Whiskey Cake Menu, Prices and Locations

Whiskey Cake is your neighborhood joint for craft cocktails and farm-fresh comfort food. We source flavors, ingredients, and ideas straight from the farm, because good food tastes even better when it’s grown locally.

From our mesquite wood-grilled plates to fresh greens and famous desserts, all of our hand-crafted dishes are served up with simple, honest flavors in a rustic, local atmosphere. Our chefs transform simple, seasonal ingredients into classic American dishes with local flavor.

Whiskey Cake Menu

FarmGreens, cucumber, carrots, grape tomatoes, white balsamic vinaigrette$5.00
Soup & SaladFarm salad & daily soup$8.00
Crispy Fried ChickenBaby spinach, vermont white cheddar, spiced pecans, apples, buttermilk-yogurt vinaigrette$12.00
Jumbo Grilled ShrimpTexas gulf shrimp, romaine, grilled asparagus, grape tomatoes, carrots, spicy house-made 1000 island dressing$13.00
Kale & PomegranateChopped kale & frisee, sliced apples, fried chickpeas, blue cheese crumbles, sliced onion, crispy country ham, pomegranate seeds, breaded and fried poached egg, warm bacon vinaigrette$12.00
Roasted Squash & BeetLocal goat cheese, mixed greens, watercress, pears, candied pumpkin seeds, cilantro mint vinaigrette$11.00
Cups & Bowls
Daily SoupChanges weekly, inspired seasonally$4.00 - $7.00
Pork Belly RamenRich pork broth, traditional ramen noodles, slow roasted pulled pork, braised pork belly, quail egg, basil, sriracha, nori seaweed$12.00
Fried Green TomatoesRemoulade, lemon zest, parsley$6.00
Deviled Eggs$5.00
HummusRoasted garlic chickpea spread, good olive oil, warm grilled pita bread$6.00
3 Little PigsPulled pork sliders, coleslaw, whiskey bbq sauce, crispy onions$12.00
Warm Goat Cheese FondueGood olive oil, greek olives, roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs, grilled sourdough bread$10.00
Thai Barbeque Duck WingsSpicy ranch dipping sauce$11.00
Caramelized Onion DipHouse made kettle chips$5.00
Fire Roasted ShishitosMedium heat asian peppers, grilled lemon, smoked chili butter, sea salt$6.00
Beef JerkyMarinated, house cured, rotates with the season$6.00
Burgers, Stacks & Melts
Grilled Portobello MeltMarinated-roasted portobello mushroom, local herbed goat cheese, kale, peppadew peppers, grilled focaccia$11.00
Crispy Atlantic CodWatercress & napa cabbage slaw, tomato, zesty tartar sauce, french hoagie$11.00
Chicken & Cheese MeltRotisserie chicken, pesto mayo, avocado, blt, dill havarti, toasted sourdough$12.00
Lamb StackRoasted lamb, hummus, tzatziki, arugula, tomato, onion, pickled cucumber, feta cheese, griddled pita bread$12.00
Half Sandwich & SoupDaily soup and anything but a burger$10.00
The Basic BurgerBrisket burger, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion, bacon, cheddar cheese, challah bun$12.00
OMG Burger/13(Onions, Mushrooms, and Goodness)Brisket burger, big onion ring, lettuce, meunster, grain mustard, red chili mayo, roasted criminis, tomato, challah bun$13.00
BBQ Banh MiOur version of the traditional vietnamese sandwich; slow roasted pulled pork, pickled carrots & daikon radish, jalapeno, cilantro, korean bbq sauce, french hoagie$13.00
Turkey BurgerTomato, lettuce, pesto mayo, avocado, fontina cheese, cranberry chutney, wheat bun$10.00
Main Plates
Rotisserie Farm BirdHalf spit-roasted chicken, sautéed bloomsdale spinach, smokey onion mustard jus$15.00
Live Wood Grilled SalmonRoasted local fall vegetables, green lentils, mustard vinaigrette$17.00
Texas Striped BassBroccoli slaw, avocado green goddess, smoked chili butter$16.00
Wood Grilled Pork Brisket SteakPoblano-white cheddar grits, watercress, kale, pears$14.00
Whiskey CakeToffee torte, bourbon anglaise, spiced pecans, whipped cream$8.00
Scratch Recipe Dessert$6.00

Visit Whiskey Cake here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Whiskey Cake.

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