Taste of India Menu, Prices and Locations

At taste of india, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your orders 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.We have experience with birthdays, weddings, graduations, reunions, corporate meetings, and general parties.

No matter what the size of your group, you will receive the same prompt, friendly service and amazing food that you have come to expect from our restaurants.We provide High quality authentic Indian cuisine.

Taste of India Menu

Vegetable Samosafried Indian style pastries stuffed with potato and green peas$2.99
Vegetable Pakora'sassorted vegetable fritters$2.99
Mixed Vegetable Platterchoice of vegetable fritter and a piece of samosa$3.99
Ragada Pattiesmild spicy minced mixed vegetable with tangy flavored potato$5.99
Pav Bahjimild spicy minced mixed vegetable with tangy flavored potato$5.99
Vegetable Cutletmildly spiced minced crumb fried vegetable$3.49
Bhel Puripuffed rice and potato cracker tossed in a sweet tangy sauce$3.99
Papadi Chattcrispy crackers tossed with dried potato and tomato with a tamarind and yogurt sauce$3.99
Chicken Chapatathin sliced chicken tossed in diced onions and peppers$4.99
Garlic Shrimpgarlic flavored shrimp with Indian spices$6.99
From the Clay Oven
Tandoori Chickenchicken tender marinated in spiced yogurt and fresh herbs$9.99 - $12.99
Chicken Tikkaboneless chicken marinated in yogurt with spicy tandoori masalas$10.99
Malai Kababboneless chicken while meat marinated with cream cheese and fresh herbs$11.99
Rashmi Kababsaffron flavored chicken$12.99
Mak Malli Kababcheese flavored yogurt chicken$12.99
Boti Kabablamb tenderloin marinated in mustard flavored sauce$11.99
Lamb Sheekminced lamb mixed with fresh herbs and spices$10.99
Lamb Chopsspicy lamb rack$13.99
Tandoori Mix Grillmixed tandoori special items$13.99
Tandoori Shrimpspiced yogurt flavored jumbo shrimp$13.99
Fish Tikkaspecial Indian flavored salmon fish$12.99
Rasamflovers of jeera, garlic, pepper and tamarind$2.99
Tomato Shorbamilk flavor of tomato soup with herbs$3.99
Mallagutwany Soupmild lentil flavored pepper soup$3.99
Mekkai Shorbaground corn cooked in garlic stock$3.99
Kanchumber Saladcucumber, onion, tomato, peppers and spices$2.25
Green Saladcucumber, onion, carrot, tomato, lettuce and chili green$2.99
From the Garden
Malai Koftaminced vegetable dumplings cooked in a rich creamy sauce with nuts$8.99
Paneer Makanifried home made cottage cheese cooked in makani gravy$7.99
Saag Paneerfreshly ground saag cooked in special aromatic spices$7.99
Shai Paneer Khormasaffron flavored cottage cheese cooked in Kashmiri spices$8.99
Vegetable Jalfrazieassorted vegetable tossed in ginger flavored onion tomato gravy$7.99
Naverathen Khormaassorted vegetables cooked in flavored khorma sauce with cottage cheese and nuts$8.99
Baingan Bhurthaminced eggplant cooked with fresh herbs, spices and green peas$7.99
Bhindi Do-Piazafried cut okra cooked with mild spicy tomato onion gravy and sliced onions$7.99
Aloo Gobi Masalamildly spiced potato and cauliflower cooked with onions and tomatoes$7.99
Mushroom Muttermushrooms and green peas cooked in creamy tomato sauce$7.99
Channa Masalachick peas cooked in a ginger garlic flavored sauce$6.99
Channa Saagchick peas cooked in creamy spinach sauce$6.99
Dal Makaniovernight boiled black and kidney beans$6.99
Dal Tadka (Yellow)assorted lentils tempered with jeera, garlic and ginger$5.99
From the Butcher
Chicken Tikka Masalachicken tikka cooked in creamy tomato sauce$9.99
Kadai Chickenboneless chicken tossed with onions, tomatoes and peppers$8.99
Saiahani Chickenchicken cooked in Kashmiri sauce$9.99
Chicken Vindaloochicken cooked in tangy flavored spicy sauce with potatoes$9.99
Chicken Tikka Sagwalachicken tikka cooked in creamy spinach sauce$9.99
Chicken Makaniboneless chicken with makani gravy$8.99
Chicken Kali Mirchichicken cooked with mild spices and black pepper$8.99
Chicken Currychicken cooked in curry sauce$8.99
Bhuna Ghoselamb cooked in ginger, garlic flavored onion gravy$10.99
Lamb Rogan Joselamb tenderioin cooked in mild spices, onion and tomato gravy$10.99
