Tahoe Joe’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Tahoe Joe’s is a chain of ten steakhouse restaurants based in the Central Valley of California. The first restaurant opened in Fresno in 1996 with restaurants in Roseville and Folsom opening in 2007. In May 2008, Tahoe Joe’s parent company, Buffets, Inc. was undergoing bankruptcy and tried to sell the Tahoe Joe’s chain.The original Tahoe Joe’s restaurant in Fresno closed in September, 2016.Tahoe Joe’s has received an 8 ranking from 10best. Additionally, Tahoe Joe’s has been noted at The Consumerist for making amends for a wedding banquet gone wrong.

Tahoe Joe’s Menu

Railroad Camp Shrimpone dozen hand battered, tempura style shrimp tossed with wontons and peanuts in our sweet and spicy garlic-soy sauce, 8.99, order up the 'big railroad' featuring 18 shrimp$12.99
Pan Fried Calamariseared with a pistachio crust and topped with lemon caper sauce$7.99
Mushroom Skilletwe serve our steak mushrooms sizzlin' in a cast iron skilled with garlic, wine and scallion butter, served with dippin' bread$6.99
Jackpot Nachospiled high with refried beans, jack and cheddar cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos and topped with sour cream, homemade guacamole and green onions, add Joe's steak or grilled chicken 3.99$7.99
Onion Strawshand breaded onion petals paired with spicy ranch and jalapeno BBQ sauce for dipping$6.99
Brave Heartscrispy artichoke hearts tossed with lemon garlic butter and parmesan cheese$6.99
Buffalo Wingsspicy buffalo sauteed jumbo wings$6.99
Joe's Steak Quesadillasthinly sliced Joe's steak melted pepper jack cheese and homemade pico de gallo$7.99
Emerald Bay Favorites
add a mixed greens, salad, baby greens salad, Caesar salad or a bowl of homemade soup with any entree 2.99
Boomtown Shrimpsix jumbo shrimp dusted with blackening spices on top of our spicy fettuccini alfredo paired with fresh veggies$16.99
Taylor Creek Salmonserved with a big baked potato and fresh veggies also available blackened$17.99
Pan Seared Calamariseared with a pistachio crust and topped with lemon caper butter, paired with our spicy fettuccini alfredo and fresh veggies$14.99
Shrimp Pasta Del Sollightly blackened jumbo shrimp atop penne noodles, tossed with sun dried tomatoes basil, garlic, parmesan and feta cheese, pasta del sol 11.99$16.99
Knob Creak Salmonmarinated in fresh ginger brown sugar and knob creek bourbon, served with a big baked potato and fresh veggies$17.99
Fresh Catchask your server for details on Joe's latest catch of the day!
Dinner For Two
start with your favorite appetizer, then choose either Joe's steak or prime rib followed by a slice of nevada cheesecake to share, price is per person, add a bottle of tahoe Joe's proprietors wine to your - dinner for two 14.99
Joe's Steak For Two$21.99 - $18.99
Prime Rib For Two$25.99 - $22.99
Joe's Bowls
Chicken Caesar Saladthe traditional salad made one batter with sun dried tomatoes$10.99
Joe's Steak Sandwichthinly sliced Joe's steak, mushroom, onions, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, a green chili and Thousand Island dressing between parmesan grilled bread, served with cabin fries$11.99
Wood Grilled Chicken Saladhand pulled chicken atop baby field greens tossed with a light champagne vinaigrette, raisins, sweet walnuts, tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese$10.99
Black Jack Burgerhalf pound of wood grilled angus beef topped with crisp bacon and your choice of cheese, served with cabin fries$10.99
Railroad Camp Shrimp Saladone dozen hand battered tempura style shrimp on top of thinly sliced lettuce, tossed with wontons, peanuts and our cucumber vinaigrette dressing$10.99
Wood Grilled Steaks
our steaks are hand cut, USDA corn fed beef, aged to our standards all grilled over a wood fire, steaks and all cabin combos come with blue lake green beans and your
Choice of Onebaby greens salad, mixed greens salad, Caesar salad, homemade soup
Choice of One.big baked potato, mountain mashers, vegetable pilaf, cabin fries
New York Strip14 oz. choice of NY strip$20.99
Ponderosa Sirloina thick 12 oz. choice top cut$18.49
Joe's Ribeye14 oz. choice favorite$20.99
