Someburros Menu, Prices and Locations

In 1986, Isabel and her husband Eusevio’s son George and his wife Mary opened the first Someburros, quickly gaining a loyal clientele of diners who, generation after generation, returned again and again craving the restaurant’s signature dishes and warm atmosphere.

More recently George and Mary’s children – Tim, Amy and Jennilyn – have since taken over the daily operations of Someburros. Even young grandson Cody Vasquez has become skilled at whipping up the family’s inspired cuisine on his own, continuing to set the tone for younger generations to experience Someburros’ made-from-scratch specialties.Now with multiple locations in Arizona, there are more opportunities than ever to experience the warmth and time-honored traditions of the Vasquez family.

Someburros Menu

Hot Sauce (Half Pint)$1.95
Hot Sauce (Pint)$3.35
Hot Sauce (Quart)$5.95
Tomatillo Sauce - Spicy (Half Pint)$1.95
Tomatillo Sauce - Spicy (Pint)$3.35
Tomatillo Sauce - Spicy (Quart)$5.95
Fresh Chunky Salsa (Half Pint)$3.75
Fresh Chunky Salsa (Quart)$6.55
Guacamole (Half Pint)$3.25
Guacamole (Pint)$5.95
Guacamole (Quart)$10.45
Pico de Avocado (Half Pint)$3.25
Pico de Avocado (Pint)$5.95
Pico de Avocado (Quart)$10.45
Jalapeno Cream Cheese (Half Pint)$3.25
Jalapeno Cream Cheese (Pint)$5.95
Jalapeno Cream Cheese (Quart)$10.45
Sour Cream (Half Pint)$2.35
Sour Cream (Pint)$3.95
Sour Cream (Quart)$6.45
Red Enchilada Sauce (Half Pint)$2.15
Red Enchilada Sauce (Pint)$3.45
Red Enchilada Sauce (Quart)$5.95
Green Enchilada Sauce (Half Pint)$2.15
Green Enchilada Sauce (Pint)$3.45
Green Enchilada Sauce (Quart)$5.95
Rice (Half Pint)$1.95
Rice (Pint)$3.35
Rice (Quart)$5.95
Beans (Half Pint)$1.95
Beans (Pint)$3.35
Beans (Quart)$5.95
Red or Green Chili Beef (Half Pint)$3.75
Red or Green Chili Beef (Pint)$6.50
Red or Green Chili Beef (Quart)$11.95
One Dozen Flour Tortillas$4.25
One Dozen Fried Tostada Shells$4.25
Crispy Tortilla Bowl$1.25
Fresh Chips by the Bag (Small)$1.75
Fresh Chips by the Bag (Medium)$2.95
Fresh Chips by the Bag (Large)$4.35
Munchies De Mexico
Cheese Crisp (14" folded)$3.95
Cheese Crisp with Green Chile Strips (14" folded)$4.85
Cheese Crisp with Guacamole (14" folded)$5.15
Cheese Crisp with Chorizo (14" folded)$4.95
Cheese Crisp with Red Chili Beef (14" folded)$5.65
Cheese Crisp with Green Chili Beef (14" folded)$5.65
Mexican PizzaOpen cheese crisp topped with green chili beef, green onions & tomatoes$5.85
NachosWith beans, cheese, jalapenos & tomatoes$4.75
3 Taquitos - ChickenWith guacamole$4.25
3 Taquitos - BeefWith guacamole$4.25
3 Mini ChimisWith uacamole$5.25
Fresh Chips by the Bag (Small)$1.75
Fresh Chips by the Bag (Medium)$2.95
Fresh Chips by The Bag (Large)$4.35
Substitute whole wheat tortilla enchilada style red or green $1.35 deep fried $0.95 add cheese $0.75
Bean Burro$3.50
Red Chili Beef Burro$4.15
Green Chili Beef Burro$4.15
Red AND Green Chili Beef Burro$4.15
Red Chili Beef and Bean Burro$4.15
Green Chili Beef and Bean Burro$4.15
Three-Way, Red, Green and Beans Burro$4.15
Shredded Beef (Machaca) Burro$4.35
Shredded Beef, Egg & Potato Burro$4.15
Shredded Chicken Burro$4.35
Shredded Beef and Beans Burro$4.35
Shredded Chicken and Beans Burro$4.35
Chorizo, Egg and Potato Burro$4.15
Egg, Onion and Potato Burro$4.15
Bacon, Egg, Cheese and Potato Burro$4.15
Veggie Burro (See Specialties)$5.15
Carne Asada Burro (See Specialties)$5.65
Shredded Beef Taco$2.65
Shredded Chicken Taco$2.65
Ground Beef and Potato Taco$2.65
Carne Asada Taco$2.95
Fish Taco$2.95
Served with red or green sauce
Cheese Enchilada$2.95
Beef Enchilada$3.50
Chicken Enchilada$3.50
Bean Tostada$2.85
Bean with Beef Tostada$3.15
Bean with Chicken Tostada$3.15
Beef Tamale with Red Sauce$3.50
Green Corn TamaleServed with green sauce and cheese$3.50