Dal Ghoselamb cooked in lentil$10.99
Lamb Saagboneless lamb cooked with mild spices and spinach$10.99
Goat Masalachunk goat cooked in tomato, onion and fresh herbs$11.99
Adrangi Goatchunk goat cooked in ginger flavored onion and tomato gravy$11.99
Keema Mutterminced lamb cooked with spices and green peas$10.99
From the Ocean
Fish Tikka Masalasalmon fish cooked in special spice and herbs$10.99
Malabar Fish Currytilapia fish cooked in coconut flavored curried sauce$10.99
Mutcher Jonlesalmon fish cooked in a spicy, tangy flavored sauce$10.99
Shrimp Masalashrimp cooked with freshly ground spices$11.99
Shrimp Nargesh Khormashrimp cooked in rich flavored creamy nut sauce$11.99
Lasooni Shrimpshrimp with garlic flavored sauce$11.99
Tandoori Rotiwhole wheat bread cooked in tandoor$1.50
Lacha Parathamulti - layered whole wheat bread$1.75
Stuffed Paratha (Aloo, Pudina)whole wheat bread stuffed with potato or mint$2.50
Pooriwhole wheat bread fried in oil$1.95
Baturacrispy layered fried bread$1.95
Nantraditional Indian white bread baked in clay tandoor oven$1.95
Keema Nanstuffed with mildly spiced lamb$2.50
Chicken Nanstuffed with chicken$2.50
Bread Basketassorted breads$5.99
Onion Kulcha$2.50
Paneer Kulcha$2.50
Peshavari Naan$3.25
Garlic Naan$1.95
Cheese Garlic Naan$2.95
Biriyani and Pulao
Vegetable Pulao$4.50
Peas Pulao$3.99
Jeera Rice$3.99
Kashmiri Pulao$5.50
Vegetable Biriyanibasmati rice cooked with aromatic herbs and spices$8.50
Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyaniflavored tender chicken cooked with aromatic herbs, spices and nuts$10.95
Hyderabadi Lamb Biriyanilamb tenderloin marinated in yogurt, cooked with mili rice, fresh herbs and nuts$11.95
Family Combo Biriyanicombination of lamb, chicken and shrimp cooked along with rice, herbs, spices and nuts$13.99
From the Southern Express
Idlysteamed rice cake served with sambar and chutney$3.99
Rava Idlycream of wheat fermented and steamed$4.50
Medu Vadadeep fried lentil donuts$3.99
Dal Vadaground chick peas fritters$3.99
Dhai Vadafried lentil donuts soaked in yogurt$4.50
Combo Plattercombination of idly and vada$3.99
Dosa Experience
Plain Dosafermented rice cripes$4.99
Masala Dosatempered potato stuffed dosa$5.99
Mysole Masala - Dosaflavored with mysole masala and stuffed with potato$6.99
Ghee Roast - Dosaflavored with ghee$5.99
Onion and Chili Masala - Dosastuffed with mild special onion and chili$6.99
Plain Rava Dosagranulated wheat, tempered, spiced and roasted to perfection$5.99
Rava Masala Dosarava dosa stuffed with potato$6.99
Onion and Chili Rava Masalarava dosa stuffed with spicy onion and chili$6.99
southern Indian thick pancake
Plain Outhappam$4.99
Onion and Chili Outhappam$5.99
Onion and Tomato Outhappam$5.99
Vegetable Outhappam$5.99
Cheese and Cashew Outhappam$6.99
Kids Corner
Butter Cone Dosa$2.99
Mini Butter Idly$3.99
Cheese Balls$4.95
Crow's Nest$4.99
Lassisweet yogurt drink flavored with rose water$1.99
Salt Lassisalted yogurt flavored with cumin seeds$1.99
Mango Lassisweet yogurt flavored with mango pulp$2.50
Milkshakeschocolate, vanilla or mango$3.99
Soda or Tea$1.50
Indo - Chinese - Soups
Sweet Corn and Vegetable / Chicken$2.99 - $3.99
Hot and Sour Vegetable / Chicken$2.99 - $3.99
Manchow Vegetable / Chicken$2.99 - $3.99
Indo - Chinese
Vegetable Manch$6.50 - $7.99
Gobi Manch$6.50 - $7.99
Chili Paneer$8.99 - $9.99
Chicken Manch$7.99 - $8.99
Chili Chicken$7.99 - $8.99
Shezwan Chicken$8.99 - $9.99
Ginger or Garlic Chicken$7.99 - $8.99
Shangai Shrimp$10.99 - $11.99
Ginger or Garlic Shrimp$10.99 - $11.99
Chicken Lollypop$0.00 - $7.99
Vegetable Spring Roll$0.00 - $5.99
Rice Noodles
Vegetable or Egg Fried Rice$5.99
Shrimp or Chicken Fried Rice$7.99
Shezwan Combo Fried Rice$9.99
Vegetable Noodles$6.99
Chicken or Egg Noodles$7.99
Shezwan Combo Noodles$9.99
A Taste of India Dessert List
Rasa Malai$2.50
Gulab Jamun$2.50
Rice Kheer$2.50
Gajarka Halwa$2.50
Pistachio Malai Kulfi$3.50
Mango Kulfi$3.50
Mango Ice Cream$2.99
Vanilla Ice Cream$2.99
Chocolate Ice Cream$2.99
Tutti Fruiti Ice Cream$3.25

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