Slapfish Menu, Prices and Locations

Slapfish is an American fast casual restaurant franchise serving sustainable seafood, founded by Andrew Gruel and based in Huntington Beach, California. There are 11 locations in the Southwestern United States.

In May 2011, American chef Andrew Gruel founded Slapfish, starting out with a retrofitted food truck, selling fresh seafood from California and lobster from Maine. Within three months, he had three food trucks in Los Angeles and Orange County.  He worked directly with fishing boats to create a supply chain for seafood, leading to a restaurant based on the idea. In early 2012, he raised money from family and friends to convert an old bagel shop in Huntington Beach into Slapfish first brick-and-mortar restaurant, serving fast casual seafood.

Slapfish Menu

Awesome SauceArugula, spinach and romaine.
Jersey SauceCreamy lemon herb.
Rooster Cocktail SauceSriracha spiked.
Tangy Grill SauceOur version of BBQ.
Tartar SauceClassic housemade.
Signature SalsaTomato style.
Chowder FriesHand cut fries smothered in creamy clam chowder & bacon$6.50
New England Clam ChowderRed potatoes, clams, bacon$6.00
Creamy Lobster DipMaine lobster meat folded into a creamy herb dip$5.50
Bowl of ShrimpChild or fried, choose sauce.$7.50
Housemade PicklesChilled or fried, choose sauce$4.00
Handcut FriesSea salt, spice, choose sauce$3.50
Ultimate Fish TacoGrilled or crispy corn tortilla, cabbage, avocado puree, pickled onion$6.00
Lobster Roll (Market Price)100% real lobster, claws, tail, knuckles. Chilled with lemon mayo, hot with drawn butter, chilled with awesome sauce.
Clobster Grilled CheeseHalf crab half lobster, tomato, awesome sauce$15.00
Fish & ChipsGrilled or crispy. Flaky whitefish served with scratch made tartar sauce and real fries$9.00 - $13.00
Surf N Turf Lobster BurgerGriddled beef patty smothered in lobster & creamy caramelized onions, hand cut fries$14.00
Daily Fish
SaladJust salad & fish$12.00
SandwichBrioche, lettuce, tomato, choose sauce$12.00
PlateRice & salad$12.00
SaladArugula, spinach, romaine, veggies, tomato vin$5.00
VeggiesGrown locally, whatever is in season$5.00
Salsa & Hand Cut Chips$3.00
Old Bay Chips & Herb Dip$3.00
Iced Tea
Organic Apple Juice
Freshmade Peach Lemonade
Batch Craft Fountain SodaCalifornia locally-produced, gluten-free, pure cane sugar.
IBC Root Beer
Ginger Beer

Visit Slapfish here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Slapfish.

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