Snooze Menu, Prices and Locations

Founded by brothers Jon and Adam Schlegel, Snooze was born on April 2, 2006 in Denver, Colorado seeking to evolve the A.M. dining experience through culinary innovation, an eclectic and energetic atmosphere and comfortable and friendly service.Breakfast marks the beginning of a new day. At Snooze, we believe life is for living  and each person and each day is worth celebrating. Our mantra: it only takes a moment to make a difference.

From the day we were born, our people – Snoozers – have led the way serving creative twists on America’s favorite breakfast classics in a casual, friendly and vibrant atmosphere. The passion of our Snoozers is contagious. Over the past 8+ years it has inspired Snooze fans of all ages across the country.

Snooze Menu

Flavors From The Hen
Substitute hash browns or toast with fruit or house salad for $1.00 extra, or a pancake for $3.00. Substitute hash browns or toast with fruit or house salad for $1 extra, or a pancake for $3.00
3 Eggs Any StyleEggland’s best eggs with hash browns and choice of toast, fresh corn or flour tortillas. Add a side of bacon, sausage, chorizo, ham or chicken sausage $8.00. Veggie choices : onions, portabella mushr$6.00
3 Egg Omelets or ScrambleEggland’s best eggs with a choice of three fillings from below, served with hash browns and choice of toast or tortillas. Veggie choices : onions, portabella mushrooms, roasted garlic, red peppers, j$8.00
Snooze Spuds DeluxeChoose two veggies and/or meats from below to compliment heaping portions of our hash browns covered with melted cheddar, jack cheese and scallions. Veggie choices : onions, portabella mushrooms, roa$7.50 - $10.50
Juan’s Breakfast TacosThree fresh corn or flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, shredded hash browns, jack cheese, and ranchero sauce. Inside tip: add some veggies or meat. Veggie choices : onions, portabella mushro$7.50
Snooze Breakfast BurritoFilled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, veggie black beans, cheddar & jack cheese and topped with salsa fresca, green chili or ranchero and more cheese Psst, add veggies & meat. Veggie choices : oni$8.00
Huevos RancherosLayered corn or flour tortillas with black beans, jack cheese, ranchero sauce, three eggs any style, and salsa fresca. Veggie choices : onions, portabella mushrooms, roasted garlic, red peppers, jala$8.00
Steak and Eggs BenedictColeman ranch medallions, caramelized onions, roasted poblanos & poached eggs covered with smoked cheddar hollandaise & salsa fresca, plus house hash browns.$12.00
Ham Benedict IIIEnglish muffin topped with shaved brown sugar ham, soft poached eggs and smoked cheddar hollandaise, house hash browns on the side.$10.00
Pulled Piglet’s BenedictSlowly braised pulled pork and avocado atop a toasted english muffin, covered in our smoked cheddar hollandaise & served with house hash browns on the side.$9.50
Florentine’s EggsHot house tomatoes topped with, spinach, roasted poblanos and sweet onions served with soft poached eggs, our own home made smoked cheddar hollandaise, & house hash browns.$9.00
Good Ol Biscuits and Sausage GravySnooze soul gravy smothers baked from scratch biscuits, two eggs cooked your style with a side of hash browns.$9.00
Tastes From The Crop & The Cow
Vanilla Almond Oatmeal BruleeWith seasonal fresh fruit & berries and a little pot of cream.$7.00
Granola SplitA banana split by our homemade granola, organic yogurt, fresh berries & honey.$6.50
Pineapple Upside Down PancakesFresh chunks of caramelized pineapple with housemade vanilla creme anglaise and cinnamon butter.$7.75
Sweet Potato PancakesRoasted sweet potato pancakes, bourbon-caramel glaze, roasted pecans and home-made ginger butter.$7.75
Reece’s PancakesGhiradelli chocolate chips rest in a buttermilk pancake, topped with a peanut butter creme anglaise and ghiradelli chocolate shavings. ridiculous.$7.75
Cherry’s Cobbler PancakesSherry soaked cherries drizzled over a buttermilk pancake, covered with a bourbon caramel glaze, house streusel & cinnamon whipped cream.$7.75
Pancake Of The Day$7.50
Pancake FlightChoose three pancake flavors and get the best of all worlds.$8.00
Gimmegimme Pillow ToastBread pudding meets french toast, with baked apple & cinnamon challah bread topped with caramel sauce & cinnamon whipped cream.$8.50
French Toast Meet Almond VanillaAlmond crusted french toast infused with vanilla, topped with shredded coconut & served with fresh fruit and 100% vermont maple syrup.$8.50
BaconSausage links, ham, chorizo, chicken sausage$2.50
House Hash Browns$2.00
Udi’s Toast Or Raquelita’s Tortillas$1.00
Solo Pancake$4.00
Solo/Two Tacos$3.00 - $6.00
Eggs By Eggland’s Best$2.00 - $3.50
100% Maple Syrup$2.00
Coffee & Tea
Snooze House Coffee, Numi Tea$1.85
Latte or Cappucino$2.75
Espresso$1.50 - $2.00
Snooze Hot Cocoa$3.00
Flavor Boost$0.50
Iced Bevvies
Odwalla JuicesOrange, grapefruit, apple$3.50 - $2.50
Soda or Ice-T$1.85
Root Beer or Fresca$1.85

Visit Snooze here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Snooze.

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