Tony’s Menu, Prices and Locations

In the late 1940’s, Tony Mallamaci opened a small corner bar in South Philly at 10th and Jackson Streets. Shortly after, Tony’s brother, Dominic left the Philadelphia Fire Dept. and joined Tony in the business venture. It was only one room with a small bar, but it would be the start of a business that would last for decades. The name of the bar was Tony’s Place.

Tony had learned to bake growing up in South Philly. Soon he and Dominic were selling homemade roast beef and meatball sandwiches. They also started baking thinly crusted dough with their own homemade tomato sauce on top. With no cheese on the dough, this was a traditional tomato pie!

Tony’s Menu

Coney Islands
Coney Islands$1.50
Hot Dog$1.25
Loose Burger$1.95
Coney Special$2.15
Jumbo Beef Frank$2.15
Coney Taco$2.55
Fish Dog$2.15
Homemade Soup of the Day$1.95 - $2.55
Chili Specialserved with onions and ground beef$2.95
Plain Chili$2.15
Super Bowl Chili$3.05
Super Bowl Chili Specialserved with cheese, onions and ground beef$3.29
tony's burgers come with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo and ketchup, make it a combo for 1.75 l (includes pop and french fries) add cheese for 35 or chili for 95
Hamburger$2.45 - $4.20
Cheeseburger$2.85 - $4.60
Double Hamburger$3.85 - $5.60
Double Cheeseburger$4.10 - $5.85
Bacon Cheeseburger$3.85 - $5.60
Double Bacon Cheeseburger$5.05 - $5.60
Chili Burger$3.25 - $5.00
Mushroom Burger$3.25 - $5.00
make it a combo for 1.75 includes pop and French fried add cheese for 35 or chili for 95
Tuna Meltwith grilled onions, Swiss and American cheese$4.25
Turkey Melt$4.25
Patty Melt$3.55
Super patty Meltour own patty melt with bacon lettuce, tomatoes and mayo$4.55
Grilled Chicken Meltwith Swiss cheese, American cheese mayo, lettuce, tomato and bacon$4.95
make it a combo for 1.75 includes pop and French fries add cheese for 35 or chili for 95
Grilled Chicken Subserved with lettuce, and mayo$5.29
Tony's Subgrilled chicken green peppers, onions, bacon lettuce mayo, Swiss and American cheese$5.99
Turkey Subserved with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and Swiss cheese$4.75
Steak Sub$4.55
Philly Steak and Cheesegrilled onions green peppers, lettuce tomato, mayo and Swiss cheese$4.99
served with your choice of dressing and pita bread dressing ranch, Italian, Greek, french and thousand Island
Grilled Chicken Saladtender slices of marinated chicken on a bed of salad greens and topped with tomatoes, Swiss and American cheese, cucumbers and hard boiled egg$6.29
Garden Saladtomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers$2.45 - $3.45
Greek Saladlettuce, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, onions, olives, pepperonoinis and feta cheese$5.25
Greek Salad With Chicken$7.85
Chef's SaladHam, Turkey, Swiss and American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and hard boiled egg$5.75
Tuna Salad Platetomatoes, cucumbers, tuna and hard boiled egg$5.99
Turkey SaladSwiss and American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and hard boiled egg$5.79
Tony's SaladHam, Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and hard boiled egg$6.45
served with fries, texas toast and soup or small garden salad
10 Oz Steak Dinner$7.25
Catfish Dinner$6.95
Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner$7.25
Deep Fried Dinners
served with fries and texas toast
21 Pc Shrimp Dinner$5.95
4 Pc Chicken Dinner$5.99
Fish and Chips$5.95
5 PC Wing Ding Dinner$4.50
7 PC Wing Ding Dinner$5.75
10 PC Wing Ding Dinner$6.95
5 PC Chicken Strips Dinner$6.85
Tony's Lunch Specials
served from 11 am to 3 pm, Monday thru Friday, no substitutions, please
Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries and Pop$5.25
5 PC Chicken Strips, Fries and Pop$6.25
Tony's Lunch Specials
served from 11 am to 3 pm, Monday thru Friday, no substitutions, please
2 PC Coneys, Fries and Pop$4.50
Fish and Chips, Fries and Pop$5.50
Gyro Pita, Fries and Pop$4.75
Grilled Chicken Pita, Fries and Pop$5.99
Slir - Frys
served over rice with pita bread
Veggie Stir - Fry$5.99
Shrimp Stir - Fry$6.99
Chicken Stir - Fry$6.99
Steak Stir - Fry$7.25
Chicken and Steak Stir - Fry$10.99
make it a combol add 1.75 includes pop and French fried add cheese for 35 or chili for 95
Chicken Club Sandwichtriple decker with chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo$5.95
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$4.20
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Specialwith bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on an onion roll$5.55
Corned Beef Sandwichserved with mustard, pickles and Swiss cheese on rye bread or an onion roll$4.65
