Tommy’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap building is a historic landmark that we are proud to have resurrected, to create a place for everyone to once again enjoy. Originally constructed in the late 1800’s, our beautiful building was once connected to a hotel that was partially burned down when a fire started in the building next door. Despite the destruction, this building held strong and was taken down to two floors. Fast-forward to the most recent past – for a few decades our building was known as the iconic sea bright post office. Where the original structure was buried behind many layers of plaster walls and ceilings. In 2012, devastation hit our small town when Hurricane Sandy arrived – after a brutal beating our building once again stood strong, water damaged and abandoned; where the only alternative seemed to be to knock it down.

Tommy’s Menu

French, loui, 1000 Island, ranch, lo-cal, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, italian, greek, sesame, balsamic vinegar $.80.00. Olive oil $.90.00. Extra dressing $ 60.00. Tommy’s dressings are homemade and served on the side.
TossedLettuce, tomatoes, carrots, celery and cheese$6.80
EdTossed salad with egg$7.20
FantasyTossed salad with egg and olives$7.75
AnnTossed salad with tuna$8.90
DagmarTossed salad with tuna and egg$9.45
SusieTossed salad with ham$8.40
JimTossed salad with ham and egg$8.70
DaleTossed salad with falafel$8.60
CaitlinTossed salad with raisins and sunflower seeds$7.40
DonnaTossed salad with hummus and olives$8.75
Joyce KTossed salad with tempeh salad$8.70
JoyTossed salad with egg and baba$9.50
HealthTossed salad with eggs, olives and ham$8.50
CindyTossed salad with shrimp$10.50
DaveTossed salad with egg, olives, pickles and baba$9.80
LaurenSpinach tossed salad with egg hummus, onion and bacon$11.15
MarinaLarge spinach tossed salad with hummus and baba$10.80
JesseLarge spinach tossed salad with egg, mushrooms, onion and olives$11.25
Jesse with Bacon$11.95
JacksonLarge lettuce tossed salad with egg, olives, pickles, falafel, mushrooms and sunflower seeds$12.75
KalleLarge spinach tossed salad with 4 oz of turkey, olives, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower$12.75
No Turkey$10.85
HaileyLarge mixed greens tossed salad with cucumbers and grilled chicken breast$13.55
GreekLettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, tofu feta, tofu, olive oil, lemon and spices, served with a side of homemade greek dressing$8.40
Taco SaladA deep fried whole wheat taco shell filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives an TVP. Textured vegetable protein. Served with a side of salsa$11.40
Appetizers & Soups
Broccoli RissoBroccoli, rice, mushrooms and cheese casserole served with a warm piece of pita bread$7.60
French Onion SoupShitake mushrooms, onions, kombu, veggie broth, tamari, garlic, slice of French bread and topped with swiss cheese$7.75
Black Bean ChiliBlack beans, green peppers, onions, garlic, salsa, diced tomatoes and chili powder topped with scallions and served with your choice of corn muffin or pita$7.60
Brown Rice & VeggiesBrown rice, carrots, kale, scallions, mushrooms and broccoli served with a side of tamari and toasted sunflower seeds$7.80
Tamale Platter2 Steamed tamales topped with black bean chili, tomatoes and green onions served on a bed of lettuce with a side of salsa$9.75
WellsonSampler platter with 2 falafel balls, mini spinach pie, 1 scoop of hummus, 1 scoop of baba, a side of sesame tahini and pita$10.89
Hummus & Baba Ghanouj
HummusChickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon and garlic made into a dip and served hot or cold and topped with veggies in a bowl with a side of pita or as a sandwich with cheese $8.99$8.59
Spiked HummusHummus, onions, peppers, black olives, tomatoes, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese served hot with sour cream and two pieces of pita on the side$10.99
BabaCharbroiled eggplant, sesame tahini, lemon and garlic made into a dip and served hot or cold and topped with veggies in a bowl with a side of pita or as a sandwich$9.29
