Wildflower Menu, Prices and Locations

We believe success comes down to three things — outstanding food, great service and clean restaurants. It is easy to say, but it takes a strong commitment to consistently execute. Attention to detail, putting our customers’ needs first and a deep desire to be a great company help make the Wildflower a place where our customers want to be.

We know that it takes more than great food to nourish a vibrant community. That’s why we created the Wildflower Cares Foundation. Since our founding in 1996, we are proud to support local organizations through volunteerism, events, fundraising and giving.

Wildflower Menu

Daily Soup$7.00
Chef’s BoardArtisanal cheeses, seasonal snacks mp
Cold smoked salmon & chive creme FraichPotato galette$12.00
Grilled Whole ArtichokeRoasted shallot aioli gluten free$12.00
Steamed Black MusselsSpanish chorizo, melted tomato, leeks, grilled bread$12.00
Edamame Dumplings and Enoki MushroomSoy chili caramel$9.00
Crisp CalamariMizuna greens, yuzu emulsion, toasted sesame seeds$11.00
Add: grilled chicken $5.00, add: grilled salmon $8.00
Field GreensBroken red wine vinaigrette gluten free$5.00
Warm Maine LobsterGrilled asparagus, butter-poached potatoes, local tomato, white truffle vinaigrette mp
Shaved Roasted ChickenButterleaf, medjool dates, goat cheese, almonds, fried leeks, creamy basil dressin$13.00
Asian Chicken SaladChopped napa cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, crispy wontons, ginger soy vinaigrette$12.00
Organic Tuscan KaleRomaine hearts, parmesan cheese, herb bread, roasted cauliflower, lemon chili vinaigrette$8.00
Grilled AhiAvocado, edamame, sunomono cucumber, shaved radish, asian vinaigrette
Farmer’s MarketSeasonal vegetables, organic quinoa, goat cheese, marcona almond gluten free$11.00
Entrees and Fresh Pasta
Lamb RavioliBraised lamb, ricotta cheese, kale, pine nuts, herb tomato butter$17.00
Chicken and DumplingsBraised chicken, ricotta dumplings, fava beans, spinach, apricot jus$15.00
Spicy Asian ShrimpFresh egg noodles, bok choy, mushrooms, cilantro, pickled onions, lemongrass, ginger broth$16.00
Fresh Beer-Battered CodHousemade coleslaw, french fries, caper aioli$15.00
Chicken Street TacosTomatillo salsa, fresno chilis, anasazi beans gluten free$12.00
Spinach PappardelleRoasted chicken, melted tomato, pine nuts, herb bread crumbs$14.00
Steelhead SalmonMascarpone polenta, asparagus, pea shoot, fennel, heirloom tomato, apple cider gastrique gluten free$17.00
Chicken CurryBrown rice, snow peas, broccoli, carrots$14.00
Beef and BrieArugula, pickled onions, toasted ciabatta$14.00
Chicken SaladRed grapes, avocado, havarti cheese, brown sugar wheat$10.00
PastramiSauerkraut, melted aged swiss, whole grain mustard, rye$12.00
Turkey FlatbreadTomato, butterleaf, cucumber tzatziki, hummus$11.00
Mesquite Grilled CheeseburgerWild mushrooms, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, paris aioli$12.00

Visit Wildflower here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Wildflower.

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