Swensons Menu, Prices and Locations

Swensons Drive-In is a regional fast food restaurant chain with locations throughout Greater Akron, Ohio. Swensons’ signature hamburger is the Galley Boy, a double cheeseburger prepared using two sauces, and the restaurant also purveys 18 different milkshakes.

Wesley T. “Pop” Swenson started selling hamburgers at Buchtel High School out of a station wagon in 1933. In 1934, he opened a restaurant on South Hawkins in Akron, near Market Street. Swenson sold the restaurant in 1949 to Robert Phillips, who began expansion in 1952 with a second location in North Akron on East Cuyahoga Falls Avenue.

Swensons Menu

Fresh Garden Salads
Tropical vinaigrette, french, ranch & light italian
Dinner SaladBlend of crispy, mixed green with eggs, tomatoes & cheddar cheese$3.25
Chef SaladDinner salad with tender ham & juicy grilled chicken strips$5.50
Grilled Chicken SaladDinner salad with generous portion of hot, juicy grilled chicken$5.50
Steak SaladDinner salad topped with generous portion of flavorful steak$5.50
Side SaladSmaller serving of the dinner salad$2.50
Applesauce or Creamy Coleslaw$1.25 - $2.50
Hot Homestyle Soups
Our signature recipes, made fresh daily
Vegetable Beef SoupEight delicious vegetables and tasty beef in a rich broth. Great anytime$2.35 - $4.70
ChiliTraditional mild$2.55 - $5.10
World's Greatest Cheeseburger
Galley BoyOur award winning, signature double cheeseburger with two special sauces$3.35
HamburgMade with everything means mustard, dill pickles & onions or as you like it see below$1.95
CheeseburgerMade with everything means mustard, dill pickles & onions or as you like it see below$2.40
Double HamburgMade with everything means mustard, dill pickles & onions or as you like it see below$2.75
Double Cheeseburger$3.20
Quarter Pounder PlusOn a toasted sesame see bun$3.35
Half Pounder PlusOn a toasted sesame see bun$4.95
Triple Hamburg$3.55
Triple Cheeseburger$4.45
SteakSirloin strip with lettuce & tomato on a toasted bun$4.05
PorkSlow roasted with BBQ sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun$3.30
Fried Bologna1/4 lb All beef on toasted bun$2.90
Baked HamOn a toasted sesame seed bun$2.75
Hot dog$1.80
Hot dog with Coney Sauce$2.35
Sloppy JoeQuality Ground beef on a toasted sesame seed bun$2.65
Fish SandwichMild whitefish, lightly breaded, tender & delicious$3.25
Fried Chicken FilletCrispy, breaded, boneless breast$3.30
Grilled CheeseChoice of white or whole wheat bread$2.40
Lighter Fare
Salad BoyDelicious veggie burger with two special sauces. Served on a whole bun with lettuce, pickles onion & cheese$3.95
Grilled Chicken Breast (4 oz)On a whole bun$4.10
Veggie SpecialLettuce, tomato, pickles, onion & honey mustard on a toasted whole wheat bun$2.05
Bacon, Lettuce & TomatoOn toasted white or whole wheat Bread$2.80
Egg SaladOn white or whole wheat bread$2.10
As You Like It
Extra topped with new sriracha a-1 sauce mild or spicy, cocktail sauce, honey mustard, horseradish, ketchup, onion raw, pickles dill or sweet, mayo, relish, tartar sauce, tobasco and worcestershire, cajun spices too. Ranch dressing on a sandwich $15.00 ex
In a BasketAny sandwich with smaller fries & coleslaw or apple sauce$2.25
Crispy Extras
Ranch Dressing On the Side $0.60
French FriesOnly ldaho$1.95
Onion RingsOur special recipe$2.10
Potato PuffsShredded fried potatoes, delicious$2.00
Potato TeezersA tasty potato, cheese & jalapeno combo$2.30
Fried Mushrooms$2.00
Chicken Nuggets (6 Piece)$2.40
Chicken Nuggets (10 Piece)$3.95
Children's Favorites
Hot Dog$1.80
Grilled Cheese$2.40
Chicken Nuggets (6 Piece)$2.40
Kid's Drink12 oz Plastic cup with lid$1.45
Kid's Milkshake12 oz Plastic cup with lid$2.70
Kid's Smooth - Eee12 oz Plastic cup with lid$2.75
Dazzling Desserts
Topping to any dessert hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, butterscotch and cream $0.40
SidekicksFrozen fruit treat, 100% fruit juice$1.40
XangoCheesecake rolled in a flaky pastry torilla$3.15
Xango SundaeXango served with ice cream and whipped cream$4.15
Brownie SundaeBrownie served with ice cream and Whipped Cream$3.15
SundaeServed with whipped cream and topping of your choice$2.95
Ice CreamOne scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream$1.00
From The Fountain
Create your own combinations, think hot fudge, peanut butter, strawberry, banana, vanilla, mint, pineapple, orange etc extra $0.40, malt with any flavor extra $0.45
18 Milkshake - Classic$3.10 - $2.70
18 Milkshake - Special$3.20 - $2.80
Flavors - ClassicChocolate, vanilla, strawberry, grape, cherry, orange, lemon
Flavors - SpecialHot fudge, buttersotch, pineapple, peanut butter, key lime, banana, mocha, coffee, mint plus our current seasonal flavor
Soft Drinks
Add flavor to any drink $0.40 extra
Pepsi$1.65 - $1.45
Diet Pepsi$1.65 - $1.45
Dr. Pepper$1.65 - $1.45
Mountain Dew$1.65 - $1.45
Gingerale$1.65 - $1.45
Cherry$1.65 - $1.45
Grape$1.65 - $1.45
Orange$1.65 - $1.45
California or Florida$1.65 - $1.45
Lemonade, Iced Tea the 1/2 %1/2$1.65 - $1.45
PhosphatesChocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, grape, orange$1.65 - $1.45
Iced CoffeeCool and creamy made with sumatra blend 16 oz$2.10
Smooth - Eee$3.10 - $2.75
Mint WhipA lighr frothy favorite 16 oz$2.55
FloatsAll flavors 16 oz$2.55
Ice Cream SodasAll flavors 16 oz$2.55
MilkWhite or chocolate $0.90
Coffee, Decaf or Tea$1.05 - $1.35
Hot ChocolateWhipped cream a slice of lemon, drinks with no ice each or extra $0.25, ice in a 12 oz. cup $0.35$1.30 - $1.50
Shrimp Dinner18-19 Fried shrimp with cocktail sauce$6.85
Fish DinnerTwo lightly breaded whitefish fillets$6.85
Fried Chicken Dinner5 Breaded chicken breast strips$6.85
Bucket of Chicken14-16 Breaded breast strips, bucket & dinner include roll, fries & coleslaw or apple sauce$20.55
Chicken or Shrimp Snack$4.75

Visit Swensons here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Swensons.

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