AgBaba with cheese$9.79
Escarole Potato Pies & Spinach Pies
Escarole & Potato PieWheat dough stuffed $8.60 with escarole, potatoes, onions and Italian spice$6.79
Escarole & Potato PieServed with muenster cheese$6.99
JaneEscarole & potato pie with cheese and broccoli$7.99
Spinach PieSpinach and onions baked in dough$6.49
Spinach Pie with muenster cheese$6.89
IRSSpinach pie with cheese and mushrooms$7.49
CapetownSpinach pie with cheese, raisins and mushrooms$8.69
DBSpinach pie with mushrooms, veggies and sesame sauce$8.49
RuthSpinach pie with cheese, mushrooms veggies and BBQ sauce$8.79
LindsaySpinach pie with tuna, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and sunflower seeds$10.19
Mary LynneSpinach pie with hummus, cheese, olives, mushrooms and veggies$10.29
PaisanoSpinach pie with baba, cheese, mushrooms and veggies$10.39
FredSpinach pie with tuna, baba, cheese and mushrooms$10.69
MRSpinach pie with falafel, cheese, mushrooms and sesame sauce$9.19
MR 2Spinach pie with baba, cheese and mushrooms$9.39
MR 3Spinach pie with falafel, baba, cheese, curry powder, mushrooms and sesame sauce$10.09
MR 4Spinach pie with falafel, cheese, bananas, curry powder and sesame sauce$9.89
Tofu & Tempeh
Tempeh Salad SandwichServed cold on a wheat pita with tomatoes, sprouts and vegenaise$7.29
BeckyA wheat spinach pie stuffed with tempeh salad and cheese$8.99
LynneTempeh salad, sunflower seeds, onions, mustard and cheddar cheese toasted on wheat pita$7.99
DelaneyFried tempeh, spinach, mustard, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and pickles grilled on rye bread$9.59
Tempeh BurgerServed with lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and pickles on a whole wheat bun$7.19
Tempeh Burger with Muenster Cheese$7.59
Tofu Salad SandwichTofu, celery, onions, white miso, garlic, brown mustard, sprouts, tomatoes and a pinch of Vegenaise served cold on a wheat pita$7.49
Veggie Burger & Other Vegetarian Options
Veggie BurgerBrown rice, scallions, carrots, garlic, parsley, onions and adzuki beans shaped into patties and fried served on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, sprouts and pickles$8.39
Veggie Burger with Cheese$8.79
Not DogVeggie version of a hot dog-made from tofu and spices.$3.99
Mackenna (3 Oz)Seitan fajita strips, grilled onions and peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and salsa rolled in a pita$9.49
Chick-Free SandwichA soy protein patty served on a wheat bun with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts$7.19
Chick-Free with Cheese$7.49
Dee-LiteRefried beans, garlic, chili powder, ginger, green peppers, green onions, mozzarella or provolone cheeses served warm on pita bread$8.29
Tim’s Boca BurgerGrilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles on a wheat bun$6.89
Tim’s Boca Burger with Muenster Cheese$7.39
Seitan Sub (3 oz)Seitan, swiss cheese, green peppers, onions lettuce and tomatoes served with Italian dressing on a hoagie bun$9.79
BBQ Seitan (3 Oz)Seitan, BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato served on a hamburger bun$8.59
Turkey & Chicken
TLT (4 Oz)Turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on toasted pita$7.99
TLT with Muenster Cheese$8.59
THC (4 Oz)Turkey with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a toasted pita$8.99
Steph (4 Oz)Turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo$9.59
Chicken Salad SandwichDiced chicken, celery, cucumbers and poppy seeds mixed with homemade loui dressing served on a cold pita with lettuce and tomatoes$9.59
Chicken Breast SandwichA grilled chicken breast, lettuce and tomatoes served on a hamburger bun with pickles and mayo on the side$8.69
Chicken Breast SandwichServed with muenster cheese$8.99
Roast Beef & Corned Beef
RLT (4 Oz)Roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a toasted pita$7.99
Benjamin Lee (4 Oz)Roast beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a toasted pita$8.59
