SPIN Pizza Menu, Prices and Locations

It doesn’t take long to notice why SPIN! is so special. We’ve built each SPIN! to be your go-to neighborhood place for eating, drinking and hanging.Whether you’re dropping by for a quick lunch or pushing tables together for a dinner hangout with your crew, this is your SPIN!.

Your server will bring your beverages right over, and your food won’t be far behind. It’s pretty darn quick to the table here at SPIN!, but the time and care we take creating each ingredient, crafting each crust, and baking YOUR pizza reflects our pride in our food and gratitude for your company. And the desire to make you and your friends and family really, really happy.

SPIN Pizza Menu

Roasted Eggplant Parmigiana$6.95
Stuffed Mondo Pork MeatballCrescenza cheese and marinara.$6.95
Calabrian Shrimp FormaggiCrescenza cheese, Calabrian peppers and breadcrumbs.$7.95
Rosemary Flatbread and Dips
Rosemary Flatbread with 1 DipChoose from lemon ricotta & olive oil, white bean hummus, or roasted red pepper & goat cheese.$3.95
Rosemary Flatbread with Dip TrioComes with lemon ricotta & olive oil, white bean hummus, and roasted red pepper & goat cheese.$4.95
Roasted Tomato Basil SoupMade from scratch daily.$4.25 - $5.25
White Bean Minestrone SoupMade from scratch daily.$4.25 - $5.25
Soup and Salad
Soup and SaladCup of soup and 1/2 salad.$8.25
Green Insalata
Spin! Caesar SaladHomemade Caesar dressing, farmhouse croutons and shaved Grana Padano.$5.25 - $8.75
Arugula SaladExtra virgin olive oil and lemon squeeze, shaved Grana Padano and fresh criminis.$5.25 - $8.75
Sonoma SaladBlood orange vinaigrette, grapes, raisins, apples, goat cheese and glazed pecans.$5.25 - $8.75
Chopped BLT SaladGorgonzola buttermilk, pancetta, Gorgonzola, scallions and farmhouse croutons.$5.25 - $8.75
8 Color SaladRed wine vinaigrette or cucumber buttermilk, roasted grape tomatoes, radishes, celery, scallions, farmhouse croutons, toasted pine nuts and Gorgonzola.$5.25 - $8.75
Greek SaladRed wine vinaigrette, cucumber, roasted artichokes, feta, roasted grape tomatoes, scallions and Kalamata olives.$5.25 - $8.75
Spinach and Goat Cheese SaladChianti vinaigrette, criminis, pancetta, caramelized onions, roasted grape tomatoes and glazed pecans.$5.25 - $8.75
Panini and Subs
Turkey Asiago and Pesto PaniniPancetta, pesto mayo, caramelized onions and roasted grape tomatoes. Grilled on farmhouse bread.$8.25
Spicy Italian Beef PaniniGiardiniera, Asiago, mozzarella, fontina, provolone and pepperoncini. Grilled on farmhouse bread.$8.25
Grilled 3 Cheese PaniniFresh mozzarella, Asiago and provolone. Grilled on farmhouse bread.$6.25
Chicken and Cherry Pepper Relish PaniniAsiago and pancetta mayo. On toasted challah roll with lettuce and tomato.$8.25
Lean Roast Beef PaniniAsiago and horseradish mayo. On toasted challah roll with lettuce and tomato.$8.25
Classic Italian SubMustard mayo, hard salami, ham, mortadella and provolone. On toasted challah roll with lettuce and tomato.$8.25
12" Rossa Handspun Pizzas
1. 12" Formaggi Semplice Cheese PizzaMozzarella, provolone and fontina. With pure crushed tomatoes.$10.25
2. 12" Spin! Margherita PizzaFresh mozzarella, basil and roasted tomatoes. With pure crushed tomatoes.$11.45
3. 12" Pepperoni PizzaWith pure crushed tomatoes.$11.95
4. 12" Roasted Portobellos and Criminis PizzaWith pure crushed tomatoes.$11.95
5. 12" Salsiccia and Caramelized Onions PizzaItalian sausage. With pure crushed tomatoes.$12.45
6. 12" Oliva and Carciofi PizzaOlive and artichoke. Caramelized onions and roasted capers. With pure crushed tomatoes.$12.45
7. 12" Sopressata Salami and Calabrian Peppers PizzaWith pure crushed tomatoes.$12.45
8. 12" BBQ di Pollo and Roasted Pineapple PizzaBBQ chicken. Fresh mozzarella and caramelized onions. With pure crushed tomatoes.$13.95
9. 12" The Carni Pizza3 meats. Meatballs, pepperoni and Italian sausage. With pure crushed tomatoes.$13.45
10. 12" Primavera PizzaFresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, spinach, red onions, criminis and goat cheese. With pure crushed tomatoes.$13.45
11. 12" Goat Cheese and Fresh Arugula PizzaWith pure crushed tomatoes.$11.95
12" Bianca Handspun Pizza
12. 12" Spinaci e Aglio and Pine Nuts PizzaSpinach and garlic. With roasted garlic olive oil glaze and fresh mozzarella.$11.25
13. 12" Patate PizzaRoasted potato. Pancetta, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and scallions. With roasted garlic olive oil glaze and fresh mozzarella.$11.95
14. 12" Melanzane PizzaRoasted eggplant. Goat cheese and caramelized onions.$11.45
15. 12" Cinque Formaggi Pizza5 cheese. Provolone, fontina, Taleggio, Grana Padano, and pine nuts.$11.45
16. 12" Pollo Arrosto and Chevre PizzaChicken and goat cheese. Caramelized onions and criminis.$12.45
17. 12" Prosciutto and Spinaci and Fig Onion Marmalade PizzaWith roasted garlic olive oil glaze and fresh mozzarella.$13.25
18. 12" Salsiccia con Mela PizzaItalian sausage and apples. Crushed glazed pecans. With roasted garlic olive oil glaze and fresh mozzarella.$12.95
19. 12" Pesto e Pollo PizzaChicken and pesto. With roasted garlic olive oil glaze and fresh mozzarella.$12.95
20. 12" Shrimp Scampi PizzaSpinach and Calabrian peppers. With roasted garlic olive oil glaze and fresh mozzarella.$14.95
Mini-mia Pizza
Mini Mia Signature PizzaWith small salad or cup of soup.$9.45
Mini Mia Spin! Your Own PizzaWith 2 toppings and small salad or cup of soup.$9.45
Mondo Meatball MiaWith small salad or soup cup.$9.95
Roasted Eggplant MiaWith small salad or soup cup.$9.95
Calabrian Shrimp Formaggi MiaWith small salad or soup cup.$10.95

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