Wokcano Menu, Prices and Locations

The Wokcano Restaurant Group is a contemporary Asian Restaurant and Lounge venue with nine locations currently operating throughout Southern California. Featuring fresh sushi and creative maki rolls as well as modern riffs on traditional fare, Wokcano offers guests a broad and savory tasting tour of popular Asian cuisines. Innovative signature incorporating the vivid regional and multicultural currents that make up modern Asian cuisine highlight the menu and are available for delivery, take out, and corporate dining.

Wokcano Menu

Hot Appetizers
Edamame with Sea Salt$5.00
Shrimp Tempura (2)$5.00
Spicy Garlic Soy Edamame$6.00
Crispy Garlic Brussels Sprouts$6.00
Shishito Peppers in Soy Sauce$6.00
Vegetable Tempura$7.00
Crab Wonton (6)Crabmeat, cream cheese, scallions inside a crispy wonton$8.00
Steamed WontonsChicken & shrimp stuffed wontons with sesame soy sauce$8.00
Crispy Garlic Chicken Wings (6)Garlic, green onions, jalapenos, pepper, salt$11.00
Crispy Pepper CalamariGarlic, green onions, jalapenos, pepper, salt$11.00
The Monkey BrainTempura avocado stuffed with spicy tuna & crabmeat topped with spicy eel sauce$11.00
Minced Chicken Lettuce Cups (4)Wok-tossed minced chicken, jicama, onions with hoisin sauce$11.00
Peking Duck WrapShredded duck, scallions, cucumbers, avocado, cilantro, lettuce with hoisin sauce$12.00
Grilled Salt & Pepper Hamachi CollarServed with ponzu sauce$17.00
Cold Appetizers
Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice (6)$13.00
Albacore & Crispy Onion in Garlic Ponzu (6)$14.00
Seared Salmon in White Truffle Oil (6)Served with micro greens & ponzu$14.00
Seared Tuna with Jalapeno (6)Japanese 7 spice fresh seared tuna, garlic ponzu, wasabi oil$15.00
Hamachi with Yuzu Soy (6)Served with scallions, jalapenos, garlic ponzu sauce$15.00
Sashimi Appetizer (6)2 salmon, 2 tuna, & 2 yellowtail with ponzu sauce$15.00
Garden SaladServed with ginger dressing$6.00
Cucumber SaladSesame vinaigrette dressing$6.00
Seaweed Salad$7.00
Chinese Chicken SaladMixed greens & grilled tender chicken breast with ginger dressing$12.00
Mixed Sashimi SaladAssorted fresh sashimi, avocado, mixed greens, seaweed salad, cucumbers with japanese soy dressing$15.00
Miso Soup$3.00
Hot & Sour Soup$4.00
Wonton SoupChicken & shrimp stuffed wontons with chicken, shrimp, scallions, vegetables in a chicken broth$6.00
Spicy Seafood SoupFish fillet, green mussels, shrimp, thai style lemongrass broth$7.00
Chicken Dumplig (6)$10.00
Pork Dumplig (6)$10.00
Vegetable Dumplig (6)$10.00
White Fish Fillet with AsparagusWok-tossed in a black bean sauce$15.00
Spicy Garlic ShrimpShrimp & ground garlic wok-tossed with broccoli, onions, ginger, spicy soy sauce$16.00
Honey Walnut ShrimpCrispy prawns with glazed honey walnuts$18.00
Curry ShrimpPrawns, yellow curry, potatoes, carrots, lemongrass, coconut milk$18.00
Spicy Basil ShrimpWok-fried prawns with fresh ginger, garlic, basil, black bean sauce$18.00
Sauteed Manila Clams in Black Bean SauceBell peppers, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, jalapenos$18.00
Grilled SalmonMarinated in basil, garlic, sea salt, olive oil$21.00
Grilled SeabassMarinated with sea salt, pepper, olive oil$28.00
Clay Pot Braised SeabassServed in clay pot, miso flavor, ginger, garlic, scallion$28.00
