The Melt Menu, Prices and Locations

Here at The Melt, we do exactly what our name says: We melt things. We start out with the highest quality cheeses, all-natural meats and fresh artisan breads, then we melt them to amazing. Every bite of our crunchy, melty grilled sandwiches and juicy, flavorful cheeseburgers will put a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

Not only does our food taste amazing, we make it with 100% all-natural ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors. No preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. And nothing you can’t pronounce. It’s food that tastes great and you can feel great about!

The Melt Menu

All Day Breakfast Melts $3.95
The Egg-In-A-Holefreshly cracked farm egg, aged cheddar on sourdough.
The White Hotegg-white-in-a-hole, pepper jack with jalapeno on sourdough.
The Egg-In-A-Wafflefreshly cracked farm egg, aged cheddar, maple butter on waffle.
Kettle Cooked Oatmeal
Steel Cut Apple Cinnamon
Steel Cut Maple Raisin
Coffee & Hot Tea $1.95
Peet's Coffeechoose: peet's cafe domingo, peet's house blend decaf
Peet's Hot Teachoose: peet's english breakfast, peet's jasmine green
Fresh Whole Fruitchoose: apple, banana$1.25
Housemade Dessertschoose: chocolate marshmallow s'more melt$3.25
Housemade Dessertschoose: daily house baked cookie$1.25
Cold Drinkschoose: all natural cane soda, house brewed iced tea, fresh orange juice, fresh lemonade, organic 1% milk$1.95
Cold Drinkschoose: izze sparkling apple, izze sparkling clementine, izze sparkling pomegranate$2.25
The Classicaged cheddar on artisan white$4.95
The Missionpepper jack with jalapeno on sourdough$4.95
The Italian Jobfontina & provolone on housemade garlic bread$4.95
The Swissaged swiss on sourdough$4.95
The Kid$4.45
The Specialbacon reuben melt & caesar salad$9.75
The Shortypepper jack, braised short rib on french baguette$6.95
The Mac Daddyaged cheddar, macaroni on artisan white$6.95
The 'Shroomaged swiss, portabello, grilled onion on sourdough$6.95
Sausage & Pepperthe seasonal soup
Two Tomato Basil
Sweet Corn Tortilla
Spicy Black Bean
The Caesarromaine, aged parmesan with caesar
The Field Greensmixed greens, goat cheese, apples, sunflower seeds with white balsamic.
The Milkshakevanilla bean, espresso bean, double chocolate$3.95
House Brewed Ice Tea & Lemonadechoose: house brewed iced tea, fresh lemonade$1.95
All Natural Soda, Bottled Water & Sparkling Juiceall natural cane soda, zevia zero caloria cola, nika bottled water$1.95
All Natural Soda, Bottled Water & Sparkling Juiceizze sparkling apple, izze sparkling clementine, izze sparkling pomegranate$2.25
Organic 1% Milk$1.95
The Soft Serve Vanilla Bean Ice Cream$2.95
The Soft Serve Vanilla Bean Ice Creamchocolate crunch$0.50
Fresh Whole Fruitchoose: apple, banana$1.25
Daily House Baked Cookie$1.25
Chocolate Marshmallow S'more Melt$3.25

Visit The Melt here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local The Melt.

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