Corned Beef House Specialcorned beef topped with coleslaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese$4.85
ReubenHot corned beef piled high on an onion roll or grilled rye topped with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese$4.99
Tuna Sandwich$3.95
Turkey Sandwich$3.95
Club Sandwichtriple decker with Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, cheese, American cheese, lettuce tomato and mayo$4.95
Steak Sandwichsteak served with lettuce, tomato and mayo$4.95
Fish Sandwich2 pieces of cod fish with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce$3.35
Fried Chicken Sandwich$3.35
Pig SandwichHam Swiss, mayo, lettuce and tomato on an onion roll$4.50
Pita sandwiches
make it a combol add 1. 75 includes pop and french fried add cheese for 35 or chili for 95
Gyro Pitawith gyro sauce, lettuce tomato and onions$3.85
Chicken Gyro$3.85
Corned Beef Pitawith mustard, pickles and Swiss cheese$4.85
Steak Pita$4.99
Club Pitamayo, lettuce and tomato$4.99
Ham and Cheese Pita$3.85
Turkey Pita$3.85
Veggie Pita$3.50
Tuna Pita$4.25
Mexican Pitaground beef, chili, lettuce, tomato and onions$3.99
B.L.T. Pita$3.85
Chicken Strip Pita$4.25
Tony's Grilled Chicken Pitagrilled chicken, bacon onions, tomatoes green peppers, lettuce, mayo and Swiss and American cheese$6.25
Cheeseburger Pita$3.85
Grilled Chicken Pitamayo lettuce and tomato$4.85
side Orders
5 PC Wing Dingsserved with texas toast$3.50
7 PC Wing Dingsserved with texas toast$4.45
10 PC Wing Dingsserved with texas toast$5.75
4 PC Chicken Snackserved with texas toast$4.99
21 PC Shrimp Basketserved with texas toast$4.99
5 PC Chicken Strip Snackserved with texas toast$5.75
Extra Tuna$2.75
Feta Cheese$1.00
French Fries$1.30
chili Fries$2.20 - $3.90
Fried Mushroom$2.55
6 PcJalapetio Poppers$3.75
Onion Rings$2.30
Extra Corned Beef$2.75
6 PC Cheese Sticks$3.65
Pita Bread$1.00
Extra Dressing$0.50
Texas Toast$0.85
Sliced Cheese$0.35
Squeezed Cheese$0.65
served with toast and jelly add hash browns, grits or pancakes for 1.50
Chicken and Cheese Omelettegrilled chicken green peppers and onions and served with hashbrowns or grits$5.95
Mexican Omeletteseasoned ground beef, chili, onions green, peppers, tomatoes, Swiss, and American cheese$4.15
Steak and Cheese Omelettechopped steak with green peppers and onions and served with hashbrowns or grits$5.95
Turkey and cheese Omelette$4.25
Cheese Omelette$2.45
Ham and Cheese Omelette$3.45
Sausage and Cheese Omelette$3.45
Bacon and Cheese omelettes$3.45
Chili Omelette$3.25
Western OmeletteHam, cheese, green peppers and onions$3.95
Greek Omelettegyro meat, feta cheese, onions and tomatoes$4.15
Comed Beef and Cheese$4.15
Farmer's Omelettechoice of ham, bacon or sausage and onions, green peppers and hash browns inside$5.25
Veggie Omeletteonions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese$3.75
Mushroom and Cheese Omelette$3.75
From Tony's Griddle - Pancakes
3 Large Pancakes$2.75
3 Large Pancakes and Eggs$3.65
3 Large Pancakes and Meat$3.95
3 Lg Pancakes, Meat and Eggs$4.75
From Tony's Griddle - French Toast
French Toast$2.75
French Toast and Eggs$3.65
French Toast and Meat$3.95
French Toast, Meat and Eggs$4.95
Breakfast Sandwiches
Egg Sandwich$1.95
Sausage and Egg Sandwich$3.65
Sausage Patty Sandwich$3.25
Sausage Patty and Egg Sandwich$3.65
Sausage Links Sandwich$2.75
Bacon and Egg Sandwich$3.65
Grilled Cheese$2.00
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich$3.45
Ham and Egg Sandwich$3.65
Ham Sandwich$3.25
Breakfast Specials
from 5 am to 11 am
1 -2 Eggs Any Stylehashbrowns or grits, your choice of ham bacon sausage link or Turkey sausage, toast and jelly$2.85 - $3.85
2 - 3 Large Hotcakes with Meat and Eggs$3.75 - $4.75
3 Tony's Brekfast Special3 extra large eggs, ham, 3 strips of bacon3 sausage links, hasbrowns, or grits toast and jelly$4.75 - $5.75
4 Steak or Chicken Breast and Eggssteak haskbrown or grits toast and jelly$5.95 - $6.95
5 Tony's Omelette4 large eggs, ham bacon, sausage, green peppers, onions and American, cheese servd with your choice of hashbrowns or grits and toast wih jelly served anytime$5.95
6 Corned Beef Hash and Eggscorned beef, green peppers, onions and hash browns served anytime$5.99
Pop-Pepsi$0.95 - $1.60
Bottled Juice$1.05 - $1.35
Coffee or Hot Tea$0.90 - $1.10
Hot Chocolate$1.50
Diet Pepsi$0.95 - $1.60
Mt. Dew$0.95 - $1.60
Lemonade$0.95 - $1.60
Fruit Puncte$0.95 - $1.60
Vemors$0.95 - $1.60
Breakfast Sides
Chicken Breast$3.99
Hash Browns or Grits$1.85
Ham Bacon, Turkey sausage or sausage links$1.85
Slice of Cheese$0.35
Extra Squeeze Cheese$0.65
Sausage Patty$2.10
Texas Toast$0.85
Toast and Jelly$0.85

Visit Tony’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Tony’s.

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