Taco SaladServed in a crispy tortilla bowl$6.25
Chicken Taco SaladServed in a crispy tortilla bowl$7.00
Shredded Beef Taco Salad$7.00
Chicken Avocado Salad$6.45
Garden Salad$3.95
Cositas Americanas
Corn Dog$2.25
Combination Comidas
Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Rice & Beans$8.35
Taco, Tostada, Rice & Beans$8.50
Taco, Tamale, Rice & Beans$8.75
3 Mini Chimis, Rice, Beans & Guacamole$8.65
Cheese Enchilada, Tostada, Rice & Beans$8.15
Two Cheese Enchiladas, Rice & Beans$8.75
Red OR Green Chili Burro or Bean & Cheese Burro, Rice & Beans$7.65
Taco, Tostada, Cheese Enchilada$8.15
Two Taco, Rice & Beans$8.45
Breakfast Burro, Rice & Beans$7.65
Three Beef or Chicken Taquitos, Guacamole, Rice & Beans$7.65
Shredded Beef or Shredded Chicken Burro, Rice & Beans$7.85
Served deep fried, enchilada style red or green with guacamole and sour cream
Bean Chimichanga$7.15
Red Chili Beef Chimichanga$7.65
Green Chili Beef Chimichanga$7.65
Red and Green Chili Beef Chimichanga$7.65
Three-Way Red and Green and Beans Chimichanga$7.65
Shredded Chicken Chimichanga$7.85
Shredded Beef (Machaca) Chimichanga$7.85
Chicken and Beans Chimichanga$7.65
Shredded Beef and Beans Chimichanga$7.65
Pollo FundidoMarinated chunks of chicken breast wrapped in flour tortilla then deep fried and topped with jalapeno cream cheese, grated cheddar and green onions. Served with rice$8.50
Borracho BurroSoft flour tortilla filled with green chili beef, covered with green sauce and melted cheese, topped with sour cream and guacamole$7.45
Carne Asada BurroThin slices of flavorful grilled steak, beans, rice and pico de avocado are wrapped together in a soft flour tortilla. Delicioso$5.65
Veggie BurroFlour tortilla filled with tasty whole pinto beans, cheddar cheese, fresh avocado, cilantro, tomatoes and white onions with a side of veggie salsa$5.15
Tostada VerdeCrispy flour tortilla layered with delicious green chili beef, grated cheddar cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and sour cream$6.45
Crudo burro (Spicy)Our juicy and tender machaca beef combined with a spicy, light and tasty green tomatillo sauce. Served with rice$6.75
Poncho VillaSoft flour tortilla filled with red chili beef, covered with red sauce and melted cheese, topped with sour cream and guacamole$7.45
Rod BurroA warmed flour tortilla filled with green and red chili beef, refried beans, chorizo and white onions, then topped with both red and green enchilada sauce and melted cheese$7.45
Enchilada Style (Red)$1.35
Enchilada Style (Green)$1.35
Deep Fried$0.95
Extra Cheese$0.75
Refried Beans$1.75
Whole Pinto Beans$1.75
Flour Tortilla$0.95
Buttered Flour Tortilla$0.95
3 Corn Tortilla$1.25
Green Chili$3.70
Red Chili$3.70
Shredded Chicken$3.95
Shredded Beef$3.95
Fried Egg$0.95
Sour Cream$1.15
Jalapeno Cream Cheese$1.50
Pico de Avocado$1.50
Veggie Salsa$0.75
Veggie Salsa (1/2 Pint)$1.95
Hot Sauce (1/2 Pint)$1.95
Tomatillo Sauce (Spicy)$0.75
TacoServed with whole or refried beans or rice, plus churro and kid's drink$4.35
Bean BurritoServed with whole or refried beans or rice, plus churro and kid's drink$4.35
Two Chicken or Beef TaquitosServed with whole or refried beans or rice, plus churro and kid's drink$4.35
Mini Cheese CrispServed with whole or refried beans or rice, plus churro and kid's drink$4.35
Cinnamon CrispiesWith whipped cream$2.95
3 Burritos (Apple or Cherry)$3.95
Soda, lemonade, iced tea, powerade
Horchata (Small)$1.95
Horchata (Large)$2.50
Chocolate Milk$1.50
Orange Juice$1.75
Bottled Water$1.50
Coffee (Small)$1.55
Coffee (Large)$1.95
Hot Tea$1.95
20 oz Drink$1.75
32 oz Drink$1.95
Loyalty Cup$0.75

Visit Someburros here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Someburros.

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