Thai Cottage Menu, Prices and Locations

Without any certificate from culinary school, only his cooking talent, “Chai” the founder of Thai Cottage came from Bangkok, Thailand to California together with “Ting”, his wife, in 1987 to open a Thai restaurant. The reasons “Thai Cottage” was founded by only these two people are the love of cooking and their intention to introduce Thai food to the Americans.

Chai loves to taste new foods and cook them in his own style, while Ting is always by his side as a helper by tasting his creations and developing new recipes together. From a small restaurant with only four tables to a big Thai restaurant in Houston since 1997, with more than 30 years of development in the United States, today Thai Cottage is one of the top Thai restaurants in Texas with 9 locations.

Thai Cottage Menu

Fish Cakeserved with sweet sauce,ground peanut and cucumber salad$6.95
Sataychicken, tofu. served with traditional peanut sauce and cucumber salad$6.95
Prawns In A Blanketserved with sweet chili sauce$6.95
Crispy Calamarigolden fried calamari, served with sweet chili sauce$6.95
Spicy Chicken Wingglazed with sweet&spicy garlic chili sauce and crispy basil$6.95
Crispy Spring Rollmixed vegetable rolls served with sweet chili sauce$5.95
Fried Tofuserved with sweet & sour sauce and grounded peanuts.$5.95
Grilled Fish Ballsserved with sweet and spicy coriander sauce$6.95
Cup $5.95 / Bowl $7.95 / Lg $9.95. Choice Of Chicken, Tofu Vegetable Or Seafood. Add Beef $1, Shrimp $2, Seafood $3.
Tom Kha Souplight coconut soup with mushroom,onion, carrot, lemongrass, galangal&kaffir lime leaves.
Tom Yum Soupspicy sour soup with mushroom, onion, carrot, lemongrass, galangal,kaffir lime leaves and tomato
Noodles Soup
Tom Yum Noodle Souprice noodle with ground chicken, shrimp, fish ball, spinach, bean sprout in spicy and sour soup$10.95
Chicken Noodle Souprice noodle with sliced chicken, bean sprout, spinach, green onion and garlic oil in chicken broth$8.95
Duck Noodle Soupegg noodle, boneless roasted duck, bean sprout and spinach and garlic oil in duck broth$9.95
Papaya Saladshredded green papaya with tomato,green bean, carrot,peanut, in chili&lime dressing$7.95
Larbchicken or duck. minced chicken, mint leaves, onion, cilantro and rice powder;tossed with spicy lime dressing$8.95
Larbadd for duck$2.00
Pla Goonggrilled shrimps salad. charbroiled shrimps mixed with lemongrass,cilantro,onion,mint,chili in lime dressing$9.95
Silver Noodle Saladsilver noodles with grounded chicken,shrimp,tomato,cilantro, chili in lime dressing$9.95
Beef Saladsliced beef, onion, tomato,cucumber,mint,cilantro,chili in lime dressing$8.95
Crying Tiger Saladgrilled sliced beef, red onion, mint, chili, rice powder, basil and cilantro in lime dressing$10.95
Over Rice. Add For Brown Rice $1, A-La-Carte $3.
Garlic Lover Prawnssauteed prawns, onion, broccoli, carrot with garlic sauce$10.95
Spicy Cashew Nutchicken or beef. sauteed chicken or beef with cashew nut, onion, bell pepper and crispy chilli$8.95
Spicy Cashew Nutadd for beef$1.00
Pra Ramchicken of beef. sauteed chicken or beef in peanut sauce on a bed of assorted steam vegetables$8.95
Pra Ramadd for beef$1.00
Spicy Gingerchicken or beef. sauteed chicken or beef with fresh ginger,black mushroom, bell pepper,onion, fresh chili$8.95
Spicy Gingeradd for beef$1.00
Spicy Basilchicken or beef. sauteed sliced chicken or beef with garlic, fresh chili, bell pepper, and basil$8.95
Spicy Basiladd for beef$1.00