Corned BeefServed warm on a pita with a side of yellow mustard$7.79
Silver (4 Oz)Corned beef, onions, pickles, mustard and cheese on a toasted pita$9.19
TLW (4 Oz)Corned beef, scrambled egg, pickles, green peppers, onions and cheese on a toasted pita$10.59
Cigar (4 Oz)Corned beef, onions, pickles, mushrooms, sesame sauce, mustard and cheese on a toasted pita$9.79
Big Bear (4 Oz)Corned beef, BBQ sauce, pickles, onions, mustard, cheese and veggies on a toasted pita$9.59
Pizza By The Slice
VeggieFalafel, onions, green peppers, olives$6.10
Homemade Fries
Homemade Fries (12 Oz)Intentionally unsalted fries$3.99
All falafels served with veggies - sprouts, tomatoes & green peppers
FalafelFried bean cake, veggies, onions and sesame sauce served on a pita$7.19
EzFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce and cheese$7.69
BwFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce, cheese and mushrooms$7.99
JJFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce, cheese and sunflower seeds$8.19
DcFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce, cheese, $8.30 mushrooms and sunflower seeds$8.39
CeebeeFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce, cheese, sunflower seeds and hummus$8.99
NsFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce and baba$8.49
WildflowerFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce, mushrooms and baba$8.89
DonovanFalafel, veggies, sesame sauce, cheese, mushrooms and baba$8.99
Bill MaxFalafel, veggies and BBQ sauce$7.19
RebelFalafel, veggies, BBQ sauce and mushrooms$7.49
Uncle RussFalafel, onion, American cheese and mayo - no veggies$7.69
ColleenFalafel, bacon, cheese, sesame sauce, onions, sprouts, tomatoes and green peppers$8.49
AJ WrapWhole wheat wrap filled with black bean chili, pickles, lettuce and brown rice & veggies$10.59
Jenny WrapWhole wheat wrap filled with chicken breast, black bean chili, cheddar cheese and brown rice & veggies$12.49
Meat Pies
Meat PieLamb & Beef and onion baked in dough$7.39
Meat PieServed with muenster cheese$7.79
TgMeat pie with mushrooms and cheese$8.59
Aunt GayMeat pie with cheese, sesame sauce and veggies$8.49
Big MMeat pie with cheese, BBQ sauce and veggies$8.49
PRMeat pie with cheese, falafel, sesame sauce and veggies$9.39
KeithMeat pie with cheese, baba, falafel, curry powder, sesame sauce and mushrooms$10.29
GordonMeat pie with cheese, corned beef, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and veggies$11.79
RalphMeat pie with cheese, ham, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and veggies$9.99
Toasted Cheese
All toasted cheeses served with lettuce, tomatoes, and green peppers
Toasted CheeseMuenster cheese with lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers on a pita$6.49
RJToasted cheese with sunflower seeds$6.59
FFToasted cheese with mushrooms$7.59
RippToasted cheese with sunflower seeds and mushrooms$7.79
W. ZeddToasted cheese with sesame sauce$6.79
ZippyToasted cheese with sunflower seeds and sesame sauce$6.99
QuigleyToasted cheese with 5 kinds of cheese$7.59
QuinnToasted cheese with 5 kinds of cheese, homemade peanut butter$7.99
Lite Toasted CheeseLo-salt & Lo-cholesterol Cheddar or Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers$8.69
Vegan Toasted CheeseCheddar or Mozzarella Daiya Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers toasted on wheat pita$9.89
JudyToasted American cheese on white bread$4.89
Tuna Salad SandwichTuna, lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers served cold in a pita$7.59
RahTuna, cheese and mushrooms served on toasted pita$8.49
Uncle GayTuna, cheddar cheese, mustard, sunflower seeds and onions served on a toasted pita$8.69
ADTuna, falafel, mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes served on a toasted pita$9.49
GeorgiaTuna, hummus, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes served on a toasted pita$9.49
Sides and Extras
Homemade Fries$3.99
Tuna Salad$2.99
Dirty Chips$0.99
Tempeh Salad$3.29
Brown Rice$2.89
Tofu Salad$3.29
Falafel Chips$0.40
