Taste of Asia Menu, Prices and Locations

“We established A Taste of Asia in Montclair, NJ when we started the cuisine in the State of New Jersey. The year was 1995 which we were written up in several major publications such as The New York Times, The Star Ledger, Zagat Survey and many more. We branched out to Chatham in the year 2000 and running both the restaurants was quite exhausting. By the end of 2003, we closed the Montclair store when the lease expired and kept the larger location in Chatham. We cater to dietary preference customers which we support them by having several different category in menus, such as Vegetarian Menu, Gluten & Wheat Free Menu & Real Authentic Spicy Menu.”

Taste of Asia Menu

Vegetables Pakorafresh vegetables spiced and lightly fried in our special batter.$2.99
Vegetables Samosacrispy fried turnovers deliciously filled with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas.$0.75
Meat Samosa(chicken / beef), crispy fried turnovers filled with chicken / beef.$1.00
Fish Pokoradeep fried in a batter with indian spices.$6.99
Chicken Pakoradeep fried with fresh garlic, ginger and herbs.$5.99
Aloo Tkkidelicately fried spiced patties.$1.00
Samosa Chat, Papri Chat And Chana Chatchick peas and steamed potatoes topped with spicy homemade masala.$3.99
Fried Shrimpdeep fried with flour and herbs.$9.99
Fried Fishdeep fried with flour and herbs.$6.99
Naanwheat bread with a touch of our special butter baked in our special brick oven.$1.00
Garlic Naanhealthy unleavened bread stuffed with fresh garlic.$1.99
Onion Kulchadelightful unleavened bread stuffed with onions and spices.$1.99
Tandoori Rotiround shaped whole wheat bread baked in tandoor (brick oven).$1.50
Keema Naangoat or lamb, chick beef leavened bread stuffed with keema herbs and spices.$3.99
Cheese Naancrisp baked leavened battered bread stuffed with cheese baked in clay oven.$2.99
Chili Naancrisp baked leavened battered bread topped with chili pepper.$1.99
Bhatureor puri $1.49.$1.99
Masala Naancrisp baked leavened bread baked with indian spices in a clay oven.$1.50
Aloo Paratharoasted wheat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes.$2.49
Lacha Paratha$2.49
Vegetarian Specialties
Malai Koftaground vegetable balls, lightly fried and simmered in our special sauce.$8.99
Shahi Paneer Masalahomemade cheese mixed with onions and tomatoes in our special butter and fresh spices.$8.99
Noveratan Kormamixed vegetables cooked with nuts, mild spices and cream.$8.99
Palak Paneerspinach & homemade cheese cubes cooked in mild curry & fresh spices.$7.99
Chana Masalachickpeas and fresh tomatoes cooked in mild spices.$6.99
Aloo Gobhicauliflower and potatoes cooked with onions and spices.$7.99
Dall Makhaniurad (black beans) and raj maan (kidney beans) simmered in cream, lightly fried in our special butter with fresh onions, ginger & garlic.$6.99
Mutter Paneergreen peas and homemade cheese cubes cooked in special curry.$7.99
Mixed Vegetablescurried mixed vegetables in light oriental spices.$6.99
Bhaingan Bhartaroasted eggplant with green peas and onions cooked with indian herbs and spices.$8.99
Bhindi Masalafresh baby okra sauteed with onions, peppers and tomatoes with indian herbs and spices.$8.99
(Dall Fry) Dalllentils & black beans tempered with indian herbs spice made with onion.$7.99
Paneer Bhurjishredded homemade cheese cooked with indian herbs and spices with onions and bell peppers.$9.99
Paneer Tikka Masalahomemade cheese and bell peppers cooked with herbs and spices.$8.99
Paneer Jalfraizeestrips of homemade cheese marinated with fresh ground spices and sauteed with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.$8.99
Karahi Paneerhomemade cheese cooked with bell pepper, onion, tomatoes and indian spices.$9.99
Kofta Palakcheese and vegetable balls cooked in spinach and spices.$8.99
Saag Aloofresh spinach leaves cooked with potatoes, indian spices and herbs.$7.99
Chana Saagfresh spinach cooked with chana and spices.$7.99
Aloo Matterfresh potatoes and green peas cooked with spicy gravy.$7.99
Kofta Makhanicheese and vegetable balls cooked with batter gravy.$8.99
Tandoor Specialties
Chicken Tandoorimarinated chicken in yogurt with mild spices, cooked in our special clay oven (tandoor).$8.99 - $15.99
