Skippers Menu, Prices and Locations

Skippers is a family owned restaurant serving the greater Saco area for over 20 years. We opened in 1998 and have grown mostly by word of mouth. We feature a wide selection of seafoods both fried and baked as well as our own chowders, clam cakes and more.. We use only the freshest seafood and our fry oil is cholesterol free, trans fat free, & sodium free. Once you have tried our baked or fried seafood we know you will be back for more. We also offer rotisserie style cooking which is both healthful & delicious.

Skippers Menu

Original Fish and Chips
Original Fish and Chipsentrees below served with coleslaw$5.49 - $7.49
Specialty Seafood Baskets
served with chips and coleslaw
Popcorn Shrimp$5.99
Golden Clam Strips$5.99
Original Recipe Shrimp$6.99
Prawns and Fish$7.99
Grilled Entrees
choose any two of the following: baked potato, chips, coleslaw, grilled veggies or small green salad
Grilled Chicken Breast$5.99
Grilled Alaskan Salmon$8.99
Grilled Alaskan Halibut$9.99
Grilled Entree Salads
Grilled Chicken Caesar$6.99
Grilled Salmon Caesar$7.99
served with chips and coleslaw
Skipper s Original Fish$4.29
Homestyle Chicken Tenderloin$4.99
Grilled Chicken Breast$4.99
Chicken Baskets
Chicken Basketsserved with chips and coleslaw$5.49 - $6.99
Seafood Combination
entrees below served with coleslaw
Chicken, Fish and Chips$5.99
Original Recipe Shrimp, Homestyle Chicken Tenderloin and Chips$5.99
Original Recipe Shrimp, Original Fish and Chips$5.99
Golden Clams, Original Fish and Chips$5.99
Skipper s Platterfish, clams, shrimp and more$7.99
Family Value Meals
your choice of original fish or chicken
6-Piece2 bowls of either chowder or coleslaw, family fries and 6 hush puppies$14.99
8-Piece2 bowls of either chowder or coleslaw, family fries and 8 hush puppies$16.99
10-Piece2 bowls of either chowder or coleslaw, family fries and 10 hush puppies$19.99
12-Piece3 bowls of either chowder or coleslaw, 2 family fries and 12 hush puppies$23.99
Fish or Chicken Only
Fish or Chicken Only$8.99 - $14.99
Kids Catch
served with chips, jell-o and a small drink
Fish Bites$3.99
Chicken Tenderloin$3.99
Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99
Soup, Salad and Sides
Award Winning Clam Chowder$2.29 - $3.49
Coleslaw$0.59 - $2.49
Fries$1.49 - $1.99
Hush Puppies$0.79 - $2.49
Pepsi Products$1.49

Visit Skippers here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Skippers.

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