Sauteed Shrimp in Black Bean SauceBell peppers, onion, fresh ginger, garlic, jalapenos$18.00
Spicy Garlic Crispy Maine Lobster$29.00
Hand Rolls
Salmon Skin$3.00
Spicy Albacore$5.00
Baked CrabServed with spicy mayo wrapped with soy paper$5.00
Spicy Salmon$5.00
Spicy Scallop$5.00
Spicy Tuna$5.00
Spicy Yellowtail$5.00
Baked Lobster & CrabServed with soy paper$10.00
Sushi & Sushimi
Shrimp (Ebi)$4.00
Albacore Tuna$5.00
Fresh Water Eel (Unagi)$5.00
Salmon (Sake)$5.00
Tuna (Maguro)$6.00
Yellowtail (Hamachi)$6.00
Salmon Roe (Ikura)$7.00
Sea Urchin (Uni)$8.00
Sushi Dinner
Spicy Maki Combination1 spicy tuna roll, 1 spicy california roll, 1 spicy salmon roll.$19.00
Sushi Regular7 pcs sushi (2 salmon, 2 tuna, 1 yellowtail, 2 albacore) & 1 california roll$20.00
Sushi Deluxe9 pcs sushi (3 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 yellowtail, 2 albacore) & 1 spicy tuna roll$25.00
Sashimi Deluxe (12 pcs)3 salmon, 3 tuna, 3 yellowtail, 3 albacore$26.00
Love Boat (For Two)10 pcs assorted sushi, 10 pcs assorted sashimi, rainbow roll, spicy yellowtail roll & 2 spicy tuna hand rolls$55.00
Wokano Sushi Rolls
California Roll$8.00
Eel & Avocado Roll$8.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.00
Philadelphia RollSmoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado$8.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$8.00
Tuna & Avocado$8.00
Spicy Yellowtail RollYellowtail & chopped scallions$9.00
Peacock RollTempura fried spicy tuna with soy paper & avocado topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce$11.00
Crunchy RollShrimp tempura, avocado, & cream cheese topped with tempura crunch & eel sauce$12.00
Spicy Crabmeat Tempura RollCrispy crabmeat tempura roll topped with eel sauce, sriracha, spicy mayo$12.00
Crazy RollSalmon, tuna, yellowtail, crabmeat, lettuce, ponzu$12.00
Rainbow RollTuna, salmon, yellowtail on top of a california roll with avocado & ponzu sauce$13.00
Black Dragon RollCalifornia roll topped with eel$14.00
Smoky Sunset RollSmoked salmon, cream cheese & jalapeno deep fried in tempura with eel sauce$14.00
Red Dragon RollSpicy tuna roll topped with tuna & tempura crunch$15.00
Green Dragon RollSpicy tuna roll topped with avocado & spicy creamy sauce$15.00
The Black PearlSalmon, tuna, yellowtail, & cream cheese deep fried in tempura & topped with black sesame & garlic butter$15.00
Volcano RollCrispy shrimp tempura roll topped with eel & spicy sauce$15.00
Late Night Party RollCrabmeat & avocado roll topped with baked lobster, scallops, & scallions in a creamy sauce$15.00
Lobster Crab RollWrapped in soy paper with avocado, topped with creamy sauce$20.00
Sweet & Sour PorkCrispy chunks of premium pork belly with bell peppers, onions, & pineapple in wokcano's sweet & sour sauce$15.00
Garlic Black Bean Pork BellyPremium pork belly sautéed with garlic, bell peppers, jalapeños, ginger in a black bean sauc$15.00
Beef with BroccoliTender beef, ginger, & green onions wok-tossed with soy sauce$16.00
Mongolian BeefTender beef lightly stir-fried with scallions, fresh ginger$16.00
Emperor's BeefLightly battered crispy thin slices of beef in a spicy plum sauce$16.00
Black Pepper Beef MignonChunks of tender beef wok-tossed with onions in a rich roasted black pepper sauce$19.00
