Chicken Wings Combo$6.99
Chicken Legs & Thighs Combo$4.49
Chicken Legs, Thighs & Wings Combo$15.99 - $8.99
Fish Combosfish combo options: 2 catfish, 2 jack salmon, 2 perch, 3 chicken, 3 jumbo shrimp, 10 shrimp$11.99 - $8.99
Chicken Wing Buckets$21.99 - $33.99
Chicken Wing Buckets$69.99 - $59.99
Chicken Dinners
Chicken Gizzards Dinner$6.99 - $5.99
Chicken Tenders Dinner$6.99 - $7.99
Chicken Nuggets Dinner$6.99 - $7.49
Chicken Breast Dinner$5.59
Chicken Liver Dinner$5.99 - $6.99
Chicken Liver & Gizzard Dinner$6.99 - $7.99
Mixed Chicken Dinner$5.99
Dark Chicken Dinner$4.29 - $5.69
White Chicken Dinner$4.99 - $6.59
Fish Dinners
Catfish Dinner$8.49 - $9.79
Ocean Perch Dinner$8.49 - $9.79
White Fish Dinner$7.49 - $8.49
Jack Salmon Dinner$7.49 - $8.49
Shrimp Dinner$14.99 - $9.69
Jumbo Shrimp Dinner$18.99 - $9.99
Catfish Fillet Dinner$7.99 - $8.99
Catfish Fish Tails Dinner$7.49 - $8.99
Catfish Nuggets Dinner$7.49 - $8.49
Tilapia Dinner$8.99 - $7.49
Chicken Buckets
Mixed Chicken Bucket$11.99 - $16.99
Dark Chicken Bucket$14.99 - $19.99
White Chicken Bucket$14.99 - $17.99
Fish Buckets
Fish Bucket$35.99 - $66.99
Catfish Fillet Bucket$24.99
Catfish Nuggets Pan$58.99 - $34.99
Party Packs
Wings Party Pack$79.99 - $59.99
Mixed Chicken Party Packlegs, thighs and wings.$119.99 - $79.99
Fish Party Pack$159.99 - $79.99
50 Dark Piece Party Pack$69.99
Side Orders
Jalapeño Poppers With Fries$3.99
Cheese Sticks With Fries$3.19
Onion Rings$2.25
Side Of Sauce$2.50
Banana Pudding$2.69
Old-Fashioned Butter Cookie$1.89
Peach Cobbler$2.69
Popcoke, diet coke, orange pop, iced tea, grape pop, fruit punch, lemonade, root beer$1.59 - $2.25
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonadestrawberry, fruit punch, cherry, pina colada, blue raspberry, pink lemonade, lime, grape, kiwi$2.29 - $3.29

Visit Sharks here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Sharks.

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