Chicken Leg$5.99
Chicken Tikkaboneless cubes of chicken marinated in yogurt with mild spices and cooked in clay oven (tandoor).$8.99
Sheekh(lamb/beef) kabab, minced lamb meat rolls cooked in tandoor (clay oven).$7.99
Reshmi (Chicken) Kababchicken breast with yogurt in tandoor (clay oven).$5.99
Tandoor Shrimpfresh king size shrimp gently seasoned, slowly broiled in the tandoor.$11.99
Fish Tikkacubes of fresh salmon marinated & grilled to perfection in clay tandoor.$11.99
Chicken Specialties
Chicken Tikka Masalachunks of chicken cooked in creamy sauce with fresh tomatoes.$7.99
Chicken Kormachicken chunks cooked in our special sauce with almond shivers & cashew nuts.$8.99
Chicken Curryboneless chicken cooked with mild spice and curry spice.$7.99
Chicken Vindaloochicken cooked in spicy curry sauce with potatoes.$7.99
Chicken Saagwalachunks of chicken cooked with spinach & our special sauce & lightly spiced.$7.99
Chicken Makhaniour special tandoori chicken cooked in butter sauce & chopped tomatoes.$8.99
Chicken Chili And Chicken 65chicken breast cooked with chili and tomatoes and spicy sauce.$8.99
Chicken Mala Barchicken cubes cooked with coconut and black peppers, onion gravy.$8.99
Chicken Kashmiritender pieces of chicken cooked with nuts and creamy sauce.$8.99
Chicken Karahichicken cooked with sauteed onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, herbs & spices.$9.99
Butter Chickenbaby chicken cooked in clay oven, then cooked in special creamy sauce.$9.99
Mango Chickenfresh chicken pieces cooked with mango flavored and indian spices.$9.99
Morgh Cholefresh chicken pieces cooked with chick peas, onion, tomato gravy.$8.99
Chicken Jalfraizeestrips of chicken marinated with fresh ground spices and sauteed with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.$8.99
Acharee Chickenchicken cooked with onion, garlic, tomato, fresh chili pepper, flavored with pickle and spice.$8.99
Fish Currytilapia cooked in a curry sauce.$9.99
Shrimp Curryjumbo shrimp with mild curry sauce.$9.99
Fish Karahi Masalatilapia pieces of haddock cooked in a mild blend of fresh spice in a tangy curry sauce.$10.99
Shrimp Vindaloojumbo shrimp and potatoes cooked in a red hot curry sauce.$9.99
Shrimp Jalfrazieejumbo shrimp sauteed with onion, tomatoes and bell peppers in a curry sauce.$9.99
Shrimp Saagjumbo shrimp, cooked in a curry sauce with spinach.$9.99
Shrimp Tikka Masalajumbo shrimp marinated, roasted and folded into a rich creamy sauce.$11.99
Lamb / Goat Specialties
Lab / Goat Currychunks of lamb with mild curry sauce.$9.99
Lamb Kormaan exotic preparation in a creamy spiced sauce.$10.99
Keema Materminced lamb meat, peas and seasonings cooked in curry sauce.$9.99
Lamb / Goat Jalfraizeefresh tender cubes sauteed with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers, cooked in a curry sauce.$9.99
Lamb / Goat Saagtender cubes cooked with curry spices and spinach.$9.99
Lamb / Goat Vindaloofresh meat cooked with red hot sauce.$9.99
Lamb / Goat Karahitender meat cooked with fresh tomatoes, herbs and pepper.$9.99
Lamb Tikka Masalaboneless marinated lamb roasted and folded into a rich creamy sauce spices.$9.99
Lamb Rogan Joshtender morsels of lamb cooked with ground spice in a tomato sauce.$9.99
Lambground lamb ball cooked in curry sauce.$9.99
Rice Speciatlies (Biryani)
Vegetable Biryanispecial imported basmati rice cooked and fried with vegetables.$6.99
Chicken Biryanispecial imported basmati rice cooked with chicken, onions, fresh ginger and flavored with delicate light spices.$6.99
Chicken Tikka Biryanifresh marinated chicken cooked in tandoor and then with rice and special spices.$9.99
Lamb Biryanitender pieces of lamb cooked in basmati rice and exotic spices.$7.99
Goat Biryanitender pieces of goat cooked in basmati rice and exotic spices.$7.99
Ricerice cooked with spices.$2.99
Fish Biryanibasmati rice cooked with layers of fish flavored with saffron.$9.99
Shrimp Biryanibasmati rice cooked with layers of shrimp flavored with saffron.$9.99
Paneer Tikka Biryanibasmati rice cooked with layers of homemade cheese, flavored with saffron.$9.99
Mango Chutney$1.00
Green Salad$1.99
Gulab Jamun$5.99
Ras Malai$7.99

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