Town Hall Menu, Prices and Locations

Town Hall Deli opened in 1927.  Its original home was on South Orange Avenue, a few doors away from the actual Town Hall; hence the name, Town Hall  Delicatessen. The Deli was purchased in the 1930’s from the original owner by Fred Joost and Hans Tiedeman; later Heinz Berdorf  became Fred Joost’s partner, many villagers today still remember Fred and Heinz.

During the 1930’s, Mayor Sweeney, the then-Mayor of Maplewood, visited Havana, Cuba. At the time, Cuba was still open to American tourism. While there, he visited Sloppy Joe’s Bar and Eatery.  Ernest Hemingway and other famous figures frequented Joe’s. The proprietor, Joe, was well-known for the disarray in the Bar in addition to being a famous hang-out- alas, the nickname “Sloppy” Joe!

Town Hall Menu

Seafood ChowderBacon lardons$12.00
Herbed Green Tomato SoupOnion oil, parmesan toast points$11.00
Butter LettuceFuji apples, radishes, candied walnuts, pt. reyes blue cheese dressing$13.00
Roasted Beet SaladMizuna, strawberry, goat cheese croquette, pistachio aillade$15.00
Mixed LettucesCrunchy spring vegetables, croutons, herbed lemon dressing$14.00
Tuna TartareFried green tomatoes, garlic chips, green onion tabasco vinaigrette$16.00
Hot Smoked Steelhead SalmonAsparagus, fingerling potato, dill crème fraiche, meyer lemon dressing$17.00
Crispy Dungeness Crab CakesCalcot spring onion, baby leeks, romesco sauce$18.00
Crispy Japanese Sweet PotatoFennel pollen & honey$11.00
Faiths Warm HamCheese toast, soft poached egg, jalapeno cream$14.00
Town Hall BurgerHouse made sourdough bun, pickles, tomato, pickled onion, aioli, french fries$17.00
Curry Chicken Salad SandwichJicama, apple slaw, pickled jalapeno, siracha$16.00
Cornmeal Crusted Rockfish SandwichCelery root remoulade, chips$16.00
Slow Smoked Pulled Pork SandwichCarolina BBQ sauce, coleslaw, house biscuit bun, chips$17.00
Crispy Fried Chicken SandwichButter lettuce, pimento cheese, comeback sauce, chips$16.00
Main Courses
Mt. Lassen troutQuinoa, peas & ham, grapefruit, brown butter sauce$25.00
Farro Verde RisottoRoasted asparagus, fava & pea shoots, parmesan, smoked onion soubise$21.00
Mediterranean MusselsFennel tomato sofrito, Spanish chorizo, grilled levain bread$20.00
Grilled NY SteakWatercress salad, point reyes blue cheese butter, parmesan french fries$26.00
Buttermilk Biscuits$6.00
Warm Jalapeno Corn Bread$8.00
Crispy OkraPiquillo aioli$6.00

Visit Town Hall here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Town Hall.

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