Hunan Style Tenderloin LambChunks of lamb tenderloin, bell pepper, dried chili, garlic, cumin, onion, cilantro$19.00
Korean Style Short RibsSliced bone-in short ribs with korean bbq flavor served with daily vegetables$20.00
Curry ChickenChicken breast, yellow curry, coconut milk, potatoes, carrots, celery, lemongrass, onions$15.00
Lemon ChickenLightly breaded crispy chicken breast with fresh lemon sauce on side$15.00
Spicy Garlic Chicken with BroccoliChicken breast & ground garlic wok-tossed with broccoli$15.00
Szechwan Spicy ChickenBell peppers, woodear mushroom, bamboo shoots, onion, garlic in spicy vinaigrette sauce$15.00
Orange Crispy Chicken$16.00
Double Kung PaoSpicy chicken & shrimp sautéed with asparagus, zucchini, onions, & peanuts$17.00
Teriyaki Chicken$17.00
Garlic Noodles with Parmesan Cheese$10.00
Garlic Noodles with Parmesan CheeseServed with Grilled Chicken$14.00
Garlic Noodles with Parmesan CheeseServed with Grilled shrimp$16.00
Chow FunChoice of shrimp, chicken, beef, or vegetables flat rice noodle with bean sprouts, scallions$14.00
Pad ThaiThai glass noodles with chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, onions, eggs, ground peanuts$14.00
Shanghai Lo MeinChoice of shrimp, chicken, beef or vegetables with bean sprouts, scallions, cabbage, carrots$14.00
Singapore Style NoodlesCurry flavor thin rice noodle wok-tossed with chicken, shrimp, red bell peppers, beans sprouts, onions$14.00
Crazy Fried RiceFresh ginger, garlic, egg whites$12.00
Spinach Fried Rice$12.00
Unagi (Roasted Eel) Fried Rice$14.00
Salmon Fried Rice$15.00
Tokyo Crabmeat Fried Rice$15.00
Young Chow Fried RiceServed with shrimp, chicken, beef$15.00
Vegetables Sides
Ma Po TofuSoft tofu in szechuan style spicy sauce$7.00
Orange Crispy Tofu$7.00
Braised Firm Tofu$7.00
Sauteed Fresh Mixed VegetablesBroccoli, napa, zucchini, mushrooms, asaparagus, garlic, onions$7.00
Spicy Garlic EggplantBell peppers & wood ear mushrooms$7.00
Sauteed Kale with Fresh GarlicWok-tossed with fresh garlic & olive oil$7.00
Garlic SpinachWok-tossed with fresh garlic & olive oil$7.00
Braised String Beans$7.00
Sauteed Chinese Broccoli with Garlic$7.00
Edamame with Sea Salt$3.00
Vegetable Egg Rolls (2)$3.00
Edamame with Garlic Butter Soy Sauce$4.00
Crab Wonton$4.00
Edamame with Garlic Butter Soy Sauce$4.00
Crispy Garlic Brussels Sprouts$5.00
Minced Chicken Lettuce Cups (2)$5.00
Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings$5.00
Honey Walnut Shrimp (6)$6.00
Crispy Garlic Chicken Wings$7.00
Crispy Pepper Calamari$7.00
Baked Crab Hand Roll (1)$5.00
California Roll$5.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll$5.00
Spicy Albacore Roll$5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.00
Spicy Crabmeat Tempura Roll$5.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$5.00
Peacock Roll$7.00
Smoky Sunset Roll$7.00
Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice (6)$8.00
Salmon Sashimi with White Truffle Oil (6)$10.00
Yellowtail Sashimi with Citrus Ponzu (6)$10.00
Albacore with Crispy Onion Ponzu (6)$10.00
6 pcs Combination Sushi or SashimiSalmon, tuna, albacore, & yellowtail$10.00
Draft Beer$5.00
Well Drinks$5.00
House Wine$5.00
House Flavored Vodka$5.00
Sake Bomb$5.00

Visit Wokcano here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Wokcano.

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