Wild Wing Cafe Menu, Prices and Locations

Wild Wing Cafe is a restaurant chain in the southern and eastern United States with over 40 locations in nine U.S. states. It is headquartered in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a suburb of Charleston.

Their chain’s motto is “Hot Wings, Cold Beer, Good Times.” Wild Wing Cafe was started by Atlanta native Cecil Crowley and his wife Diane, who opened the chain’s first location in Hilton Head, South Carolina in June 1990. By 2001, it had grown to seven locations. In January 2012, a majority interest in the chain was secured by Charlotte, North Carolina-based Axum Capital Partnership, an investment company whose founders include a former Red Lobster president and National Football League Pro Bowler, Muhsin Muhammad.

Wild Wing Cafe Menu

Steel Town Spuds$6.49
Hot Shots$6.49
Buffalo Shrimp (Fried or Grilled) - 10 Pc.$8.49
Buff Chips$4.79
Saucy Buff Chips$5.79
David's Chicken & Friends$9.59
Spinach Dip (Cool and Creamy or Hot n' Cheesy)$6.49
Buffalo Chicken$7.29
Grande Queso$8.99
Fresh Guacamole$6.99
The Triple Dipper$9.29
The Super Snacker Sampler
The Super Snacker Sampler$12.99
Fiesta Fare
Mile High Ultimate Nachos$10.99
BBQ Chicken Nachos$9.49
Chicken Quesadillas$7.99
Veggie Quesadilla$7.59
Add Guacamole$1.00
Finger Food
Little B's$7.49
Mighty Mozzarella Sticks$6.49
Onion Rings$5.99
Fried Shrooms$6.49
Basket of Spuds$3.79
Cheesy Basket of Spuds$4.79
Pretzel Bites$5.29
Loaded Potato Soup (Cup)$3.29
Loaded Potato Soup (Bowl)$4.79
Soup of the Day (Cup)$3.29
Soup of the Day (Bowl)$4.79
Legendary House Salad$4.29
The Big Buffalo Chicken Salad (Fried or Grilled Chicken)$9.29
Totally Terrific Thai Chicken Salad$9.29
The Wild Chef$10.29
Incredible Chargrilled Chicken Salad$9.29
Fajita Fiesta Salad$9.99
Wild Wraps
All wraps served one exciting extra.
Fajita Fiesta Wrap$8.29
The Turkey G.L.T.$8.79
Add Bacon$1.00
Superior Sandwiches
All sandwiches served one exciting extra.
Drew's Devilishly Delicious Fried Chicken Sandwich$7.99
The Big Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$8.99
Fabulous Philly Hoagie$8.49
Chargilled Chicken Sandwich$7.99
Texas Toast Club$8.49
The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger$10.79
Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger$10.79
Holy Jalapeño Burger$10.79
Bleu Cheese Basil Burger$10.49
The Great Gobbler Turkey Burger$7.99
Build Yourself a Beauty
Angus Chuck Burger$8.29
Turkey Burger$7.49
Grilled Chicken$7.99
Fried Chicken$7.99
Veggie Burger$7.49
Wings or Nuggets
Mini (1 Flavor) - 6 Pc.$7.59
Single (2 Flavors) - 12 Pc.$12.99
Full (3 Flavors) - 18 Pc.$17.99
Sampler (5 Flavors) - 30 Pc.$29.59
Party (10 Flavors) - 60 Pc.$56.99
Wing and Nugget Combo (2 Flavors) - 6 Pc. + 6 Pc.$12.99
Fingers (3 Pc.)$7.49
Fingers (5 Pc.)$9.99
Grilled Lighter Options
Chargrilled Chicken Feathers (4 Pc.)$8.29
Chargrilled Chicken Feathers (6 Pc.)$10.79
Chargrilled Shrimp Skewers (2 Pc.)$11.49
Visit Wild Wing Cafe here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Wild Wing Cafe.

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