The Counter Menu, Prices and Locations

We’re on a mission to challenge the way people think about burgers. We’re about creative construction. We think life is about experiences. Trying stuff. Learning. Being Inventive. So we’ve searched for ingredients, chosen quality meats, inventive sauces, toasted buns, melted cheeses and blended shakes that shout flavor. Show us what you’ve got.

The Counter Menu

Fried Dill Pickle Chips$4.25
Crispy Onion Strings$4.75
French Fries$3.75 - $1.45
Tillamook Cheddar$4.75
Chili Cheese FriesChili, tillamook cheddar, chopped red onion & sour cream.$5.75
Parmesan French FriesMixed with parsley, rosemary, & garlic aioli.$5.50
Sweet Potato Fries$5.00 - $1.70
The Fifty-Fifty - Fries & Sweet Potato Fries$5.00
The Fifty-Fifty - Fries & Crispy Onion Strings$5.00
The Fifty-Fifty - Sweet PotatoSweet potato fries & crispy onion strings.$5.50
ChiliWith tillamook cheddar, chopped red onion & sour cream.$5.00
Turkey ChiliWith cranberries & scallions.$6.00
Side SaladLettuce blend or organic mixed greens with red onion, tomato & choice of dressing.$3.35
Grilled Vegetable PlateBrushed with olive oil.$5.00
Stacked B.L.TWith garlic aioli.$7.00
Grilled Cheese TrifectaTillamook cheddar, american & provolone.$6.00
Grilled Ham & Swiss$7.00
Signature Burgers
The Purist1/3 Lb beef burger on a hamburger bun.$8.00
Old School1/3 Lb beef, tillamook cheddar, lettuce blend, red onion, pickle, tomato & red relish.$9.00
Counter Burger1/3 Lb beef, provolone, crispy onion strings, lettuce blend, sauteed mushrooms & tomato, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.$11.00
Taco Turkey1/3 Lb turkey, jalapeno jack cheese, dried cranberries, lettuce blend, scallions & spicy sour cream.$9.00
Unique Veggie1/3 Lb housemade veggie patty, red onion, organic mixed greens, roasted red peppers, sprouts & dijon balsamic.$9.00
Grilled Chicken1/3 Lb grilled chicken breast, gruyere, organic mixed greens, scallions, tomatoes & honey mustard.$9.00
Mini CheeseburgersPlate of four with tillamook cheddar, pickles, chopped red onion & red relish.$9.00
Signature Burgers In A Bowl
Garden BowlProtein of your choice, organic mixed greens, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, dijon balsamic.$9.00
The Counter Cobb1/3 Lb grilled chicken breast, lettuce blend, danish blue cheese, chopped red onion, crumbled bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes & dijon balsamic. add avocado $1.00.$10.00
Southwestern1/3 Lb beef, lettuce blend, tillamook cheddar, jalapenos, roasted corn & black bean salsa, roasted green chiles, scallions & classic caesar. add housemade guacamole $1.00, add hot wing sauce $0.50.$10.00
Mediterranean1/3 Lb turkey, lettuce blend, greek feta, black olives, sliced cucumbers, spicy pepperoncinis, tomatoes & tzatziki sauce. add sun-dried tomatoes $1.00.$10.00
Asian Veggie1/3 Lb housemade veggie patty, organic mixed greens, carrot strings, chopped red onion, grilled pineapple, roasted red peppers, scallions, ginger soy glaze & peanut sauce. add sauteeed mushrooms $1.0$10.00
Backyard Barbeque1/3 Lb beef, lettuce blend, horseradish cheddar, black forest ham, chopped red onion, coleslaw, crispy onion strings, scallions, tomatoes, country buttermilk ranch & sweet bbq sauce.$12.00
BUild Your Own Burger
Step 1 Choose A Burgerbeef, chicken, turkey, veggie, market selection, 1/3 lb, 2/3 lb, 1 lb, on a bun, in a bowl plus $1.00, lettuce blend, organic mixed greens.$9.00 - $14.00
Step 2 Choose A Cheesedanish blue cheese greek fetax gruyere herb goat cheese spread, horseradish cheddar imported swiss jalapeno jack sharp provolone, soft ripened brie tillamook cheddar yellow american market selectio
Step 3 Choose Up To 4 ToppingsBermuda red onion, black olives, carrot strings, coleslaw, dill pickles chips, dried cranberries, grilled onions, grilled pineapple, hard boiled eggs, jalapenos, lettuce, blend, organic mixed greens,
Step 3.5 Premium Toppingsapplewood smoked bacon, avocado, black forest ham, chili, fried egg, fried onion strings, housemade guacamole, sauteed mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes.
Step 4 Choose A Sauceapricot sauce, basil pesto, chipotle aioli, classic caesar, honey mustard, horseradish mayo, hot wing sauce, mayonnaise, peanut sauce, red relish, roasted garlic aioli, russian dressing, spicy sour
Step 5 Choose A BunHamburger bun, multigrain bun, english muffin, onion bun, market selection.
8 & Under) served with applesauce or fries.
Mini BurgersPlate of two with american cheese & pickles.$5.00
Grilled Cheese$4.00
Ham & Cheese$4.75
Soda Or Fresh Iced TeaFree refills.$2.50
Still Or Sparkling Water$3.50
FloatWith your choice of soda.$4.35
Shake Or MaltSee our dessert list for options.$5.25
Apple Crumble
Caramel & Chocolate Brownie
Key Lime Pie
Oversize Chocolate Chip Cookie
A La Mode

Visit The Counter here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local The Counter.

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