Tierra Mia Menu, Prices and Locations

Tierra Mia Coffee Company is a specialty coffee retailer and roaster that operates thirteen retail locations in California, United States. The company opened its first coffeehouse in March 2008 in the city of South Gate at the intersection of Firestone Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard. In March 2010, Tierra Mia Coffee opened its second location in the city of Huntington Park, within the historic Pacific Boulevard commercial district. The Pacific Boulevard commercial district is the third highest grossing commercial district in the County of Los Angeles.

Tierra Mia Menu

Tierra Mia Specialties
Sm $3.45 / Med $3.95 / Lg $4.75.
Horchata Latte
Mocha Mexicano
Coco Loco Latte
Cafecito Cubano Con Leche
Traditional Beverages
Sm / Med / Lg.
12 Oz. Coffeebrewed to order.the highest grade coffee from latin america and around the world. see our current selections.$2.75
Mocha$4.75 - $3.45
Mocha Blanco$3.45 - $4.75
Caramelo Macchiato$3.45 - $4.75
Vanilla Latte$3.45 - $3.45
Latte$2.75 - $3.95
Americano$2.50 - $3.50
8 oz. Cappuccino Italiano$2.95
Espresso Macchiato$3.75
Tea & Hot Chocolates
Sm / Med / Lg.
Chai Tea Latte$3.45 - $3.95
Vanilla Tea Latte$4.75 - $3.45
Honey Vanilla Tea Latte$3.45 - $3.75
Hot Loose-Leaf Teas$2.35 - $3.25
Chocolate Mexicano De Guadalajara$2.75 - $3.35
Leche De Coco$3.75 - $2.75
Hot Chocolate$2.75 - $3.35
Blended Cafe Frappe
Sm $3.45 / Med $3.95 / Lg $4.75. Ice-Blended Coffee Flavors, Topped With Whipped Cream.
Horchata Frappe
Chocolate Mexicano Frappe
Rice & Bean Frappe
Coco Loco Frappe
Cafe Corazon Frappe
Caramelo Frappe
Mocha Frappe
Blended Fresca
Sm $3.45 / Med $3.50 / Lg $4.75. All Natural, Non-Fat And Very Refreshing, Blended With Ice.
Strawberry Mango Fresca
Strawberry Fresca
Mango Fresca
Blended Cream Helado
Sm $3.45 / Med $3.95 / Lg $4.75. Ice-Blended Cream Flavors, Topped With Whipped Cream.
Coconut Cream
Horchata Cream
Mango Cream
Strawberries & Cream
Chocolate Cream
Vanilla Cream
Lemonades & Iced Tea
Mojito Mint Tea Lemonade
Strawberry Mojito Tea Lemonade
Green Tea Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Organic Green Iced Tea

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