Chicken Salad$2.99
Corn Muffin$0.90
Extra Dressing$0.60
Falafel Balls$0.99
Falafel Balls$2.50
Steamed Veggies$2.59
Burger and Hot Dogs
Our hamburgers are cooked to required minimum temperatures
HamburgerServed with pickles on the side$4.79
CheeseburgerServed with pickles on the side$5.19
Bacon CheeseburgerServed with pickles on the side. Lettuce & tomato side $1.29 burger works $1.99$6.19
Curt BurgerA bacon cheeseburger topped with grilled onions and mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo$9.99
Turkey BurgerSpiced turkey burger served with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles$6.59
Turkey Burger with American Cheese$6.89
Sharpy BurgerSpiced turkey burger served on a hoagie roll with pizza sauce, mozzarella or provolone or parmesan cheeses, lettuce tomatoes and a side of pickles$10.79
Hot DogAll beef$4.39
Ham and Cheese Etc
AngeloHam and cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and veggies on a pita$8.19
KsGrilled ham and Swiss with lettuce and tomatoes on pita$7.09
ChuckwagonHam and cheese toasted on a hamburger bun$6.19
CurleyGrilled ham, swiss and colby cheeses, onions and green peppers on pita$7.39
TorpedoAssorted lunch meats, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on a hoagie roll, may contain nuts$10.49
BLTServed on choice of bread with mayo$6.59
TNTAssorted lunch meats with 4oz of corned beef, cheese and veggies on a hoagie roll, may contain nuts$12.79
ShawarmaSpiced lamb & beef, onions and tomatoes with sesame sauce or yogurt rolled in a pita. Chicken also available$8.29
ElaineFlipsteak, BBQ sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted pita$9.39
Drinks, Desserts and Ice Cream - Milkshakes & Malts
Milkshakes (20 Oz)$4.99
Yogurt Milkshakes (20 Oz)$6.29
Malts (20 Oz)$5.49
Tofutti ShakesVanilla or chocolate$6.99
Drinks, Desserts and Ice Cream - Ice Cream Creations
Scoops & Cones$1.69 - $2.99
Drinks, Dessert and Ice Creation - Ice Cream Creation
Hot Fudge SundaeVanilla ice cream$5.39
Ice Cream SundaeChocolate or cherry syrup$4.99
Sorbet FrappeSorbet and soda water$4.89
Ice Cream Sodas (12 Oz)$4.99
Floats (10 Oz)$4.39
Phosphates & Egg Creams (12 Oz)$2.19
Phosphates & Egg Creams (20 Oz)$2.49
Ice Cream & Milkshake FlavorsVanilla, chocolate, cherry, peach, strawberry, coffee, mocha, mint chocolate chip, root beer, black cherry, cookies & cream, moosetracks, cookie dough and black raspberry chip, lemon sorbet, raspberr
ExtrasCarob, fresh banana, honey, strawberries, homemade peanut butter $0.75 blueberries $0.95
Drinks - Fountain Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Vernors, China Mist Iced Tea, Homemade Lemonade$2.19
Kid’s Fountain Drinks$1.49
Drinks - Juice
Orange Juice (12 Oz)$2.89
Orange Juice (20 Oz)$4.19
Grape Juice (12 Oz)$1.99
Grape Juice (20 Oz)$3.49
Tomato Juice (12 Oz)$2.30
Tomato Juice (20 Oz)$3.49
V8 (12 Oz)$2.89
Apple Juice (12 Oz)$1.69
Apple Juice (20 Oz)$2.09
Cranberry Juice (12 Oz)$2.25
Cranberry Juice (20 Oz)$3.45
Grapefruit Juice (12 Oz)$2.30
Grapefruit Juice (20 Oz)$3.49
Drinks - Milk
Whole or Skim Milk (12 Oz)$1.79
Whole or Skim Milk (20 Oz)$2.34
Chocolate Milk (12 Oz)$1.89
Chocolate Milk (20 Oz)$2.44
Eden Soy MilkVanilla - non-dairy$2.60
Rice Milk
Drinks - Smoothies
Fresh Fruit Freeze (12 Oz)Strawberries, bananas, orange juice, protein powder, and crushed ice served with a lemon wedge$5.15
Power Smoothie (12 Oz)Apple juice, bananas, blueberries, bee pollen, spirulina and crushed ice served with a lemon wedge$5.35
Drinks - Hot Drinks
Coffee & Swiss Wash Decaf$2.29
Hot ChocolateServed with whipped cream$1.65
Caffeinated Hot TeasLipton, earl grey, english breakfast, morning thunder, roastaroma and green$1.99
Decaffeinated Hot TeasBengal spice, black cherry berry, chamomile, cinnamon apple spice, country peach passion, cranberry apple zinger, lemon zinger, mandarin orange spice, mint magic, peppermint, raspberry zinger, red zi$1.99

Visit Tommy’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Tommy’s.

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