Virginia City Filet9 oz. center cut and bacon wrapped$24.99
Sierra Steak9oz, marinated sirloin$15.99
Tahoe T-Bonea 22oz, steak featuring New York strip and filet mignon$25.99
Complement Your Stylesauteed mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese$1.99
Joe's Steakslow roast sirloin rolled in cracked black pepper and wood grilled$17.99 - $14.99
Cabin Combos
our signature 6oz, paired with one of your favorites
Three Jumbo Prawns - 10 oz Center Cut Pork Chop$18.99
Wood Grilled BBQ Chicken - Sierra Mountain Ribs$18.99
Sierra Mountain Specialties
Prime Ribrubbed with fresh rosemary and Joe's special blend of spices then slow-roasted for maximum flavor and tenderness, includes your choice of a salad or a bowl or soup and a side choice$20.99 - $18.99
Sierra Mountain Ribsslow cooked baby-back ribs, wood grilled and served with Joe's beans and cabin fries, includes your choice of a salad or a bowl of soup$25.99 - $17.99
Center-Cut Pork Chopstwo 10oz center cut chops grilled over a wood fire and paired with mountain mashers and blue lake green beans$17.99
Whiskey Peppercorn Chickenserved mountain mashers and blue lake green beans$13.99
Ribs and Railroad Camp Shrimpa single-rack of our tender baby-back ribs paired with our signature railroad camp shrimp and Joe's beans$18.99
Joe's Steak Medallions10oz. of Joe's steak skewered along side roasted onions and peppers served atop vegetable pilaf with blue lake green beans$16.99
Wood Grilled BBQ Chickenserved with mountain mashers and blue lake green beans$13.99
Family Style Meals For Take - Out Only
Joe's Sirloin Roasta 31/2 lb, roast, slow cooked for tenderness, rolled in cracked black pepper, grilled over a wood fire and served with creamed horseradish on the side
Giant Dinner Saladcarrots, tomatoes, onions, and croutons tossed in crispy iceberg lettuce with your choice of one dressing, our fresh made dressings are Caesar, ranch, honey mustard, bleu cheese, Thousand Island and
Sourdough Rollstahoe Joe's dinner rolls are fantastic! we serve 5 rolls with this dinner$0.35
Family Style Meals For Take - Out Only - Pick Two Sides
Blue Lake Green Beans
Vegetable Pilaf
Fresh Daily Vegetables
Joe's Ranch Style Beans
Mountain Mashers with Gravy
Build a Bigger Dinner
available with the purchase of an entree only
Single Rack of Joe's Baby Back Ribs$8.99
Charbroiled Chicken Breast$5.29
Pan-Seared Calamari$6.69
Three Jumbo Prawnsscampi or railroad style$5.99
Joe's Steak Roast Dinner
serves 4-5
Joe's Steak Roast Dinner$39.99
Family Style Meals For Take - Out Only - Sides
Mountain Mashers$3.99 - $6.99
Blue Lake Green Beans$3.99 - $6.99
Vegetable Pilaf$3.99 - $6.99
Joe's Ranch Style Beans$3.99 - $6.99
Fresh Vegetables$4.99 - $7.99
Big Baked Potatowith all the fixins$3.99
Joe's Sourdough Rolls$2.89
Fresh Soups
Sunday, Chicken Pot Pie$3.99 - $6.99
Monday Thru Thursday, Chef's Choice$3.99 - $6.99
Friday and Saturday, Clam Chowder$3.99 - $6.99
Joe's Fresh Made Dressings
your choice of
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island and Caesar$4.59 - $6.99
Nevada Cheesecakeyou're gonna love it$5.99
Ski Jump Chocolate Cakefeed your craving$5.99
Joe's Sirloin Roast
Joe's Sirloin Roast$24.99
This - N - That
Mixed Greens Salad, Baby Greens Salad, or Caesar Salad as an Entree$6.99 - $4.99
Soup and Salad$7.99
Today's Soup$2.99 - $3.99
Mountain Mashers$2.99
Big Baked Potatoone pound baker roasted with kosher salt and dressed at your table$3.99
Blue Lake Green Beans$2.99
Vegetable Pilaf$2.99
Fresh Seasonal Veggies$2.99
Cabin Fries$2.99
Little Joe's Menu
served with a child's beverage and cabin fries or carrot sticks with ranch dressing
Junior Sierra Steak$6.99
Sierra Mountain Ribs$6.99
Hot Dog$4.99
Little Black Jack Burger$4.99
Chicken Fingers$4.99
Skillet Grilled Cheese$4.49
Nevada CheesecakeJoe likes his cheesecake tall, with a thick graham cracker crust and sour cream frosting, you're going to like it too$5.99
Junior Sundae$2.99
Ski Jump Chocolate Cakea rich double chocolate cake topped with fresh whipped cream and homemade chocolate sauce$5.99 - $6.99
Rootbeer Float$2.99

Visit Tahoe Joe’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Tahoe Joe’s.

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