Snappy Salads Menu, Prices and Locations

Snappy Salads is here to help time-starved adults discover craveable salads that will make you feel satisfied and refreshed.We understand what it’s like to be hungry and not feeling good about what we’re eating.  That’s why our guests rave about our Grilled Avocado Salad. Made with fresh-squeezed lime juice, the Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette brings it all together to create a salad that will keep you coming back again and again.

Snappy Salads Menu

Create Your Own HALF SnapIncludes fresh-cut greens, additions, housemade dressing, and a crunchy.$8.87
Create Your Own FULL SnapIncludes fresh-cut greens, additions, housemade dressing, and a crunchy.$11.35
Buffalo Chicken SaladIceberg, romaine, tomato, carrot, celery, our housemade SFH Maytag Blue Cheese Vinaigrette, crispy Buffalo chicken and gorgonzola$11.08 - $15.79
Cobb SaladIceberg, romaine, tomato, crumbled egg, bacon, green onion, gorgonzola, grilled all-natural chicken, avocado, and our housemade Original Brown Derby Cobb dressing$11.92 - $16.08
Grilled Avocado SaladRed leaf, iceberg, black bean & corn relish, grilled avocado & sliced tomato, queso fresco, chipotle-lime viniagrette and mexican crema.$11.92 - $16.08
Greek SaladRomaine, iceberg, tomato, Kalamata olive, cucumber, carrot, onion, pepperoncini, feta, our housemade Greek dressing, and your choice of boiled jumbo shrimp or chicken.$11.08 - $15.79
Texas Taco SaladSpicy hamburger meat served hot, iceberg, tomato, onion, cheddar and our housemade jalapeno ranch tortilla strips & avocado cream.$11.08 - $15.79
Steakhouse SaladIceberg, bacon, tomato, red onion, housemade SFH Maytag Blue Cheese Vinaigrette, and grilled Spicy Steak (antibiotic- & hormone-free)$11.08 - $15.79
Sweet & Smokey SaladRed leaf, mandarin orange, golden raisin, roasted red pepper, currant, pepperjack cheese, our housemade Mustard-Honey and hot-smoked salmon$11.08 - $15.79
Bam Bam SaladBaby spinach, baby arugula, artisan mix, red cabbage, quinoa, red onion, pulled chicken, dried cherry, chopped almond and our housemade sweet parsley dressing.$11.08 - $15.79
Gaucho SaladGrilled-to-order marinated tenderloin filet, artisan mix, avocado, mango, udon noodle, tomao, cilantro, mint, peanut, savory cabbage, Thai Steak dressing, and a side of Buddah sauce.$14.41
Yellowfin Tuna SaladArtisan mix, red cabbage, cucumber, water chestnut, celery, red onion, carrot, yellowfin tuna (seared rare), avocado, Sesame-Ginger dressing, wasabi pea, wonton, sesame seed & wasabi cream.$14.14 - $17.46
Crispy Artichoke SaladRed leaf, romaine, fresh basil, green onion, roasted red peppers, cucumber, Nicoise olive, crumbled goat cheese, handmade lemon vinaigrette, lightly fried artichoke hearts with basil pesto.$10.49 - $15.24
Sauteed Salmon SaladArtisan mix, red cabbage, grille dpineapple, carrot, red bell pepper, green onion, cilantro, our housemade Ginger vinaigrette, sauteed Sockeye salmon (served hot) and a maple glaze.$12.20 - $13.97
Thai Chicken SaladAssemble yourself: romaine spears, sauteed coconut curry chicken, red bell pepper, carrot, cilantro, green onion, and our Buddah sauce.$11.08 - $15.79
BBQ Ranch Chicken SaladIceberg, red leaf, tomato, corn, black bean, green onion, cheddar, fried chicken tenders, our housemade BBQ Ranch and firecracker sauce$11.08 - $15.79
Grilled Steak Snap WrapGrilled steak, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, Monterey Jack, romaine, in a tomato-basil tortilla served with housemade potato chips & Steakhouse Sauce$7.76
Santa Fe Chicken Snap Wrap (Premade)Santa Fe Chicken salad wrapped up in a tomato-basil tortilla with red leaf lettuce, pecan, Monterey Jack, and tomato. Served with tortilla chips & South Texas Salsa$7.76
Oversized Baked Potatow/butter, cheddar, bacon, sour cream & green onion$7.49
Daily BreadAdd a bread spread for an additional charge.$0.83
Yummy Lemon Cookie$1.10
Dasani Bottled Water$1.85
Ginger Ale (12oz. Cans)$1.50
Coke (12oz Cans)$1.50
Diet Coke (12oz Cans)$1.50
6 Pack of Coke$9.00
6 Pack of Diet Coke$9.00
6 Pack of Ginger Ale$9.00
6 Bottles of Water$9.00
12 Pack of Coke$18.00
12 Pack of Diet Coke$18.00
6 Pack of Coke and 6 Pack of Diet Coke$18.00
Soda Can Six Pack (Mix and Match)$9.00
Eco-Friendly Plate and Utensil Kit$0.40
Eco-Friendly Plate$0.25
Eco-Friendly Utensils$0.15
Eco-Friendly Large Catering Tongs$0.50

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