Torchy’s Menu, Prices and Locations

In 2006, Torchy’s Tacos was started as a Taco truck in Austin, Texas on Bouldin Creek at South 1st by Michael Rypka. He first attracted customers by offering free homemade salsa and chips and invited them to his establishment. When they tried his Tacos they replied that they were “Damn Good,” and the motto stuck to the Torchy Taco’s brand. Today, Torchy’s Tacos operates 30 stores and a food truck in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Torchy’s first menu was filled with more experiments than meals – tweaking recipes, trying new things, and serving up tacos to whoever wanted ‘em. Whenever Mike heard his customers holler “Damn, these tacos are good!” he’d add those tacos to the permanent menu. Soon, “Damn Good” became a rally cry at the trailer. The Taco Dream grew and took on a life of it’s own, resulting in long lines of newly-indoctrinated Taco Junkies ready for some Damn Good tacos.

Torchy’s Menu

Breakfast Tacos
Monk SpecialHold the potatoes, eggs, bacon, green chiles & cheese, served on your choice of tortilla$2.50
MiganScrambled eggs, crisp corn tortilla strips, green chiles, avocado, pico de gallo & shredded cheese. Served wit tomatillo sauce on your choice of tortilla$2.75
WrangerScrambled eggs and potatoes, topped with smoked beef brisket and jack cheese. Served with tomato sauce on a flour tortilla$3.50
Ranch HandTender strips of grilled beef fajita with scrambled eggs & shredded cheese. Served with diablo hot sauce on a flour tortilla$3.50
Breakfast TacosServed with your choice of fresh tortilla and choice of sauce. Add green chiles $0.25. Bacon, egg & cheese, potato, egg & cheese, chorizo, egg & cheese, jalapeno sausage, egg & cheese, potato, pinto$2.25
Green Chile PorkSlow-roasted pork carnitas simmered with green chiles and topped with queso fresco. Cilantgro, onion,s and a wedge of lime$3.75
Fried AvocadoHand-battered fresh avocados fried and served with vegetarian refried beans, topped with pico, lettuce & cheese. Served with poblano sauce on a corn tortilla$3.75
Trailler ParkFried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallol and cheese on a flour tortila with poblano sauce. get it trasy take off the lettuce and add queso$3.75
Dirty SanchezScrambled egg eggs with a fried poblano chile, guacamole, escabeche carrots and shredded cheese. Served with poblano sauce on a fresh flour tortilla$3.50
Baja ShrimpHand battered fried shrimp with cooked cabbage slaw topped with pickled jalapenos & onions, queso fresco, cilantro and a wedge of lime. Served with chipotle sauce on your chocie of tortilla$4.25
Chicken FajitaTender marinated & grilled chicken breast with grille onions, and peppers cheese & pico de gallo. Served with your chocie of sauce and tortilla$3.50
Beef FajitaMarinated and grilled skirt steak with grilled onions, and peppers, topped off with shredded cheese & pico de gallo. Served with your choice fo sauce and tortilla$3.75
DemocratShredded beef barbacoa topped with fresh avoado, queso fresco, cilantro, onions, and a wwedge on lime, served with tomatillo sauce on a fresh corn tortilla$4.00
RepublicanGrilled jalapeno sausage, shredded cheese & pico de gallo. Served with poblano sauce on a flour tortilla$3.25
IndependentHand-battered and fried portobello mushrooms strips with refried black beans, roasted corn, escabeche carrots, queso fresco, cilantro and avocado, drizzed with ancho aioli on a flour tortilla$3.50
BrushfireJamaican jerk chicken, grilled, jalapenos, mango, sour cream & cilantro. Served with diablo hot sauce on a flour tortilla$3.75
PinkGuajillol gua-hee-yo seared ahi tuna, cabbage fresca, cilantro and queso fresco with a wedge of lime, served with chipotle sauce on a corn tortilla$4.75
OrangeBlackened salmon topped with a grilled corn and black beans relish, queso fresco and cilantro, drizzled with avocado salsa, then served with a wedge of lime on a corn tortilla$4.75
CrossroadsSmoked beef brisket with grilled onoins, jalapenos, cilantro, jack cheese & a slice of avocado. Served with tomatiollo sauce on a fresh corn tortilla$4.75
Selection Topping ItemSauce: Roja-fire-roasted roma, tomatoes, chiles, grilled onions, garlic, cilantro and poquito lime. Tomatillo-blend of 3 fire-roasted chiles, tomatillos, grilled onion,s cilantro and a shot of lime.
Eat and Treats
BurritoYour choie of beef, chicken, pork or vegggie served with rice, your chice of beans shredded cheese, pico de gallo, soup cream & guacamole, wrapped in a 12" flolur tortilla$7.50
CornFresh roasted off teh cob corn topped with ancho aioli, queso fresco, cilantro and dusted with new mexico red chile powder$3.95
Love PubblesDark chocolate brownies made from scratch ask for available flavors$2.50
NookiesDeep-fried chocolate chip cookies dusted with powdered sugar & topped with cherries$12.95 - $11.95
Chips and Dips
Green Chile Queso & ChipsTorchy homemade chisp with delicous green chile queso topped off with guacamole, queso fresco, cilantro & diablo hot sauce$5.25
Chips & GuacamoleHomemade chips with frfesh guacamole. Torchy's uses real avocados$4.95
Chips& SalsaHomemade chips & salsa served fresh$3.50
Pico De Gallo$2.50
Refried BeansPinto or black$1.95
Fountain Soda$2.25
Bottled Soda$2.25
Orange Juice$2.50
Fresh Ground Coffee$2.00
Iced Tea$2.25

Visit Torchy’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Torchy’s.

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