Chicken Priaw Wharfsauteed chicken,mushroom,pineapple,tomato,onion,cucumber,baby corn,sweet sour sauce$8.95
Chicken Gra Prow Grobsliced chicken glazed with sweet&spicy chili sauce, bell pepper and crispy basil$8.95
Vegetarian Entrées $8.95
Over Rice. Add For Brown Rice $1, A-La-Carte $3.
Spicy Eggplant Tofusauteed eggplant,tofu, bell pepper, onion, fresh chili and basil in garlic soy bean sauce
Pra Ram Tofusauteed tofu with peanut sauce on a bed of assorted vegetables
Priaw Whan Tofusauteed tofu with mixed vegetable, mushroom and pineapple in sweet sour sauce
Mushroom Garlicsauteed assorted mushroom with tofu in black bean garlic sauce
Tofu Broccolisauteed tofu and broccoli with garlic and black pepper sauce
Tofu Gra Prow Grobcrispy fried tofu glazed with sweet and spicy chilli sauce and crispy basil
Chicken, Beef, Tofu Vegetable Or Shrimp. Add Beef $1, Shrimp $2.
Spicy Green Currychoice of meat with green bean, zucchini, bell pepper, bamboo shoot and basil$7.95
Spicy Red Currychoice of meat with green bean, zucchini, bell pepper, bamboo shoot and basil$7.95
Mild Yellow Currychoice of meat with potato, carrot, sweet onion$7.95
Pa-Naeng Currychoice of meat with bell pepper and basil.$8.95
Pumpkin Currychoice of meat, kabucha pumpkin, bell pepper and basil.$8.95
Duck Pineapple Curryboneless roasted duck with tomato, bell pepper, pineapple and basil.$9.95
House Favorites
Pla Rad Prikspicy catfish. crispy fried catfish; onion,bell pepper, topped with spicy chili garlic sauce and crispy basil$10.95
Salmon Yanggrilled salmon fillet, steamed vegetable served with our special chili lime sauce$12.95
Cottage Fried Ricesouthern thai style fried rice with shrimp and chicken, egg, onion, bell pepper, tomato, chili, basil$9.95
Garlic Noodlesauteed egg noodles with garlic and sesame sauce, topped with sliced bbq chicken$8.95
Duck Cottagesliced roasted duck breast, steam napa cabbage, broccoli, carrot w/ soy-glaze sauce, crispy basil$9.95
Pan Fried Noodle
Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Tofu Vegetable, Or Shrimp. Add Beef $1, Shrimp $2.
Pad Thaistir fried small rice noodles with egg, chive, bean sprout, grounded peanut$9.95
Pad See-Ewstir fried flat rice noodles with garlic, egg, carrot and broccoli$8.95
Pad Khi Maostir fried flat rice noodles, garlic, thai chili, green been, bell, tomato and basil$8.95
Fried Rice
Duck Fried Ricestir fried rice with fine sliced duck meat, egg, sweet onion, tomato, green onion$8.95
Pineapple Fried Ricestir fried rice with shrimp, chicken, pineapple, tomato, sweet onion, green onion, cashew nut$9.95
Crispy Chicken Fried Ricestir fried rice with egg, onion, tomato, green onion; topped w/crispy fried chicken$8.95
Thai Fried Ricechicken, beef, tofu vegetable or shrimp. stir fried rice with your choice of meat; egg onion,sweet onion,green onion and tomato$8.95
Thai Fried Riceadd beef$1.00
Thai Fried Riceadd shrimp$2.00
Side Order
Jasmine Rice$1.95
Brown Rice$2.50
Egg Fried Rice$4.95
Fried Egg$2.00
Peanut Sauce$2.50
Cucumber Salad$3.00
Steamed Vegetable$3.00
Desserts $6.95
Coconut Crème Brulee
Fried Bananaw/coconut ice cream
Sweet Sticky Ricewith mango
Sticky Ricew/ coconut ice cream
Hot Tea$2.50
Thai Iced Tea$3.00
Thai Iced Coffee$3.00
Cokediet coke,7up$1.95
Beer $4
House Wines By The Glass $6
Whitepinot grigio, california
Redcabernet sauvignon, california

Visit Thai Cottage here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Thai Cottage.

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