Sushi Hana Menu, Prices and Locations

Sushi Hana is one of many Japanese Restaurants in town.  Their extensive menu has sushi (nigiri, maki, and chirashi), sashimi, tempura, udon, soba, teriyaki, and katsu, plus appetizers and salads –there’s even some special child-sized options.Sushi Hana serves inventive Japanese Cuisine ranging from sushi, sashimi and creative salads to signature dishes and specialty rolls. We also provide catering services and private rooms.

Sushi Hana Menu

Salad & Soup
Ahi Poke Salad(Tuna, seaweed, avocado w/ a kim chi dressing).$7.00
House Green Salad$5.00
Seaweed Salad$6.00
Miso Soup$3.00
Seaweed Egg Drop Soup$4.00
Chef Salad(Asparagus, crab, avocado, shrimp, masago and seaweed in a ginger dressing).$13.00
Yakisoba(Stir fried noodles w/ mix veg).$13.00
Shoyu Ramen(Veg. & braised pork belly in a shoyu broth).$12.00
Nabeyaki Udon Or Soba(Shrimp tempura, chicken, veg. & egg in a noodle soup).$13.00
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki$16.00
Salmon Teriyaki$18.00
Vegetable Tempura$13.00
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura$18.00
Chicken Katsu(Breaded deep fried chicken cutlet w/ ton katsu sauce or kokumaru curry sauce).$16.00
Yasai Itame(Stir fried fresh veg. w/ tofu & shitake mushroom).$14.00
Ocean Hana(Stuffed half lobster, crispy red snapper w/ plum sauce and blackened scallops w/ a tobiko spicy mayo sauce).$29.00
Beef Negimaki(Flank steak wrapped w/ scallion & asparagus and topped w/ a teriyaki sauce).$19.00
Duck Ala Japonaise(Broiled duck breast w/ a wasabi citrus grand marnier sauce).$19.00
Chilean Sea Bass Miso(Marinated in a saikyo sweet miso sauce and served w/ a butter ponzu sauce).$24.00
Seared Salmon Yuzu(Topped w/ cream cheese, spinach & yozu - spicy lemon sauce).$19.00
Sesame Crusted Tuna( W/ an orange vinaigrette sauce).$21.00
Japanese Tapas
Ikageso (Fried Squid Legs)$3.95
Gyoza (Pan Fried Beef Dumplings)$3.95
Veg. Gyoza (Steamed Veg. Dumplings)$3.95
Fish BallIn a kokumaru curry broth.$3.95
Age Tofu$3.95
Oshitashi(Spinach w/ sesame).$3.95
Veg. Spring Roll$3.95
Nasu Shigiyaki(Eggplant w/ mountain veg.).$3.95
Scallion Pancake(W/ a kokumaru curry dipping sauce).$3.95
Kim Chi$3.95
Oshinko Pickles$3.95
Hirata Bun(Braised pork belly in a white bun).$3.95
Ebi Shumai$3.95
Japanese Tapas 1
Pumpkin Sticks$4.95
Okonomaki(Seafood & veg. pancake).$4.95
Kaki Tama(Breaded oyster egg omelette).$4.95
Kurobuta Sausage$4.95
Kiniko (Sauteed Mix Mushroom)$4.95
Kani Roll (Crispy Lump Crab Meat Roll)$4.95
Samurai Ribs(Pan seared pork ribs).$4.95
Portabello Tempura$4.95
Baby Octopus(In a teriyaki glaze).$4.95
P. E. I. Mussels(In a ske - lemon broth).$4.95
Shrimp Pouch$4.95
Kalbi(Bone - in short rib).$4.95
Ingen Jyako(Sauteed string beans topped w/ crispy tiny sardines).$4.95
Spicy Squid$4.95
Bento Box Specials
Choice of any two items. Served w/ shumai, rice & salad.
Chicken Teriyaki$22.00
Salmon Teriyaki$22.00
Beef Negimaki$22.00
Shrimp & Veg. Tempura$22.00
Sushi Or Sashimi(Add $2.00).$22.00
(Meat, seafood & veg. on skewers).
Chicken Breast$2.00
Chicken Wing$2.00
Chicken Meat Ball$2.00
Chicken Liver$2.00
Shishito Peppers$2.00
Yakitori 1
Salmon & Scallion$3.00
Ika Geso (Squid Legs)$3.00
Uzuro - Bacon Maki (Quail Egg Wrapped in Bacon)$3.00
Yaki Onigiri(Rice ball flavored w/ soy sauce).$3.00
Satsuma Age (Tofu Fish Cake)$3.00
(Japanese b. b. q. grill at your own table).
Choice Of MeatPrime rib eye, ny strip steak, premium kalbi short rib, harami skirt steak, yakishabu brisket, chicken breast, pork tenderloin.
Yakiniku - Marinate
Tare - Garlic$12.00
Miso - Tare$10.00
Tare - Garlic$8.00
Wasabi - Soy$8.00
Tobanjan - Soy$8.00

Visit Sushi Hana here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Sushi Hana.

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